Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rains in Mumbai in Novemeber??

November rains in Mumbai!!

Can you believe it, raining in Mumbai in November, not just drizzle but real good rains. You won't believe its November but looking outside you will think this is the rainy season like in July.

Lovely weather, Dam!! Office! Wish I could just bunk office, grab a set of friends go to marine lines or hang out at a coffee shop, man the day looks as if it’s made for anything but working.

Let me tell you this, I am not a big fan of rains, somehow rains always spoils my mood, I know if I set my foot outside my moods going to go down cause of all the sludge.

But dam, what I described above, the weather is just too lovely yaar.

Still wondering why is it raining in November, I mean is this the effect of global warming, No rains in the monsoon season but raining in November?? BMC will sure be happy for the extra water, and I would be happy if I can enjoy this weather outside office (I guess I can enjoy any weather outside office ;) )


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