Monday, June 29, 2009

2 Movies Back to Back

2 Movies back to back,
not a big deal for some, but for someone like me who sees movies only onces in a while, 2 movies back to back is things i would only imagine as a joke,
I mean, "Why would anyone want to see 2 movies in the same day???"

But I had this experince last saturday of seeing 2 movies back to back,
which two??? "X-MEN Origins Wolverine" & "New York",

How did this happen?? well I wanted to watch X-Men, so I dragged my sister and her friends along, they didn't like the movie, so they made me watch one more as a kind of payback...

PayBack?? well I guess they Succeded , i didn't like "New-York", X-Men was ok , not so great

But how is 2 movies back to back experince??? well I wouldn't recomend it...
cause i am not such a great fan of movies ...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Words and feelings are for lovers they say..

Words and feelings are for lovers they say,
A guy and gal can’t be friends, they say

So, what does a little guy think feel or say
When his little miss sunshine is away

Sun sends its warmth and light from miles away
Same way you send your love and care from miles away

You know you have my heart
A friendship that is yours, even if we are worlds apart,

When the day goes into the night and the light seems out from your life
Then you can call on me, cause you know I always care

Your life shines, I pray it shines forever
Without any grief suffering or hurt till the very end

Girl, if you ever need a friend
A oath I take to stick by you to the very end,

If the world seems so dark and blue, with no one to care for you
Know that you still have my heart caring and loving you, wherever you are

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't run behind a bus, train or a girl, If one goes another will come...

Bus. train aur ladki ke piche nahi bagna chaiye, 1 gaya tho dusra aayega..
The above sentence is a sentence every guy in mumbai has heard, its english translation being "Don't run behind a bus, train or a girl, If one goes another will come..."

Well what will happen if you run behind any of them?? chance of getting hurt, wastage of energy and there is a chance you might look like a fool.

I don't know about the 3rd one in the list, I have never really chased a female, ( hey don't worry, am normal, just havn't met a girl who is worth chasing). But anybody who has got into trouble chasing a girl, will let us know what happens.

I can say chasing a bus or a train is a silly thing,look at it last day, even though I know there will be a train after it. I chased it, fell and got hurt. Now am feeling so foolish of myself.

so people take it from me. "Bus, train aur ladki ke piche nahi bagna chaiye, 1 gaya tho dusra aayega.."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Women!! and Memories!!

Trust females to remember!!!How many times have you been reminded of things which you have forgotten by your female friends?

U want to be reminded of any date in the past, trust a girl to do that. Things you have forgotten or things which don't seem so important to you are stored in long term memory by them to use against you at a later date!!

Wonder why they have such good memories? birth dates,anniversaries etc all are stored by them more so even the exact sentences used by you will be repeated by them. dress you wore, dress she wore, might be even the dress a female in the bus had worn is remembered by them.

Any idea why guys don't remember such stuff? Is it because we don't have a good memory or is it because we have better things to remember? You will never catch a guy remembering which dress someone else had worn 2 days back, forget someone else he won't remember which dress he had worn also!!

Hey girls, if you have such fantastic memory why don't you use it in useful things such as studies rather than to collect such useless info?

and even if you have to collect such useless info, why use on us..

Anything or anyword more than 2 weeks old is not permissable in an argument...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Girls!! can't live without them, and can't live with them.

Girls!! can't live without them, and can't live with them. Wonder who had said this? Who ever it is said the right thing.

Beautiful lovely girls who know what we love them have to show all sorts of natak before we get a positive response from them, chasing the girl is just half the job. Main job starts after they have been impressed. To maintain the relationship.

I really wonder, when girls can talk hell lot of things on their hair, about their friends, gossip WHY THE HELL CAN'T THEY SAY WHATS ON THEIR MIND?

NOPE, we have to guess. If we guess wrong then the accusations start that we don't love them, don't care etc etc. and again you have to go through the whole process of calming her down.

What ever happens they are always right, No matter what you do you can never be right. Did GOD make a rule that guys can never be right?? someone answer me.

They make you wait for hours, and if you by mistake ever make them wait for 10mins then God forgive you.
I don't understand, when these girls are so much after cleanness how come they always mess up your life??

But true, We can't live without them, if you females where not there there really wouldn't have been any fun in this world. But sometimes i really pray "GOD, kindly give these girls some brain or give us the ability to know whats going in their mind."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Haven't we heard of people saying "it was in their fate".Whats fate?? Whats destiny?? Is whats going to happen to us already written?? Have we no choise/power to decide what we want?? Is there no way for us to control our future???

But don't we decide what we want to do? don't we decide when we get up? when we sleep? when we brush?? etc etc....Is this just an illution?? Is these choise just an atempt to control us by an unknown power??

We are controled by an unknown power, scary thought right?? All throughout history we have fought for freedom, American Liberation, French Revolution, Russian Revolution...Indian freedom strugle. All throughout history we have fought for freedom, and to think that we are not free...
Everything is desided for us by FATE is scary, If there is a thing know as Fate then we are SLAVES.  'SLAVES to FATE.'

Come on....if all this were already desided, then why were we given this awsome brain?? A brain by which we deside what we want to do?? If our desions were already recored, and we can do only what is already written then why are we made to make desions, We shouldn't have got such a brain,right??I mean whats the use of giving us something which is of no use....

So then the fact that we are made to think, does that prove that there is no thing such as fate, is fate & destiny just words or attempts made by us to remove the blame of unfortunate events from us, Is it just another attempt for our feble brains to try to understand time??

So what is Fate?? I wonder what it is, if you know what it is please tell me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Expecting someone will never hurt u, is that trust?? Hoping that a person will always love u, is that trust?? Loving someone with all u'r heart, is that trust??

What should u do if that person whom u trust hurts u?? Should u still keep trusting that person?? Should u give that person another chance or should we stop trusting that person?? What if that person hurts u again...till when should u keep trusting that person???

What will ya do if the person whom u love hurts u?? Breaks u'r trust??? Can u still love that person?? Can u still trust that person??

What do u do about a person who has broken u'r trust?? Do u forgive him?? or do u try to stay away from him?? What has to be done?? Isn't it much better not to trust anyone at all..but if you don't trust people how can u live in this world?? But if u trust people how can u stay alive in this big bad world??

Someone rightly said "Its better to say I trust u than I love u, as u will love the person whom u love but might not trust the person u love"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Engineers & Engneering

Wow!!! am I am done with engneering!! I have lasted 4 years without any KTs... great I am a good student, am I??? No KTs ok!! but where r the marks???

Lets see, I wrote Assignements, completed Journels and studied for exams, And ya what about the VIVA. Hmmm..that means I had to keep the proffesors happy too,

Proffesors happy, great sit for lectures, I mean sit & attend & not sleep, answer them when they ask questions and be even more polite to them when they insult u....(ego!! forget your ego please)

wow!!great even with all this I am still alive, I survied 4 years (MAN HOW DO THE HUNDREDS WHO DO ENGNEERING STAY ALIVE???? like how i did i guess...)

So finally I am happy to have done engneering, Why?? well I got great friends, and ya I learnt something even if I have no idea if I have any use of what I am learnt...

Term end run run, wow!!no need to join gym u get plenty of excersise just by trying to submit the assignements on time, Hands r excersised by the writing we got to do, eyes by copying the answers of the assinements, legs by running for xerox's & ofcourse our brain is even excersised by the continues pressure...

well exams in a month after submissions, great 1 month no sleep, wait make that 1&1/2 months....the 1/2 month of exams even 48 hours day seems less.
then the lovely!!

then 3 months of lec, bunking, sirs ko patofying and the cycle repeats...

MAN!!No wonder everyone gives engineers jobs, we r used to pressure situations, days without sleep...give us enjoyment(who says we don't enjoy our life) & presto u have the best worker ever..

so whatever u say, engineers r the best so keep going engineers ;)