Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks to Santa for the gifts he has given me....,.

Yesterday 25th of December was the best christmas I have had in quite some time, My firends came home, had a hell lot of fun, had nice chats with my mom, something which we never really do these days. There wasn't any big gifts or party, it was just friends and family. But spending time with them itself is such a joy.

Looking back I feel, Man Savio!! you are such a lucky guy, you got a great family, great friends, earning pretty nicely yet man why aren't you happy??

Well people say happiness is a relative concept, I guess when a guy from the street looks into my life he will say I am a real lucky guy, but when I look into a guys life who lives a HI-FI life I might say what a lucky guy he is.

Guess its Human nature never to be really satisfied with what we have, we always need to chase something what we don't have.

Well am sure I can't change myself so  fast, and only try to live in the present, but for today at this time I really want to thank GOD for the wonderful life he has given me starting from

1) My Parents
ya its true they get on my nerves, but hey, they are the best parents I would ever wish for. Love you Dad & MOM

2) My Sisters
two great sisters any guy can wish for, two greatest companions who pampered me like hell, who really cares a hell lot about me. I love you chech.

My little bundle of joy, How much ever far i am, Niya is never out of my head, Just thinking about of her makes my day shine, Her cute voice is something I love to hear even if I don't understand half the things she says.

4) My Cousins
OK!! Not all of them, some of my cousins I wish were never born, but the ones I love, I really love them a lot. and ya if it weren't for the others who get on my nerves I would really appreciate the good ones, So I am thankful for them all.

5) My Friends
True, I feel lonely sometimes, but i got a set of real friends who have brought a hell lot of joy to my life.

6) My Education
how much ever I have complained about my education and the education system, the trouble I have given to my mom for sending me to school, for forcing me into engineering. Whatever you say, this 20 years of education has a hell lot to do with what kind of person I am now.

7) My Country
People really complain about the pathetic state of affairs in India, so I will leave the complaining to them, I just want to say, I wouldn't ever be want to be born in another country than my very own INDIA

so hey GOD, this is just a small list of the many things i have received in my life, I am really thankful for them all,

But heck you know I am a normal Human, am sure you will catch me complaining about something tomorrow, might be even just 10 mins from now, I will be asking you for more stuff, you know how I am right!!

But for now thanks for all the good things in my life.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CAT experince 2009, have I belled the CAT?

Well!! The CAT monster is over, have tried to put it in the Bag today, well If I am successful or not I will come to know on 22nd Jan.

How was my experience, well let me say, hearing all the troubles people are facing in writing the CAT, computer crashes and stuff, I was pretty worried, but luckily nothing happened for me.

I had selected the morning slot, reached my Venue Fr. COnceiao Rodrigues College, Bandra at about 8:15, well people had already come before me and were standing in a queue.

At 8:30A.M we were let in, but told to keep our bags aside and carry only the admit card and voucher, Cells wallets, watches etc were to be removed and put in a cover they provided.

From 8:30 to 9:30 it was just waiting for the Check-In, Man seriously I don't think even Military Bases put such a Check-In, Biometric (fingerprint scan & photo). Luckily they didn't go for a strip search.

9:30A.M I sat at my seat and dam for half an hour had to just sit with the tension mounting. (A word, people were saying we couldn't access the bathroom or drink water, but we were allowed to, only thing we had to be on that floor).

10:00A.M they told us to start the test, and to look at the tutorial if needed, well everyone glanced through the tutorial. It was the same that IIM had released before.

10:10A.M started the test, well can't tell you the questions but it were pretty easy, if someone had really practiced, the test was a breeze for him, and unfortunately that wasn't me. It went fine, like I said, have I belled the CAT will come to know on 22 Jan. To be honest I don't expect a call from IIM, but I am hoping for the other 1st rank institutes.

12:30P.M test over!! But na!! We aren't allowed to leave, remember we are at a Military base, so we have to Check-Out also.

that was my experience at CAT 2009, Thanks!!

NO, wait a sec.

4:00P.M TestFunda tells me that I might have to give CAT again. (read)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rains in Mumbai in Novemeber??

November rains in Mumbai!!

Can you believe it, raining in Mumbai in November, not just drizzle but real good rains. You won't believe its November but looking outside you will think this is the rainy season like in July.

Lovely weather, Dam!! Office! Wish I could just bunk office, grab a set of friends go to marine lines or hang out at a coffee shop, man the day looks as if it’s made for anything but working.

Let me tell you this, I am not a big fan of rains, somehow rains always spoils my mood, I know if I set my foot outside my moods going to go down cause of all the sludge.

But dam, what I described above, the weather is just too lovely yaar.

Still wondering why is it raining in November, I mean is this the effect of global warming, No rains in the monsoon season but raining in November?? BMC will sure be happy for the extra water, and I would be happy if I can enjoy this weather outside office (I guess I can enjoy any weather outside office ;) )

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MNS abuses MLA for not taking oath in Marathi" how pathetic of them and for our country.

'MNS abuses MLA for not taking oath in Marathi",

This is the headline of the day, 4 MNS MLAs abuses Abu Azmi for taking oath in Hindi. What the hell is happening to India and Mumbai.

India is a multi-cultural country, Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra is the most cosmopolitan of all Indian cities, Mumbai has grown so much cause it gives a home and job to everyone, India is becoming great due to its inclusiveness of everyone. but things like this is really setting a bad trend.

By the Indian Constitution, a MLA can take oath in any Officially recognized national language, that includes Hindi and English as well.

MNS was never a party that followed the law, but breaking the constitution in the legistrater, the place where all laws are framed shows how little MNS cares for India, Raj Thackeray doesn't care for his country or state, he just cares to show his brother down and nothing more. All the Maharashtrians who think that he is their savior is misguided.

Breaking bones and showing strength is no way of improving the Marathi cause, Let me ask him, where the hell does he want to send his children to school??? a English medium school not a Marathi one, Let me ask him how many Marathi schools have he helped open or his organization run??

Jobs for locals cause of his, Mumbai runs cause of outsiders, the best and hardworking people come to Mumbai and so Mumbai has become the financial capital, when he is rubbing hands with the industrialist and the business men, I don't think he ask them if they are maharastrian.

these 4 MLA's have been suspended for 4 years, thats almost the full time of the legistration. but somehow I feel that’s a wrong punishment, cause then the areas these 4 represent will go unrepresented in the House, which is against democracy. Tho its a kind of punishment for those who elected these 4, people should learn to elect people who will work for them and not any GANG member.

Any wonder why normal educated people don't get into the dirty business of politics, I guess the answer is right above, the waters of politics are so dirty, that a normal person can't just get himself to jump into the dirty water to clean it up.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Loved & Lost

Lost & Lonely I was,
Always searching for peace of mind,
Lost & Lonely always fooling around
Just the average Joe they say

Then I found you in the most unlikely way,
Since the day you came, into my Life,
Everything has felt just so right
You made me so glad, You showed me love,
Or that’s what’s love I though.

Well!! Here I am!
Wanting to explain what I feel,
Wanting to be with you,
Wanting to explain what I see,

I just can't get enough of you,
Made a mistake of giving my heart to you,
When I Look  around me, I see,
There's no one like you,
You Are So Wonderful,
There's  just no one like you.

But then broken promises came back to haunt,
God!! I just wish you would stay,
I can never get enough of you,
but I'll, I'll wait for the day.

I’ve got memories,  they are always inside me,
But I have come too far,
I just can’t go back to how it was,
When it was just me!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

How BCCI leading Indian Cricket to the Dogs....

Guys, before you read this visit : Legal notice by BCCI to TestFunda leads to abrupt end of fun contest about T20

TestFunda, a CAT preparatory site, which I used to visit, conducted competitions on their site during the major cricket tournament, giving away some prizes for people who could predict who would be the top player of the day.

Though, I never follow cricket much, and I used to play that only for time pass (I learned many cricketers names from this torment). I am sad that BCCI wanted to shut it down,

BCCI is earning what I guess in millions, I wonder why they are so bothered about a small competition taking place in a CAT prep website, I mean, it was just for fun. Kind of feel BCCI behaving like Microsoft when they took on Netscape, really, that got a hell lot of bad wishes to Microsoft.

I mean, BCCI is so rich, just cause of its Fans, and now if fans can't enjoy the matches where will they get their revenue from??

Wondered why Indian never won a World-Cup after 1983, this is the reason, BCCI instead of popularizing the game in India, goes after people who are doing it from them, Come on people who knew about Champions League??? Who watches those matches?? Almost all the teams are unrecognizable....

TestFunda has anyway got my sympathies, BCCI is just a greedy kid, and I think my views are echoed by a lot many users on TestFunda site, by reading the comment of their users.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Voting again!!!!

13th October, Elections Mumbai...

1st thought, Hey!! Its a holiday, surprised that my company declared today as a holiday, Last election we were working, I had gone to office after casting my vote, But heck today is a holiday.....   Yippee!! God bless Indian Democracy,

Reached my polling booth at about 7:30, Was one of the first to vote. We must have seen video grabs of long queues outside polling booths, right?? Well I didn't get one, are the long lines stage mannered or was it that people don't get up as early as 7:30 just to vote, Anyway am glad, I voted, and that too without waiting in a long queue. (No cameras to see me or take my interview while or after I voted :( )

The process was as smooth as the last time, reached there showed my passport as Identity proof, got my finger inked and voted.

But the process of finding out my candidates was difficult, in the last election (General Election 2009) I knew the background of all the candidates who were standing, but this time, I wasn't able to find the entire info online so easily as last time, I came to know the info about the candidates from the major Parties, but wasn't able to understand about the Independents, am not sure I made such a informed decision this time :(

But heck, its like choosing the lesser devil among the demons right, anyway I have made my VOTE, now its upto the rest of the people to go out and make the Indian Democracy work.

Jai Hind!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not living your own life!!

Television, cinemas, books imaginations, man how often do we escape from our own real world to a world were we are completely different from what we are? from Zero's to Hero's!!

Didn't get what I mean, well we see a movie, and we get immersed in the movie thinking how we are the hero saving the damsel in distress, reading books imaging ourself as one of the main characters, listening to music imagining yourself singing that song to your girl, or in the bathroom under the shower imaging yourself to be the super-cool person to whom everyone flocks to.

we all run into these fantasy, many times a day, why? why is that we never get to live these fantasies? might be cause in the fantasy we are always the hero, the world moves to our whims, but in the real world we are always moving to the worlds whims,

In our dreams the hottest guy or gal will always be attracted to you, but in the real world we might not even be in their peripheral vision, possible right, that's why we run into these little fantasies,

Why am I writing this now, well all of us know the famous TV series "FRIENDS", well i keep watching them these days, running to join their life on the little screen, why? well thinking now, its cause I don't meet my friends as often as I like (office mates are colleagues not FRIENDS).

I miss the fun and enjoyment i used to have with my friends, now its just work and home, no fun, so now a days I find solace in the serial "FRIENDS"

but then I wonder that 20 mins of watching them I laugh, but what about the other 20 hours in the day, I have to keep myself happy man, I can't depend on a set of make belief people, can I?

well, I guess I better start that by shutting down this computer and going out, bye!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Infatuation, the next step after admiration!!

Beauty in Nature has many forms, Admiration of beauty is a good thing, cause if we don't admire beauty whats use of something being so beautiful??

Hills and valleys of Kashmir, Sun rise at the beaches of Goa, smell of a rose, taste of chocolate, all are so beautiful in their own way, aren't they? so its a good thing that we appreciate that right??

What about admiring the beautiful girls? GOD made them beautiful, so we look at them, admire them, whats wrong in it?

Beautiful girls are all around you, and ofcourse you look at them, then later why do people blame you when all you are doing is admiring the beauty of gods creation???

Infatuation is what happens when the admiration turns to attraction, and tongue tied is what you become when you are unable to speak normally to that girl (you are not in love, love only happens when you have completely know a person, admiring someone from behind is not love)

Why am I writing this? well simple, I have been admiring a beautiful girl for sometime now, but never getting the guts to go and talk to her and ask her out.

why? am I in love??NOPE, I don't think so, have never really had a good convo with her, I guess I am infatuated with her, and a big crush...that's all

dam!! first time I am unable to go upto a girl and talk to her, feeling rather kiddish just admiring her :(

any suggestions guys how do I get her to Notice me?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts from a depressed guy

Anyone reading this Post :

WARNING - this post is written is a real depressed guys thoughts

Now even after that warning you are continuing reading, then please do, (I know, Indians like to see other people more miserable than them)

So whats my problem?? well what exactly is going on in my life?

Have become an engineer last year, from then have been working as a software tester, well pay is OK (comparatively good), but am not feeling satisfied, why?

The company atmosphere is cool, but work hours are long, but its not the long work hours that bug me, its just something called satisfaction, finding things wrong in other peoples work is not really satisfying ( i don't take pleasure in pointing out others faults), and being human you might miss a few bugs also which when caught by someone else makes you feel real bad.

so I decided I need to do a MBA and get out of this work, hmm... good thought right?? but the thing is that I amn't studying, I am just too plain lazy to put in the extra effort and i have kind of now lost hopes for clearing the CAT. :(

Now the thing with MBA is that if not done from a good college its of no use, so I really need to study for CAT but amn't doing cause either I am too lazy or cause after returning from office so late am too tired to study.

and further, am missing my friends, am missing masti, am missing roaming about, I said before the work atmosphere is good, but I havn't really got any real friends in office, all are just colleagues, so i really feel lonely.

am 23 and no real girl in my life, (sounding like a despo na??) well amn't really a despo, but it would be nice to have someone who cares and i can really talk to. why is that? not boasting but i feel some good girls are with some real dumb guys, :(

Then there is a fact of me getting fat, now as i mentioned before that i am lazy, well I enjoy going for the jog in the morning, but for that i need to sleep early (so return from office on time), but mostly amn't able to do that, so getting FAT, and since depressed eating all the more.. dam!! the cycle!!

Further, my wavelength is not really matching with my mother, we really havn't had a convo for many weeks for more than 10 mins, somehow I really get irritated with her for sometimes no fault of hers.

well, whoever is reading this, hope atleast you enjoyed this, cause I amn't enjoying, so me ending this post now...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US Airport

BREAKING NEWS "Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US airport"

how the hell did this become a breaking news?? Shah Rukh Khan detained at US airport cause his surname has Khan, ok I agree it sounds a bit racist.

but guys, this is the USA, a country that is so scared after the Sept 11 thing in which some smart asses blew up some of their buildings using Airplanes, Guys hello!! they learnt a lesson and are now careful, they don't want a repeat of that horrifying act,
They learnt their lesson not to be so trusting, its another thing that they have become a bit too paranoid, but hell guys have you noticed that after "Sept 11" their has been no major terrorist attack in the USA??

Look at India, how many terrorist attacks? Bomb blasts, attack on Parliament, Nov 26 attack in Mumbai etc, list is endless and we will get attacked again, for 2 reasons

1) We haven't learned our lesson and increased the security,
the security is hyped for only a month max and then the attack fades from memory and people go on with their lives and the security system is looked again only after the next attack, can't we learn from the USA that we can't take security lightly, they check everyone coming to the USA, remember Abdul Kalam incident, the people were only doing their duty, not taking any chances, why do we expect that everyone in the world will respect our heroes? how can we expect that our real and reel life heroes are same for everyone in the world, do you remember the face of the President of Canada?? or how many super stars of Chinese film industry do you know?

2) Our leaders Never can never take a firm decision
Remember people after the attack on Kargil, Parliament, Mumbai train blasts Indian armed forces were prepared for a war but our leaders never have the balls to teach the terrorist in Pak a lesson, they want peace, its like trying to become friends with the devil, the devil wants only bad for you, how much can you try to be its friend?

Seriously people, USA takes their security seriously, they may check our ex-president, our super heroes, ordinary people, everyone who lands in their country, its their right, its their right to be concerned of their own safety,

My only hope is that we can learn something from them and start taking our security seriously rather than spend time blaming USA for taking their security safely

but on a other thought do you thing "Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US airport' is a BREAKING NEWS?? come on, don't we have better things to do than that? doesn't the news channel get any other stories?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts about Swine Flu

Swine Flu!!
Hysteria I tell you, man its just another virus, one of the numerous roaming around in our planet, its just that its more lethal than others, Ok! but how is the reaction to it??

The government orders the close down of schools and colleges, movies and multiplexes for 3 days??

3 days? what the hell is that count? no virus dies out in 3 days?

But hell whats this big fuss about, no schools no colleges?? good the students get a break, afterall schools and colleges don't really do much for the kids,

Malls and multiplexes closed?? entertainment goes down the drain, and the people working there are effected.

reason they have given is to prevent the spread of the virus(H1N1) so stop people from coming together in large nos
Well!! hello Mr. Government, have you noticed the public transport system in Mumbai? people travel so packed together that the stain on the person standing next to you makes a good impression on your shirt. what more does a virus want, how much more closer can people be, and that too in large nos,

any virus that wants to infect all of Mumbai just needs to board a local train,

Now the people, hysteria I say, mask, handkerchiefs etc, its very interesting to watch them, they will be covering their face with their hankie but will remove the hankie to talk (you know how much Indians talk, don't you) so practically more than they cover their face the handkerchief will be off their face,

I saw a even more funny site, a man has covered his face, he removes the handkerchief to spit, and then covers up his face again, man if we could teach these people about hygiene.

sometimes I wonder if this swine flu thing is a way of revenge the swines are taking on us for enjoying their Delicious brothers?? any thoughts guys?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alumi Meet In College

We had a alumni meet last Saturday,

Alumni meet in A.C Patil?? unexpected I would say, cause 4 years I was in college never heard of anything like this,

Anyway, I was pretty surprised when I first got the E-mail saying my HOD was calling us for a alumni meet, I was like this is some prank by someone and absolutely ignored it.

then letter came home, with all the seal and in a cover of ACP, then I was like, man this looks serious, asked a few friends and they said even they got,

I was then like "Cool man!!, chal lets meet"

but half the people are like, are you nuts, back to college, they might be calling us for some other reason etc, 4 years in ACP, you never really trust the college you see, but my thinking went like "Man!! this is a good chance to meet old friends"

so saturday came and I went to college,

dam!! arrangement was much more than expected, all were welcomed with roses, we had to register who all came,

met friends, both seniors, juniors and batch mates,

then the college gave us breakfast, good one, idly and wada, then speeches by HOD and few others, and then we were called to say about ourself what we doing now etc, man it was fun

then lunch, which was also good, really enjoyed the day.

in the end they also gave us all who had come mementoes..

man the idiots who didn't come, nut cases, don't trust the college allright, but atleast should have come to meet old friends.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life, Nothing but a Broken Fantasy

Sun rises & sets, Moon waxes & wanes,
Laughter here or Sorrow there, Somehow no one seems to Care.

A song on your lips, Smile on your face,
Road of life winds on, Expecting you to laugh all the way,

Tears roll down the cheek, Your heart says no more,
Broken is the heart that says no more,

Sun rises & sets, Moon waxes & wanes
Life doesn’t stop if you pause to find your way,

A song on your lips, Smile on your face,
That’s how you walk on, Ignoring the thorns bleeding you on the way

Too many things never spoken, Too many things left undone,
Life don't work out our way,Never did or never will,

How many faces can I show? How many times can I hide?
Is my dream of a world, Nothing but a broken Fantasy…

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Drive over Worli Sea-Link

Bandra-Worli Sealink, Something which Mumbaikers were waiting for a long time, finally opened last wednesday &I had a drive over it today.

The toll over the bridge is going to be Rs. 50/- for a one way trip, but for the first 4 days they have allowed free travel, so went on a drive today to see how it feels to be on Mumbai's latest bridge, a sign of shining India!!

well, they have said a speed limit of 50kmph, but on that open bridge a speed limit of 50kmph is ridiculous, whats the use of keeping a speed limit if no one is going to follow it?? whats the use of spending so much cores of Rupees if we can speed over it and cut our traveling time??

further bad thinking, the place where the bridge lands in worli, the worli sea-face, will really be a bottle neck, another bottle neck is going to be the toll plaza, If they can't clear traffic at these places fast, the bridge is not going to be of much use. Why to pay a toll of 50 if i am going to spend the same amount of time in traffic??

but forget these, how did I feel when driving over the bridge?? Well, the Bridge is beautiful, thats all I can say, forget the beauty of the bridge its just another road.

But hats off to the people who could build the beautiful structure so out in the sea.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just a post!!


So how was my day today, well today the day was anything but usual!!

Why,what happened??
hmmm... lets start..
the day started pretty normal, as a working Saturday I was in no mood to go to work, but hell I had to drag my ass out!

Heavy rains trains running late, it took the train 40 mins to travel what it normally takes 20mins, well anyway, Its Mumbai, rains heavily and you are in big trouble.

Reached office, switched on my PC and started to work, PCs went off, the line which supplied power to pc was having some trouble, so it was a funny situation, the Lights were ON, but the PCs were OFF, and we were doing time-pass waiting for the Current to be restored properly.

Waited till 2, meanwhile had meetings, chit-chatting, lunch, and people started getting frustrated, in the end at 2 we moved off. I should have come home as I usually do, but today I went with office colleagues to watch a movie, They were saying "Ice Age 3", which is the reason I went with them, but we watched "Kambakht Ishq", A real pathetic movie, and I started regretting my decision of not going home and staying for the movie.

Movie got over, and rains still going on, people saying trains will have stoped working and stuff, memories of 26/7 come running back, but luckily trains were still working, trains were moving pretty slow, the 20 min journey from Curry-Road to Kurla took more than a Hour.

and while getting frustrated in the train, mummy starts calling me, "where are you?" "Are trains working?" etc, really ate my head, after the train finally reached Kurla and I reached home wading through the water (mom had called again during the meantime) I really shouted at my parents after reaching home..

See Told you the day was anything but normal ;)

Monday, June 29, 2009

2 Movies Back to Back

2 Movies back to back,
not a big deal for some, but for someone like me who sees movies only onces in a while, 2 movies back to back is things i would only imagine as a joke,
I mean, "Why would anyone want to see 2 movies in the same day???"

But I had this experince last saturday of seeing 2 movies back to back,
which two??? "X-MEN Origins Wolverine" & "New York",

How did this happen?? well I wanted to watch X-Men, so I dragged my sister and her friends along, they didn't like the movie, so they made me watch one more as a kind of payback...

PayBack?? well I guess they Succeded , i didn't like "New-York", X-Men was ok , not so great

But how is 2 movies back to back experince??? well I wouldn't recomend it...
cause i am not such a great fan of movies ...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Words and feelings are for lovers they say..

Words and feelings are for lovers they say,
A guy and gal can’t be friends, they say

So, what does a little guy think feel or say
When his little miss sunshine is away

Sun sends its warmth and light from miles away
Same way you send your love and care from miles away

You know you have my heart
A friendship that is yours, even if we are worlds apart,

When the day goes into the night and the light seems out from your life
Then you can call on me, cause you know I always care

Your life shines, I pray it shines forever
Without any grief suffering or hurt till the very end

Girl, if you ever need a friend
A oath I take to stick by you to the very end,

If the world seems so dark and blue, with no one to care for you
Know that you still have my heart caring and loving you, wherever you are

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't run behind a bus, train or a girl, If one goes another will come...

Bus. train aur ladki ke piche nahi bagna chaiye, 1 gaya tho dusra aayega..
The above sentence is a sentence every guy in mumbai has heard, its english translation being "Don't run behind a bus, train or a girl, If one goes another will come..."

Well what will happen if you run behind any of them?? chance of getting hurt, wastage of energy and there is a chance you might look like a fool.

I don't know about the 3rd one in the list, I have never really chased a female, ( hey don't worry, am normal, just havn't met a girl who is worth chasing). But anybody who has got into trouble chasing a girl, will let us know what happens.

I can say chasing a bus or a train is a silly thing,look at it last day, even though I know there will be a train after it. I chased it, fell and got hurt. Now am feeling so foolish of myself.

so people take it from me. "Bus, train aur ladki ke piche nahi bagna chaiye, 1 gaya tho dusra aayega.."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Women!! and Memories!!

Trust females to remember!!!How many times have you been reminded of things which you have forgotten by your female friends?

U want to be reminded of any date in the past, trust a girl to do that. Things you have forgotten or things which don't seem so important to you are stored in long term memory by them to use against you at a later date!!

Wonder why they have such good memories? birth dates,anniversaries etc all are stored by them more so even the exact sentences used by you will be repeated by them. dress you wore, dress she wore, might be even the dress a female in the bus had worn is remembered by them.

Any idea why guys don't remember such stuff? Is it because we don't have a good memory or is it because we have better things to remember? You will never catch a guy remembering which dress someone else had worn 2 days back, forget someone else he won't remember which dress he had worn also!!

Hey girls, if you have such fantastic memory why don't you use it in useful things such as studies rather than to collect such useless info?

and even if you have to collect such useless info, why use on us..

Anything or anyword more than 2 weeks old is not permissable in an argument...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Girls!! can't live without them, and can't live with them.

Girls!! can't live without them, and can't live with them. Wonder who had said this? Who ever it is said the right thing.

Beautiful lovely girls who know what we love them have to show all sorts of natak before we get a positive response from them, chasing the girl is just half the job. Main job starts after they have been impressed. To maintain the relationship.

I really wonder, when girls can talk hell lot of things on their hair, about their friends, gossip WHY THE HELL CAN'T THEY SAY WHATS ON THEIR MIND?

NOPE, we have to guess. If we guess wrong then the accusations start that we don't love them, don't care etc etc. and again you have to go through the whole process of calming her down.

What ever happens they are always right, No matter what you do you can never be right. Did GOD make a rule that guys can never be right?? someone answer me.

They make you wait for hours, and if you by mistake ever make them wait for 10mins then God forgive you.
I don't understand, when these girls are so much after cleanness how come they always mess up your life??

But true, We can't live without them, if you females where not there there really wouldn't have been any fun in this world. But sometimes i really pray "GOD, kindly give these girls some brain or give us the ability to know whats going in their mind."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Haven't we heard of people saying "it was in their fate".Whats fate?? Whats destiny?? Is whats going to happen to us already written?? Have we no choise/power to decide what we want?? Is there no way for us to control our future???

But don't we decide what we want to do? don't we decide when we get up? when we sleep? when we brush?? etc etc....Is this just an illution?? Is these choise just an atempt to control us by an unknown power??

We are controled by an unknown power, scary thought right?? All throughout history we have fought for freedom, American Liberation, French Revolution, Russian Revolution...Indian freedom strugle. All throughout history we have fought for freedom, and to think that we are not free...
Everything is desided for us by FATE is scary, If there is a thing know as Fate then we are SLAVES.  'SLAVES to FATE.'

Come on....if all this were already desided, then why were we given this awsome brain?? A brain by which we deside what we want to do?? If our desions were already recored, and we can do only what is already written then why are we made to make desions, We shouldn't have got such a brain,right??I mean whats the use of giving us something which is of no use....

So then the fact that we are made to think, does that prove that there is no thing such as fate, is fate & destiny just words or attempts made by us to remove the blame of unfortunate events from us, Is it just another attempt for our feble brains to try to understand time??

So what is Fate?? I wonder what it is, if you know what it is please tell me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Expecting someone will never hurt u, is that trust?? Hoping that a person will always love u, is that trust?? Loving someone with all u'r heart, is that trust??

What should u do if that person whom u trust hurts u?? Should u still keep trusting that person?? Should u give that person another chance or should we stop trusting that person?? What if that person hurts u again...till when should u keep trusting that person???

What will ya do if the person whom u love hurts u?? Breaks u'r trust??? Can u still love that person?? Can u still trust that person??

What do u do about a person who has broken u'r trust?? Do u forgive him?? or do u try to stay away from him?? What has to be done?? Isn't it much better not to trust anyone at all..but if you don't trust people how can u live in this world?? But if u trust people how can u stay alive in this big bad world??

Someone rightly said "Its better to say I trust u than I love u, as u will love the person whom u love but might not trust the person u love"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Engineers & Engneering

Wow!!! am I am done with engneering!! I have lasted 4 years without any KTs... great I am a good student, am I??? No KTs ok!! but where r the marks???

Lets see, I wrote Assignements, completed Journels and studied for exams, And ya what about the VIVA. Hmmm..that means I had to keep the proffesors happy too,

Proffesors happy, great sit for lectures, I mean sit & attend & not sleep, answer them when they ask questions and be even more polite to them when they insult u....(ego!! forget your ego please)

wow!!great even with all this I am still alive, I survied 4 years (MAN HOW DO THE HUNDREDS WHO DO ENGNEERING STAY ALIVE???? like how i did i guess...)

So finally I am happy to have done engneering, Why?? well I got great friends, and ya I learnt something even if I have no idea if I have any use of what I am learnt...

Term end run run, wow!!no need to join gym u get plenty of excersise just by trying to submit the assignements on time, Hands r excersised by the writing we got to do, eyes by copying the answers of the assinements, legs by running for xerox's & ofcourse our brain is even excersised by the continues pressure...

well exams in a month after submissions, great 1 month no sleep, wait make that 1&1/2 months....the 1/2 month of exams even 48 hours day seems less.
then the lovely!!

then 3 months of lec, bunking, sirs ko patofying and the cycle repeats...

MAN!!No wonder everyone gives engineers jobs, we r used to pressure situations, days without sleep...give us enjoyment(who says we don't enjoy our life) & presto u have the best worker ever..

so whatever u say, engineers r the best so keep going engineers ;)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shifting to blogger

I got a blog on another site,

why am i shifting here???

hmmm... good question.

Its cause the other site (yahoo, my previous blog was at

send me a message that they are shifting to some new thing so my blogs may be deleted.

dam!! i had given that address to a lot of people, how irritated i am cause of it.

So shifting to blogger. 
I think durring the starting days i will just be copy pasting my old blogs from the other site (not all of them) but the ones i really love.

As blogger is of google, i kind of have a hope my blogs won't ever have to chage address again.