Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 Easter Holidays to Kerla : Part 1

"Yipee!! I will be able to eat food cooked by my mothers loving hands for 2 weeks" & "Hurray!! No of office for 2 weeks" these were the thoughts running in my head on 19th April 2011, The day I started my 2 weeks trip to Kerala, to home. I just couldn't wait for the day to get over and catch my train.

Left office early for, and coincidence when I was thinking I am FREE for 2 weeks the first song I hear on the radio was "I Want to Break Free" (watch the song, the video is funny). Perfectly apt :)

Rushed home, took my bags and left for the station, I guess anyone who has taken train from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Kurla knows that Auto Drivers flees you, take Rs. 20 per person for a 5 minute trip, I usually walk to avoid them, but had to take a rick this time and pay those J***A** 20 bucks, but my mood wasn't spoiled cause I was going home.

Reached station and noticed there were quite a few good looking birds on the platform, but when the train arrived none climbed into my compartment, I am being to believe that Indian Railyway has some system in place to keep Boys and Gals in different compartments, :( Anyway boarded the train and the company I got was pretty boring. As soon as train left the station everybody just went to sleep.

Duronto Express connecting Mumbai to Ernakulam is a great train for anyone coming to Ernakulam, only stop after Mumbai is Ernakulam, the Ticket cost includes food, tea etc, once I climbed the train I didn't even spend 1Rs. As soon as I got in they gave us water, Asked us if we want veg or Non-Veg fare for breakfast and lunch. (I took Non-Veg ofcourse!) Tea/Coffee was given whenever you asked for it. Toilets were spic and span. In short top class service, something which I am still surprised that Indian Railway could give me.

Another thing which surprised me on the trip was I had network coverage almost entire trip, for time pass on the trip I was chatting from my Phone, really great, and a charging point in the compartment meant I didn't have to worry about my phone going dead also. :)

So on 20th 6:30 P.M I reached Ernakulam, My parents were waiting for me there, the surprise was my niece Niya was also there. (She had come down from Bangalore for her Summer Vacation and is going to spend the entire week with me, Yipee!!). The 2 hour drive to home was also fun (Met my Car after 4 months). Mom had made plenty of food for me. (Wow the taste! Mom you are my favorite cook).

Got to run now, will update the remaining later :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

If I had 3 wishes

Its been some time since I have written anything, so was just wondering what to write about and suddenly the story of a magic lamp and 3 wishes popped into my head, so am thinking while I am typing what would I do if I had 3 wishes

1st Wish :
Before any of my wishes are fulfilled, I will be asked twice if what I wish is exactly I want, and will be explained any loopholes in the wishes.

Confused? well how many times we have read stories of how the genie or whoever is giving the wish finds some loophole in the statement of the wish and the wish is fulfilled in such a way that the person who took the wish wasn't happy at all. Best E.g Bedazzled . I don't want to lose my life or a wish just cause of a silly worded sentence

2nd Wish :
I and my loved ones health will always be great and none of us will be affected by any disease.
Well!! Health is Wealth remember. What use being a rich guy lying on the bed with tubes running through his body? and also health to my loved ones, cause I don't want to see them suffer.

3rd Wish : 
I want 9 Billion more wishes, and the second last wish (1 before the 9th Billion wish) will automatically be used to for adding another 9 Billion more wishes (which also will renew it self just before the last wish and so on).
Well I am a greedy bastard, why should I be happy with just 3 wishes? If the genie is promising me anything, then the condition of asking another 9 Billion wish is justified right???

3a Wish
If the genie is not agreeing to it, then I will ask for 45% of shares of top 100 companies to be in my name, and it to be done in completely legal way. In this way I have a unlimited supply of money I want (come on 45% of the top 100 companies, I will be able to satisfy majority of my desires just from the devident I will get from them, and why 45%? I don't want to sit in office controlling the companies, I would prefer the current hard working people do it them-self and keep earing me money to spend).

I know this post has been pretty boring, but really amn't getting anything to post about. So in the comments I want 3 things from you,

  1. Your feedback (as usual)
  2. What would you do if you had 3 wishes??
  3. Suggest me topics to blog upon