Monday, June 1, 2009

Engineers & Engneering

Wow!!! am I am done with engneering!! I have lasted 4 years without any KTs... great I am a good student, am I??? No KTs ok!! but where r the marks???

Lets see, I wrote Assignements, completed Journels and studied for exams, And ya what about the VIVA. Hmmm..that means I had to keep the proffesors happy too,

Proffesors happy, great sit for lectures, I mean sit & attend & not sleep, answer them when they ask questions and be even more polite to them when they insult u....(ego!! forget your ego please)

wow!!great even with all this I am still alive, I survied 4 years (MAN HOW DO THE HUNDREDS WHO DO ENGNEERING STAY ALIVE???? like how i did i guess...)

So finally I am happy to have done engneering, Why?? well I got great friends, and ya I learnt something even if I have no idea if I have any use of what I am learnt...

Term end run run, wow!!no need to join gym u get plenty of excersise just by trying to submit the assignements on time, Hands r excersised by the writing we got to do, eyes by copying the answers of the assinements, legs by running for xerox's & ofcourse our brain is even excersised by the continues pressure...

well exams in a month after submissions, great 1 month no sleep, wait make that 1&1/2 months....the 1/2 month of exams even 48 hours day seems less.
then the lovely!!

then 3 months of lec, bunking, sirs ko patofying and the cycle repeats...

MAN!!No wonder everyone gives engineers jobs, we r used to pressure situations, days without sleep...give us enjoyment(who says we don't enjoy our life) & presto u have the best worker ever..

so whatever u say, engineers r the best so keep going engineers ;)


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