Sunday, December 25, 2011

The 10 Mins Life

"You can take 10mins of your time to do ........" fill in the blank with anything someone else wants to improve in your life.

It might be the priest saying "You can surely give 10mins of your time for God", The Yoga instructor saying "10mins of these assans a day you will live a healthy life", Your Girl-Friend telling you "Can't you spend 10mins talking to me?", Your best friend "Dude, you can surely take 10mins to hit the Gym." , Your professor saying "You should read your lessons everyday for 10mins atleast", Or maybe your Boss "This work will take only 10mins of your time"

All these 10mins in the end I feel is more than the God given 24hours in a day, What say?

The main problem with this "10 Mins life" idea is that these things these well-wishers would want us to do might be a 10min job, but the stuff to do the "10 mins stuff" properly is not 10mins. 
Take an e.g
Girl-Friends asks you to spend 10 mins with her, do you really thing it will be only 10mins??
Boss asks you to do a 10min job, but the time to end your current work, start the 10min one and do it properly goes for more than 10mins.
Hit the gym for 10mins?? Joking, hello it takes 10mins to go till the gym.

Seriously people 10min life doesn't work, Its like trying to live your life in fast-forward all the time. Stop the 10mins life, Live life slow, enjoy each moment, Life's not a race my friends.

Spend an hour with your girl-friend and don't hit the gym, if she really loves you she would like you spending time with her and won't mind you fat (P.S if you really want to lose weight, life her up, multiple times :P)

"Its better to spend time doing what you love rather than doing what others want you to do",
I am sure everyone will agree to this statement.

But the question now is I am advising everyone, can I follow my own advice?
I fail at all new-years resolution anyway so this time me taking a Christmas resolution to not hurry through life and enjoy life to the whole.

Merry Christmas Everyone