Monday, June 15, 2009

Words and feelings are for lovers they say..

Words and feelings are for lovers they say,
A guy and gal can’t be friends, they say

So, what does a little guy think feel or say
When his little miss sunshine is away

Sun sends its warmth and light from miles away
Same way you send your love and care from miles away

You know you have my heart
A friendship that is yours, even if we are worlds apart,

When the day goes into the night and the light seems out from your life
Then you can call on me, cause you know I always care

Your life shines, I pray it shines forever
Without any grief suffering or hurt till the very end

Girl, if you ever need a friend
A oath I take to stick by you to the very end,

If the world seems so dark and blue, with no one to care for you
Know that you still have my heart caring and loving you, wherever you are


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