Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CAT experince 2009, have I belled the CAT?

Well!! The CAT monster is over, have tried to put it in the Bag today, well If I am successful or not I will come to know on 22nd Jan.

How was my experience, well let me say, hearing all the troubles people are facing in writing the CAT, computer crashes and stuff, I was pretty worried, but luckily nothing happened for me.

I had selected the morning slot, reached my Venue Fr. COnceiao Rodrigues College, Bandra at about 8:15, well people had already come before me and were standing in a queue.

At 8:30A.M we were let in, but told to keep our bags aside and carry only the admit card and voucher, Cells wallets, watches etc were to be removed and put in a cover they provided.

From 8:30 to 9:30 it was just waiting for the Check-In, Man seriously I don't think even Military Bases put such a Check-In, Biometric (fingerprint scan & photo). Luckily they didn't go for a strip search.

9:30A.M I sat at my seat and dam for half an hour had to just sit with the tension mounting. (A word, people were saying we couldn't access the bathroom or drink water, but we were allowed to, only thing we had to be on that floor).

10:00A.M they told us to start the test, and to look at the tutorial if needed, well everyone glanced through the tutorial. It was the same that IIM had released before.

10:10A.M started the test, well can't tell you the questions but it were pretty easy, if someone had really practiced, the test was a breeze for him, and unfortunately that wasn't me. It went fine, like I said, have I belled the CAT will come to know on 22 Jan. To be honest I don't expect a call from IIM, but I am hoping for the other 1st rank institutes.

12:30P.M test over!! But na!! We aren't allowed to leave, remember we are at a Military base, so we have to Check-Out also.

that was my experience at CAT 2009, Thanks!!

NO, wait a sec.

4:00P.M TestFunda tells me that I might have to give CAT again. (read)


Zahid said...

yep..CAT's this way this time... You dont even know how you faired. Irony !!!

Read CAT 2009 Analysis for pests whn u get time on

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