Sunday, December 25, 2011

The 10 Mins Life

"You can take 10mins of your time to do ........" fill in the blank with anything someone else wants to improve in your life.

It might be the priest saying "You can surely give 10mins of your time for God", The Yoga instructor saying "10mins of these assans a day you will live a healthy life", Your Girl-Friend telling you "Can't you spend 10mins talking to me?", Your best friend "Dude, you can surely take 10mins to hit the Gym." , Your professor saying "You should read your lessons everyday for 10mins atleast", Or maybe your Boss "This work will take only 10mins of your time"

All these 10mins in the end I feel is more than the God given 24hours in a day, What say?

The main problem with this "10 Mins life" idea is that these things these well-wishers would want us to do might be a 10min job, but the stuff to do the "10 mins stuff" properly is not 10mins. 
Take an e.g
Girl-Friends asks you to spend 10 mins with her, do you really thing it will be only 10mins??
Boss asks you to do a 10min job, but the time to end your current work, start the 10min one and do it properly goes for more than 10mins.
Hit the gym for 10mins?? Joking, hello it takes 10mins to go till the gym.

Seriously people 10min life doesn't work, Its like trying to live your life in fast-forward all the time. Stop the 10mins life, Live life slow, enjoy each moment, Life's not a race my friends.

Spend an hour with your girl-friend and don't hit the gym, if she really loves you she would like you spending time with her and won't mind you fat (P.S if you really want to lose weight, life her up, multiple times :P)

"Its better to spend time doing what you love rather than doing what others want you to do",
I am sure everyone will agree to this statement.

But the question now is I am advising everyone, can I follow my own advice?
I fail at all new-years resolution anyway so this time me taking a Christmas resolution to not hurry through life and enjoy life to the whole.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Monday, October 17, 2011

Laziness - Moving Mankind Forward

The dictionary definition of Lazy - averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.

But I guess none of us ever had to actually look up Lazy in the dictionary, Majority of us have heard that word used countless number of times, I guess 1 of the real words you really learn as a baby will be lazy or laziness (not in English but surely in your mother tongue). Your mom calling your dad lazy, or your dad calling your elder brother lazy or basically everyone you know calling you lazy.

Being called lazy has such a negative connotation to it, I wonder why? Now that I think of it if someone is calling you lazy they are actually recognizing your inner potential. If you really think about it, the world around us wouldn't be the same if it was not for the contribution of some real Lazy people.

It's the lazy people who invented the wheel & the bicycle because they didn't like walking or carrying things. Its the lazy person who said lets fit a motor into this bicycle and thus the Motor-Cycle was born. A baby Diaper is an invention to not keep cleaning up after a baby again and again. These new age industry with all its automation and robots, ever thought the concept of a Robot came into being just cause of a person too lazy to do his own work.

Don't denounce us lazy people, its said "The best way to get any difficult work done at the shortest time possible is to give the work to a lazy person, He will surely find a way to get the work done in the shortest time in the most efficient way"

{All you bodybuilding hunks who get the girls, thank us for reducing your competition by being too lazy to hit the gym, ever wondered how much more guys you would have to compete with if we all left our lazy boys and hit the gym}

So all you workaholics and hard working idiots next time you see a lazy person don't abuse him but try to learn from us, what can you learn

Efficiency :- Like I said above, we the lazy people will always find the most efficient way of doing something at the shortest time possible, after all if we are working too hard we can't be lazy right? Think about it, if you people didn't have lazy people like us searching for doing things more efficiently you people would still be stuck in the stone age.

Delegation :- what better way not to do work than to delegate? Ever looked at your Boss and wondered, this guy doesn't do anything yet earns double than me, well here is you answer, he is a better manager as he knows to delegate.

Stall and Eliminate :- Learn how to stall and procrastinate stuff, the more you stall and procrastinate work you might end up seeing someone else doing that work, or that work itself becoming unnecessary, thus you don't waste time doing stuff which is unnecessary in the end.

Quick Work :- Sometimes when you stall (see above), it turns out that the thing you are stalling is really important, and needs to be done. If so, you will find this out when someone else who needs it done gives you an urgent call and 10 emails, asking for it to be submitted. This is when urgency comes into play, and it is a great motivator. You will get the thing done. But that urgency didn't exist until you stalled for a week. So the trick is to wait to do things until the absolute last minute, when you will be super motivated to do them. So don't schedule some of your tasks until the last possible time you could start them and still get them done before deadline.

Don't laugh at us you time-starved people of the 21st Century who find that even 24hours of the clock is too less. Learn from us the above qualities and you will find you  have plenty of time to do things you actually love. Learn from us, the lazy people, the actually smart people how to do things efficiently and you will find you have got enough time to stuff that actually excite you and not do the boring stuff only.

So what basically learn this
"Work Smart, Not Hard"

But what am I doing here trying to teach you people what it means to be lazy? I got to go and catch some shut-eye.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Contradictory Proverbs: Exposing hypocrisy of our Elders quotes

Remember your school days and when the teacher told you the story of the "Hare & the Tortoise" and used to end with the proverb "Slow and steady wins the race." Then when you reached back home and you were idling on the sofa watching TV arguing with your mother there is plenty of time for you to do the homework she would lecture you saying "Time and tide waits for no man."

I know its for two different situations but have you ever thought that both these age old sayings are telling you two contradictory things? One is telling you being slow and steady will get success and the other tells you to hurry as Time doesn't wait for anyone. "All good things come to those who wait." is another proverb that contradicts the saying "Time and tide waits for no man". Like I said I know both apply to two different situations but if you really think about it, the quotes that our elders and even their elders liked to quote so much to us are contradicting to each other.

Silence is golden. BUT The squeaky wheel gets the grease. / Crying child gets the milk.

"Silence is golden" I have never understood this statement, how can silence = gold?(or silver?) I never got a chance to ask this as whenever I was quoted the above statement it was for me to become silent (and asking questions is not silence!). But then as the other proverb puts it unless you make noise things won't get done. Only if a baby cries does the child's mother know he/she is hungry and gives the child food.

Birds of a feather flock together. BUT Opposites attract.

A magnetic north pole attracts the south pole, "Opposites attract" is a oft used phrase to explain why two very different people become a couple. but consider this, you always tend to be in company of people like you, majority of your friends will have some similarity with you. Yet again here we have two sayings that are exactly opposite to each other.

Practice makes perfect. BUT All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

"Practice makes perfect" how many times have you heard this, to make you do things repeatedly this is a very often used proverb. Practice again and again till you get achieve perfection. But practice = work right? but all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, remember? (I don't remember any elders telling me this proverb and sending me to play. Hypocrites!!!)

Look before you leap. BUT Strike while the iron is hot.

Attack the iron while its coming out of the furnace, tackle the problem when you come to face to it not 10 days later when the problem has morphed into 20 more problems, absolutely agree to that. But what is this "Look before you leap", Isn't that telling me to consider the problems from 15 different angles and then to tackle it? Spending my time looking at it from different angles, isn't that letting the problem go cold before I get around to tackle it??

To quote some more

The pen is mightier than the sword. BUT Actions speak louder than words.

Wise men think alike. BUT Fools seldom differ.

The best things in life are free things. BUT There's no such thing as a free lunch. 

Do it well, or not at all. BUT Half a loaf is better than none. / Something is better than nothing

Don't cross your bridges before you come to them. BUT Forewarned is forearmed.

Doubt is the beginning of wisdom. BUT Faith will move mountains.

Great starts make great finishes. BUT It ain't over 'till it's over.

You're never too old to learn. BUT You can't teach an old dog new tricks

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. BUT One man's food is another man's poison.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. BUT Out of sight, out of mind.

Too many cooks spoil the broth. BUT Many hands make light work.

So what do we take from this, that our elders and their elders didn't know what they are saying, or being human actually make them hypocrites, making and using saying / proverbs as and when it fits them? Well actually I don't know. But what I know is that even I will be using these sayings as and when situations suits me (which makes me also a hypocrite, doesn't it?)

I am going to end this post by saying :-

Hold fast to the words of your ancestors. BUT Wise men make proverbs and fools repeat them.

Friday, July 1, 2011

There and Back Again: Savio Story

Some time in July 2008:
After 4 years of B.E  I was waiting for the day engineering would end. Was tired of the boring lectures, faculty droning on and on about something (seriously I don't remember a word what I had learned in 4 years of Engineering). I already had a placement in my hand from a MNC so was chilled about that part too (its another thing that due to recession the MNC called us for joining only 1 year later, of-course I didn't join the MNC cause of obvious reasons). So was pretty tension free was looking to enjoy a long holiday.But fortunately or unfortunately my friends were not so tension free as me they were going around knocking on company's doors for jobs. And yours truly being as sporting as he always is (another thing I was looking for timepass) went with these friends of mine to Zeus Learning Tech and again  fortunately or unfortunately I was the one selected from all my friends (these friends of mine congratulated me but also gave me gali's :) )

30th July 2008 onwards
I went from being a student to a tax payer. Well seriously let me tell you it was not real fun for me becoming a salaried guy. Why you are asking? Well!!

  1. In the 1st One and half years it was real slog. Late nights in office, later nights in office, all nighters in office you name it. There were days in which we spend more that 40 hours in office. Not fun dude. Not at all fun.
  2. Money in the pocket at the end of the month was good no doubt. But it was my hard earned money. I really had second thoughts before I spend it. (seriously you don't feel the pinch as money running away when you are spending your own toil)

So was it all work and no play, Nope here was plenty of play, Best thing about Zeus was it didn't have a formal structure to it. Suited absolutely well to a guy fresh out of college. You could go to your PM put your hand around his shoulder and tell him something is wrong. Or you could remove your frustrations by beating him  up on his Birthday. No formals, go to office in a t-shirt jeans no one would say anything. Team Mates were great, made a lot of friends. :)

Well if everything was so great, why did I quit? Wait lets put the question in another way. Was I happy with the job? Straight answer NO. I was not seriously enjoying what I was doing. Everybody said I was doing great, got good appraisals,promotion etc (didn't mention before, I was a Senior Software Tester). The job didn't feel suited for me, wasn't seeing any real growth in the company. Seniors (I mean the PM's) were real good but seriously I had a inner feeling inside me that I can and will do a better job than them (Not trying to hurt anyone, but that was the feeling inside me). In 2 years I felt I have learned what ever the company could teach me, both the good and the bad.

Zeus gave me chance in designing of some projects, give juniors to delegate work to, responsibilities. Anybody looking from outside would feel like I was in a perfect setup. But "Dil Mange More", feeling I can and do something better kept growing inside me.

Jumping jobs was a option but then again I would get stuck in the same rut some other place, wanted a good jump. Had time on my side to take risk, So MBA, why MBA? 1 word answer - MONEY

Well a MBA is much more than a money, its a chance to get a good role in a organization, go from being a follower to a leader, what it means to be a leader, how & why leaders take some decision. It seems like a good bus to climb on to. Well so here I am

1st July 2011:
2 years 11 months of travelling the corporate ship called Zeus am jumping to a PGDM ship of Welingkar B-School. Searching for directions, searching for new horizons, good lucks and wishes in my ears off I go. Well follow me right here to see which shores this Ship is going to deposit me on :)

All the best to me

Friday, June 24, 2011

Review - Immortals of Meluha

I have read many books but never have actually written a review of any book, don’t ask me why I chose this book to write my first review but here it is.
I would like to warn readers here if they haven't already read the book “The Immortals of Meluha” that this review contains plot details and may spoil the fun/mystery of the book if you are planning to read it later.

The “Immortals of Meluha” is the first novel of the ‘Shiva trilogy’ series by Amish Tripathi. The series is based on the premise that “Gods were once human beings; it was their deeds in the human life that made them famous as Gods”. A thought which the analytical part of me really accepts. My Analytical/Scientific part of my brain really has bit difficulty in the concept of Gods/Superior beings. It’s easier for me to believe in Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. (That doesn’t stop me from calling out God's name when I faced with a difficulty, Hypocrite amn’t I?). Any Indian will love this book, the books Bollywood style story telling will really interest Indian’s

The story takes place in the imaginary land of Meluha. -  A near perfect empire created many centuries earlier by Lord Ram, one of the greatest monarchs that ever lived. The once proud empire and its Suryavanshi rulers face severe perils as its primary river, the revered Saraswati, is slowly drying to extinction. 

They also face devastating terrorist attacks from the east, the land of the Chandravanshis (reminded of present day India-Pak) who appear to have allied with the Nagas, an ostracised and sinister race of deformed humans with astonishing martial skills. The only hope for the Suryavanshis is an ancient legend – when evil reaches epic proportions, when all seems lost, when it appears that your enemies have triumphed, a hero will emerge(Sounds like a typical Hollywood film tag-line right??).

The story begins with Shiva’s tribe moving into this country on the invitation of the present King Daksha who has been inviting tribes to join his Kingdom in the hope that this hero will be found. When Shiva’s tribe reach the city of Srinagar they are received there by Ayurvati, the Chief of Medicine of the Meluhans. On their first night of stay at Srinagar the tribe is given Somras after which the Gunas woke up with a deep fever and sweating. All except Shiva but his throat had turned blue. The Meluhans announce Shiva as the Neelkanth, their fabled saviour and take Shiva to Devagiri their capital city.

En-route we meet our hero’s heroine Princess Sati, the daughter of Daksha and is a vikarma, an untouchable in this life due to sins of their past births. (I have never understood the concept of caste / untouchability but this is a discussion for another time). She rejects our hero’s advances but ultimately Shiva wins her heart and they decide to get married, even though the “vikarma” rule prohibits them from doing so. Enraged by the so called obsolete law, Shiva declares himself as the Neelkanth and swears to dissolve the vikarma law. Daksha allows Sati to get married to Shiva, amidst much joy and happiness. (Note here how a King allowed the change to a law for his/his daughters benefit, he agreed to change the law standing behind the Neelkanth Shiva, reminds me of the corrupt Indian politicians who know some laws are wrong but still don’t change them till they them self are benefited or they have someone else to take the responsibility for them).

The turning point in the movie (Oops! Book) come when Mount Mandar where the legendary somras is made is attacked and scientist there are killed. Shiva declares war on Chandravanshis. Using his tactical brilliance Chandravanshis are defeated and The Chandravanshi king is captured and brought in front of Daksha. He becomes enraged seeing the Neelkanth and is taken away. It is the Chandravanshi princess, Anandmayi, who tells them that they had a similar legend that the Neelkanth will come forward to save their land by launching an assault against the evil Suryavanshis. Hearing this, Shiva is dumbfounded and is utterly distressed. With Sati he visits the famous Ram temple of Ayodhya, the capital of Swadweep. There he meets the priest from whom he comes to know about the karma, his fate, and his choices in life, which will guide him. After talking to him as Shiva comes out of the temple, he hears a scream. Running to the location he sees in horror as a group of Nagas kidnap Sati and run with them. (Thriller end which makes you panting for the sequel).

I liked this book for the way the story is told a Bollywood potboiler: fast-paced action, flashbacks and, definitely not the least, romance between Shiva and the princess of Meluha, Sati. (The movie based on the book will be coming soon). Also how in many ways a book set in 1900BC reminds me of the modern world. I would really recommend this book to everyone.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of the world

End of the world, Judgement day, Apocalypse etc are fimilar words to every one. Countless movies, books and to that matter even songs have been written about the 'End of the World'. The word has been roaming about in the news lately as May 21st was supposed to be judgement day (Predicted by some American guy), but the world is still ticking guys. Ever wondered why humans are so worried about the end, how every body would be judged etc? Is it just an quintessence of man kinds nature of always looking into the future and never leaving in the present?

Lets examine it, Isn't it a basic nature of humans to worry about the future? Havn't we all worried whats going to happen 1, 2 , 5 or may be even 10 years into the future?  'Have to invest in this so that I can live comfortably after I retire' isn't this a common thought in our head? Or 'Forget the movie, I need to study to ace the exam and get a good job'. I know I might be over simplifying. But seriously all of us are worried about the future.

OK. So might be worrying about the future is basically a human nature, but why is it End of the world scenarios always so scary? Why is it always people dieing, earth getting flooded, or fire or stuff like that? Why can't Apocalypse be a happy day? Why can't it be like 1 fine morning everything in the world is good, there is food for everyone, no one ever dies etc etc. Why is Apocalypse always depicted as a real hard time?

Why is it that the bad always need to be punished for their crime? Why can't on this glorious new day of Judgement all criminals, terrorists, rapist etc see the light of their way and repent and redeem them-self? Why is Judgement day required? Why is it required to punish people and put them in eternal fires? Look at this scenario 'The father of a little girl is a robber, the child loves her father a lot, but on judgement day the father is condemned to the eternal fire while the child is sent to heaven, would that heaven actually be a heaven for her without her father?'

To any one reading the above lines and thinking its 'end of the world' is a western concept I would like to point that End of the world and judgement of man kind is there in each and every culture. Hindu culture says right now we are in Kali Yuga The last of the 4 ages (Yugs). If we look about each and every civilization talks about the end of the world. Why is it man cannot live without the fear?

So do I think end of world will never happen? Well I don't think there will be a judgement day or something like that. But I feel end of the world as we know can happen in many ways.

1) Nuclear War (World war 3): Terrorist get the nuclear bomb and blast it in Israel, Israel blames Pakistan, USA (and other European countries) support Israel and H-Bomb Pakistan, China rises to defend Pakistan and bombs the western world. Pakistan nukes India, Russia joins the party and behold we have our own human judgement day.
2) Asteroid hitting earth :  Well an Asteroid had taken down the mighty Tyrannosaurus and family, might be another one is waiting to say goodbye Homo-sapiens.
3) Nature : well in this category there are plenty of ways nature can bring judgement day. A super bug (virus or Bactria) resistant to all medicines get released onto man.  A major volcano blowing up covering the sky's for years with ash blocking sunlight. Global Warming changing worlds weather pattern causing crop loss and large scale starvation and death.

Now is this going to happen on 24th October 2011 (the new date predicted for end of the world) or 21 Dec 2012 (the end of Mayan Calender) I don't know. But I know if we live worrying about when we are going to die we are not living at all. (Point to wonder, You can die at this every moment reading this, but you didn't did you?)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Visit to a IPL match in a Cricket Stadium

For those who keep reading my blog, know that I am not a big fan of cricket, my friends had literally cursed me for my views about the worldcup. But I have to say the freaking excitement people got after India won the semi-final and finals I was really left wondering whats the big deal about cricket. Its such a boring game.

But then I am not know to be a very patient fellow, so the 20-20 format of cricket might be made for people like me who don't like wasting a entire day for a silly game, watched a few matches on TV but still I didn't understand whats so great about cricket.

People used to talk about the atmosphere in the stadium, So when a friend of mine from office said he is going for a IPL match, I said even I am coming, forget the 740 Bucks for the ticket (there are even more costly tickets, we took the cheapest one). I wanted to know what this atmosphere was.

So on 4th of May I was going to watch Mumbai Indians Vs Pune Warriors (A thought: Are IPL teams dividing India on the basics of city and state at the time when we need more unity in India?)

The first question my dear friend asked me when he saw me in the morning was "Why are you supporting Pune?" I was like "what do you mean? I am coming to watch the match, and not really supporting either team." He said, "You are wearing Black, Black is Pune teams color, don't you know? You should have worn Blue, Mumbai Indians color". So that was my introduction to the match.

Anyway we left office early, another colleague of mine had brought his car, so the trip to the stadium was comfortable, only thing was the traffic and finding a parking spot over there. I have to say the D.Y Patil stadium people & Policemen there really tried there level to keep traffic moving, but the crowd was so great that it was a failed effort from there part. But one real bad part was converting of E-Tickets (printed from the Internet) to the actual tickets, It was not at all organized properly. The ticket converting place was at one end of the stadium while entrances was at the other end so had a real big walk, also the managing of giving the tickets was also bad.

Anyway after collecting the tickets we entered the stadium, we are not allowed to take in anything to the stadium, not even water. Luckily everyone of us had left our stuff in the vehicle itself. But I can understand the security aspect of not allowing to take anything inside. But what irritated me was the lootofying of people inside by the D.Y Patil stadium people cause of it. 20Rs for a small glass of water, For 2 small samsosa Rs. 60, For a glass of pepsi (half filled with ice) Rs. 60 again. Plain robbery. I am not even talking about the cost of other foods. You guys are not allowing us to carry water inside, then coolers should have been kept for the public. Already the ticket costs are so high on top of that you are keeping this extravagant cost also.

By the time we reached our seats (P-stand, 4th level, at the very top of the stadium) the toss was over and the match was about to start, Need to point out even though D.Y Patil stadium is Pune warriors home ground majority of supporters were of Mumbai. (To be expected, as stadium is at Mumbai). First batting was of Mumbai Indians, Opening pair of  Blizzard & Sachin, the feeling was like the entire stadium had come just to see Sachin not the match.

Seeing the players on the ground my friends who had come with me were able to differentiate between different cricketers from such a distance, but for me all looked the same, I was reminded of a old Cricket game on my PC in which you get the ground view, and the ball racing towards the boundary ;). Even the cheer leaders were very far from our seats for me to enjoy their show also :(

No commendatory in the stadium, I was missing the irritating voice of the commentators which we are so used to while watching match on television to keep us in the know whats happening on the field.

I have to agree the first Innings was fun, with Mumbai Indians cheerleaders dancing at every four-sixes on any song the DJ was playing, and there were plenty of fours & sixes. It was fun, but I have to say the second innings was boring, DJ & music stopped at 10 P.M due to the noise rules, Pune lost their first wicket on first ball itself and the second innings was real boring. I was bored.

Am sure interested people have already watched the match on TV, or read the newspaper for details so I am not going into match details (I am sure I won't do justice to it also). But some points of the match was real fun, Like listening to the crowd cheering for Sachin, really people consider him God (I don't), the ball from Malinga to Yuvraj in which he got out, Yuvraj feel down, (the crowds reaction), apart from that the masti my office-mates were doing. Had a nice time. My friend mentioned about hearing the sweet sound of ball hitting the bat, I heard the sound, but sorry my friend, I don't know what you found sweet in that. (It was after the DJ was turned off, and the crowd was quite, I preferred the music and the noisy crowd buddy)

So is the atmosphere inside the stadium different, Nope Its still oxygen-nitrogen mix, Am I more interested in cricket after the visit to the stadium-Nope, was it worth 740 Bucks - Nope, Match will be more fun to watch on a big screen with your friends. Will I go to a stadium again to watch - not if I am paying 740 bucks, anyone else takes me I will be glad to go.

But I want to say thanks to that friend of mine, who took the inisative for going to the match, Thanks Rashesh for the Cricket Stadium experience

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Easter Holidays to Kerla : Part 2

Continued from 2011 Easter Holidays to Kerla : Part 1

So here I was home, eating the lovely food made by my Mom, playing with my sweet Niece, what more could I ask for? Meeting my little Nephew ofcourse, So whats my 1st job on GoodFriday? Na, not going to church but to go to my sisters place and bring my sister and nephew home.
(Anyone driven on empty public road on broad daylight? Thats how Kerala roads were on GoodFriday, you will go long distances before you see another vehicle on the road, was real fun to drive).

Next two days were real fun, playing with both my niece and nephew, Easter was tho absolute fun, my cousins descended on the house, fulto time-pass. absolutely enjoyed it. One of the best Easter celebrations in a long long long time, Only sad part was that my sister and nephew left on easter evening to go back. I met them again on Tuesday when I went to help them climb onto train back to Bangalore and brought back my Bro-In-Law's vehicle back.

The rest of the vacation was not much to write about, was really just at home doing time-pass, visiting relatives.
The common thing everyone of them seemed to mention is that staying alone agrees with me, everyone apart from my mom was unanimous in saying that I have put on weight (of-course, how ever my mom sees me she sees me thin only, have never heard from her that I have become fat)
another saying that was common was that now since I have learned to cook, my wife is going to be a very lucky girl, and I just need to open my mouth once and they will get a girl for me to marry, and I had to tell them all, that I am still a kid to get married (seriously, doesn't Indian adults have nothing but to think about marriage?)

Sad thing is I wasn't able to enjoy the last 2 days of my vacation, I had stomach upset and had to get a injection too. Missed 2 days of my moms lovely cooking too :(

Was in no mood to come back only, But what to do, work is work, only when you work can you take vacations like this (seriously, guys from my office reading this, I know you guys work hard, but to enjoy that work you guys need to go on vacations, and not get jealous at people who do go)

Return trip was again boring, no gals in my compartment, seriously starting to believe that Indian Railways has some system of keeping boys & girls separate. I had got book Bram Stoker: Dracula to keep me company, real nice book to read.

Anyway now am back in Mumbai, Back to the daily grid of office, waiting for my next vacation ;)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 Easter Holidays to Kerla : Part 1

"Yipee!! I will be able to eat food cooked by my mothers loving hands for 2 weeks" & "Hurray!! No of office for 2 weeks" these were the thoughts running in my head on 19th April 2011, The day I started my 2 weeks trip to Kerala, to home. I just couldn't wait for the day to get over and catch my train.

Left office early for, and coincidence when I was thinking I am FREE for 2 weeks the first song I hear on the radio was "I Want to Break Free" (watch the song, the video is funny). Perfectly apt :)

Rushed home, took my bags and left for the station, I guess anyone who has taken train from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Kurla knows that Auto Drivers flees you, take Rs. 20 per person for a 5 minute trip, I usually walk to avoid them, but had to take a rick this time and pay those J***A** 20 bucks, but my mood wasn't spoiled cause I was going home.

Reached station and noticed there were quite a few good looking birds on the platform, but when the train arrived none climbed into my compartment, I am being to believe that Indian Railyway has some system in place to keep Boys and Gals in different compartments, :( Anyway boarded the train and the company I got was pretty boring. As soon as train left the station everybody just went to sleep.

Duronto Express connecting Mumbai to Ernakulam is a great train for anyone coming to Ernakulam, only stop after Mumbai is Ernakulam, the Ticket cost includes food, tea etc, once I climbed the train I didn't even spend 1Rs. As soon as I got in they gave us water, Asked us if we want veg or Non-Veg fare for breakfast and lunch. (I took Non-Veg ofcourse!) Tea/Coffee was given whenever you asked for it. Toilets were spic and span. In short top class service, something which I am still surprised that Indian Railway could give me.

Another thing which surprised me on the trip was I had network coverage almost entire trip, for time pass on the trip I was chatting from my Phone, really great, and a charging point in the compartment meant I didn't have to worry about my phone going dead also. :)

So on 20th 6:30 P.M I reached Ernakulam, My parents were waiting for me there, the surprise was my niece Niya was also there. (She had come down from Bangalore for her Summer Vacation and is going to spend the entire week with me, Yipee!!). The 2 hour drive to home was also fun (Met my Car after 4 months). Mom had made plenty of food for me. (Wow the taste! Mom you are my favorite cook).

Got to run now, will update the remaining later :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

If I had 3 wishes

Its been some time since I have written anything, so was just wondering what to write about and suddenly the story of a magic lamp and 3 wishes popped into my head, so am thinking while I am typing what would I do if I had 3 wishes

1st Wish :
Before any of my wishes are fulfilled, I will be asked twice if what I wish is exactly I want, and will be explained any loopholes in the wishes.

Confused? well how many times we have read stories of how the genie or whoever is giving the wish finds some loophole in the statement of the wish and the wish is fulfilled in such a way that the person who took the wish wasn't happy at all. Best E.g Bedazzled . I don't want to lose my life or a wish just cause of a silly worded sentence

2nd Wish :
I and my loved ones health will always be great and none of us will be affected by any disease.
Well!! Health is Wealth remember. What use being a rich guy lying on the bed with tubes running through his body? and also health to my loved ones, cause I don't want to see them suffer.

3rd Wish : 
I want 9 Billion more wishes, and the second last wish (1 before the 9th Billion wish) will automatically be used to for adding another 9 Billion more wishes (which also will renew it self just before the last wish and so on).
Well I am a greedy bastard, why should I be happy with just 3 wishes? If the genie is promising me anything, then the condition of asking another 9 Billion wish is justified right???

3a Wish
If the genie is not agreeing to it, then I will ask for 45% of shares of top 100 companies to be in my name, and it to be done in completely legal way. In this way I have a unlimited supply of money I want (come on 45% of the top 100 companies, I will be able to satisfy majority of my desires just from the devident I will get from them, and why 45%? I don't want to sit in office controlling the companies, I would prefer the current hard working people do it them-self and keep earing me money to spend).

I know this post has been pretty boring, but really amn't getting anything to post about. So in the comments I want 3 things from you,

  1. Your feedback (as usual)
  2. What would you do if you had 3 wishes??
  3. Suggest me topics to blog upon

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Promises are meant to be Broken

"Papa!Papa! You promised you would buy me the cycle", "Mummy you promised me you would bake that chocolate cake for me", "Dude, You promised me I would get the first chance to copy your assignment"
How many times we have had promises made to us broken, broken our trust in people, Hurt us real bad! How many times?? Its a part of living in this civilized society, Making promises and making them are kind of in build in us I kind of say.

Even we make promises everyday, promises to ourself like "I won't touch another drink ever" broken the very next weekend, Or the promises to our dear one "Darling, I promise you that I will buy that necklace for you",  Or to our Boss "Sure Sir! This project will get over in 2 days, don't you worry". Normal part and parcel of our daily lives..

Isn't it? Getting our trust broken by the people we care most about, one of the hardest things to face in life. A bruised knee, a cut in the elbow all can get healed, but a break in trust really takes a hell lot of effort to heal and sometimes never ever heals completely..

But say what may, Promises are broken by each and everyone of us, Guess thats why its become a saying in this modern world

Promises are meant to be Broken

Again like in my last story I want to say thanks to all those who have encoraged me. Gourav Salanke, Kavitha Nair, Jovina, Lovina, Nitu to name a few. I want to tell thanks to all others who after reading my first story have really encouraged me to write more. Thank you!! I hope you guys enjoy reading this also, and like always I will be waiting for your feedback and comments.

Read from

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My new Phone - Samsung Galaxy Ace

My old phone (MotoRokr E6) was stolen from me last Saturday 12th March 2011 :-(
Yesterday after taking advice from friends I finally brought Samsung Galaxy Ace, thanks to Gourav for helping me get such a good bargain, i Got my cell at Rs.14150/-

Funny thing I am using a mobile that is more powerful than my first computer. my 1st computer specs were 166Mhz, 16Mb RAM, 2Gb harddisk, Windows 95.
Samsung Ace Beats it hands down at 800mhz, 170 Mb, 16Gb Sd disk, Android 2.2  ;-)

Cool phone didn't let me sleep yesterday just wanted to play with it, uptown now I have only 1 complain against it, it doesn't have dedicated keys to change music or for camera.

Apart from that me loving this cell, apps in android market look unlimited
E.g you are reading my first mobile blog me writing using blogspot app & typed in Mumbai Local.

;-) now i got 2get down & go to office. So that's it for now

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Black Saturday : Lost my Cell-Phone

12th March 2011, very black Saturday, India lost its first match this World Cup 2011 and I lost my Cell-Phone, I don't care a dam about the former but the later really hurts me. First time I am losing something so valuable.

*************, please fill each asterisk with each and every swear words you know, curses on that thief, My MotoRokr E6 cell surely wouldn't be worth much to him as it is about 3 years old, but dam that cell was worth so much for me, Gifted to me by sisters 3 years ago, it was my companion and am sure it would have worked fine for another 2 years.

Apart from the money I will lose when I go and buy a new cell-phone, (after all cell-phones have become a necessity) I am scared of what that thief would do with the data on the phone. I had backed up the contacts from the phone only 2 weeks back, so I havn't lost any contact number. But I had plenty of photos on the cell, Photos of my female friends along with their phone number, am worried if that B****** would misuse the data :( .

So how did is it that my perfect record got broken? I, Savio who never lost a Mobile, or a wallet, or anything more expensive than 500 Bucks? (I have lost my credit-card once, but I blocked the card at once and hence no harm done, so me not counting that) I who was used as a example by my mom against my sisters when they lost their cell after cell, misplaced their gold etc. I have gone and got my mobile stolen. Ouch!! My ego hurts :( :(

So what had happened? I was going to meet a friend, I was a bit late, When the bus came I pushed myself into the bus, as soon as I got in, I noticed that the music in my ears had stopped (was listening to FM as usual) and I checked my pocket, No cell-phone :( dam!! Am sure that guy who was pushing me from behind had taken the cell-phone. Turned around to see, and he had disappeared. J******

So what should you do if you lose your Cell-Phone?
  1. Phone up your service provider and tell them to block your cell-phone (I know you have lost your phone, use a PCO dumbo!)
  2. Go to the police station and write a FIR, (they ask for IMEI number, which I have never noted down, so please do that right now before you lose your cell-phone)
  3. Go to your service provider outlet and get a new SIM with your old number paying the fees. (I had Airtel connection, and had to pay Rs. 25 for the new SIM)

Anyway, as most of us know, we don't have any numbers by-heart now, all phone numbers stay on the Mobile, I had no way of contacting my friend to tell her that I won't be coming to meet her as I have lost my cell, so after complaining to the police I went home, were on my PC I had backed up the contacts, phoned her up, apologized to her for not meeting, glad she understood and then went to the Airtel Relationship Center to get my duplicate SIM. (1st time I don't know after how many years I used a PCO, I never used to take note of any PCO only)

So what have I learnt from all this? Simple don't lose your cell-phone, as if I didn't know that? Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons you already know, don't you think?

Anyway I have accepted my lose and am searching for which phone to buy, My advice to all those of you who havn't lost their cell, please note down your IMEI number, and also by heart a few numbers which would be useful if you ever lose a cell.

By the way, If you reading this after you have lost your Cell-Phone,
here's something funny, if you have talked to these customer service fellows on phone, they always end the call with "have a good day", dam it! How am I going to have a good day if my cell is just stolen, it sounds so mechanical the way they say it "Have a good day"

So from me to you Have a good day

Sunday, February 27, 2011

To hell with the world cup

Finals Cricket World Cup 2011: India vs (who cares), India need 4 runs from 3 balls, and its a four, India wins the world cup first time after 1983, entire India is celebrating ...

Thousands of Indians whole over India is dreaming about hearing the above on 2nd April 2011, well can't blame them, In India cricket is a obsession, nothing is India more passionate about, not Bollywood, not politics, not football, but Cricket. Its said cricket is religion in India, and Sachin is GOD.  Not for me, Mind it...

When ever I tell anyone that I don't watch cricket (to that matter, I don't watch any sports), I get a look from them asking me if I am a Indian, My goodness, whats wrong if I don't like cricket?

Whats there to like in cricket? A person throws a ball to another person who hits it with a wooden stick, 10 other people (fielders) run to collect the ball and throw it back before the person who hits the ball can run to the end from where the ball was thrown from.

Call that a sport? I call it a lazy mans game, Look at football, teniss, basketball or even kabadi, those are sports, Games in which if you have a 36inch waist you will lose. Cricket if you read about it, was developed by the english men to catch some sun. Indians don't need it, we are just too lazy to play anything else.

I really wonder how come such a game can take the fancy of Indian's where majority are poor, Cricket needs a bat, ball, stumps etc, how come the poor kids spend money on all these? Isn't it much easier and cheaper to just buy 1 ball and play football?

Coming back to the World Cup, Every 4 years from when I can remember, I hear the same statement, This time the world cup is ours, Ours is the best team. Every time India is knocked out at various stages, Where does the best team on paper disappear when it comes to the field? But perhaps this is expected of a country that is good at pretending. Mumbai is going to become Shanghai, India is more developed than China, Deception comes to us naturally.

Sachin Tendulkar, the man every Indian loves, The man I guess after Gandhi has united India the most, he hitting a six, India rises as one, he getting out, India cries as one. People consider this guy GOD, If you say anything against him, God only knows what the reaction will be.
My friend retold this incident. Someone put a Facebook status "Sachin is not GOD". Within 30 mins his status had some 30 comments and he was forced to write, "Sachin might be God", so that people will calm down.

In the Indian team there might be only 11 players, but every second Indian is a cricket pundit, every third Indian is a walking historian of the sport, every fourth Indian thinks he is a replacement to Sachin Tendulkar and sitting in his couch before the TV, the Indian knows exactly where Tendulkar is going wrong: the high back lift; faulty follow-on! But for all this expertise, India has won the World Cup just once.

Hockey, our National game, (yes believe it, Hockey is our national game and not cricket) is down in the dumbs. Even in Hockey we have won the world cup only once, in 1975 (did you know that?) But India has won the Olympics gold 8 times, Hockey is a Olympics sport, while Cricket is played by just a few countries. Whats so great about being best in a sport not even played by half the world?

If this was a football worldcup and India is in it, I will be watching every match and cheering India, not because I love football, but cause India will be against the best in the world, and not just a handful of teams like in the Cricket World Cup.

If the money in IPL is pored into any other sport in India, I know a world beater team can grow in India. But the money is just going into 1 lazy sport - Cricket. I feel so sad about this wastage of money.

Even after putting in so much money, India has won the world cup only once, shame on you!

I waiting for April 2nd, when this madness ends, IF India wins or not, I don't know. I know I just don't care.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

STOP!! - My first Short-Story

I was introduced to books from a very young age, I always loved to read books (not for studying, mind you).  From Comics to Enid Blyton (Famous Five), Edward Stratemeyer (Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew), Harry Potter series, Isaac Asimov (love his books), Lord of the Rings (My favorite Book), Dan Brown, ..... Basically any book I get my hands on. (except chick lit, can't bear them)

I kind of feel there might be almost no book (that I can remember now) that I have picked up and haven't finished. I love reading books. But me writing a story by my own??

I need to say thanks to Gourav Salanke, my colleague at work, he wrote a story and showed it to me, I was like "Dude, You are amazing!" Well he is the guy who encouraged me to write. Told me, "Dude, you got good English, just start writing!"

Well, thanks to Gourav, I have just put up my first story



A child starts to learn his ABC's from about 2 years old, but isn't the same ABC's being learned by each and every child, why can't just 1 child learn it, and all the other children profit from this child's knowledge?

On a average a human in the 21th Century spends more than 10 years of his life in formal studies, But man never stops learning, He keeps learning new things everyday, But what a person learns today, will be re-learned again by some one else on another part of the world. Once a man dies, all the knowledge learned by the man in his life time is lost. Wouldn't it be nice if a person could just plug himself into a system and learn anything he wants to know by just a click of a button.

Think of the free time he will have when each person doesn't have to learn the same stuff already know by others? How much greater will the human race be able to grow? Is there a reason why we can't directly plug into the brain and download information into it?

Dr. Alan has just found out how we can download information directly into the human Brain.....

Well want to thank a few more people before I sign off,
Kavitha Nair - another person who encouraged me,
Jovina, Lovina, Nitu, Twisha - for being my first proof readers
My Parents & the almighty GOD himself - for obvious reasons!!

Waiting for your comments and your feedback!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tour de Mumbai 2011: Amateur Cyclothon

28Km cycling, and that too over the Bandra-Worli Sea Link, I word to describe it. FUN!

Few days ago when my Project Manager: Jimmy Shroff told me that he is participating in the Mumbai Cyclothon, I was like "There is something like that being organized in our city?" Well I reached home and signed up at once for Tour de Mumbai 2011:Mumbai Cyclothon, Amateur ride . (Not to mention I had brought my own cycle a few days back and was pretty excited).

After completing the Mumbai Half Marathon I was pretty sure I will be able to complete this 28Km cycling without any problem, Only thing that worried me a bit was that I would have to cycle from my house to Bandra and back, before and after the event, so I would be straining myself a bit more. (Now I feel I was needlessly worried)

Anyway coming back to today, got up at 5A.M freashend up and cycled to Bandra, On route I saw 2-3 cyclist cycling in front on me, they too going for the Cyclothon, I tried to catch up, but couldn't (Majority of cyclist had geared cycles, and mine is a normal one {thats the excuse I am going to use}).

So I reached Bandra MET college grounds at 6:15 much before either of my other two friends (Jimmy & Shashank) reached, but got to say that even if I had not expected the organization as good as which had been done by the Marathon guys, but it felt as if the organizers had done nothing, it was a absolute mess before the start of the race, the holding area, the crowd control all were bad. ["Burn Fat, Not Fuel" was the tag line for the cyclothon, but so many people brought their cycles to the grounds by private cars, I wonder If there was any savings for the environment]

The race started about half an hour late, at 7:30. They were still letting people in at 7:15 when officially the race should have started at 7:00 A.M. But 1 thing I have to say, I was surprised at the rented cycles they were giving out, (I had taken my own cycle) the few who were hiring cycles there got dam new bikes, Bikes on which the plastic wasn't even taken out. Pretty neat I say!

So the race starts at 7:30 and as we were at the back of the entire group, we started off even more later, but all the wait was made up in the sea-link, wow man! I enjoyed the sea-link before during the marathon, but cycling over it was even more fun. I got to mention here that am amazed at how fit my project manager is, Jimmy hats off to you, He zoomed ahead at the start itself, I tried a bit to catch up with him, then I said forget it and enjoyed the ride. :)

The Sea-Link, the police holding back the traffic for you were pretty cool, not sights you can see everyday. On normal days you feel as if all drivers want to kill any cyclists on the road, but today the police were giving you, the cyclists preference, It was neat!

Hey I forgot to mention, cycling along the Bandra Band stand also was cool!! :) My 2nd favorite part after the sea link. :)

Anyway I finished the race at about 9:30, took two hours for 28Km, I know its a bit long, but i wasn't really speeding (not that I didn't try) I was more enjoying the ride. Memorable sights on the race, 1 old man riding a cycle on which he had written messages about how to stop polluting the world, another man in a superman suit, a kid with a juggler type of hat, the red bikini cheerleaders (I saw them only in the 1st lap, they weren't there during the second lap :( ).

Like I mentioned before, much more was desired from the organizers, The traffic was allowed in the route before everyone had completed (my 2nd Lap), Still controlled traffic, but the traffic was there. Also at the finish apart from a banana and water there were no organizers there doing anything else. Pretty bad, I feel the entire cyclothon should have got more publicity (like how the marathon gets) and should have been better organized too.

In all, it was a real fun ride, I enjoyed it, waiting to participate again next time. I would like to say thanks to Jimmy for telling me about the cyclothon.

P.S We (Jimmy, Shashank & me) had break-fast at some restaurant at Pali-Hill (we cycled again till Pali-Hill after the race) before leaving for home. The cycling back at 12:00 Noon with the sun high up in the sky and no cops to control the traffic wasn't fun. :(

P.S.S It said about 6000 people were there participating, If there are so many people with cycles in Mumbai, I wonder why more people stop driving there car and cycle more?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alone in the City : Diary entry 1

Just more than a week back I have been granted a republic status (read). So whats the status of the republic now? Has it disintegrated into a anarchy?

Well not really, house is still standing, I guess someone who comes here will say that the quality (read cleanliness) of the house has gone down a bit, epically someone who comes in on Saturday. The fact is, mom used to clean the house everyday, but I have designated Sundays as cleaning day.

The good part about this is that I don't spend time cleaning everyday. (not that I have time, go to office and come back, its day over) Bad part about it is that on Sunday half the day I am spending cleaning the house. Dusting, washing etc. I always used to think mom is exaggerating whenever she would say "where ever I turn in this house, I find some work", but I have just found out it is true, Go to Kichen, you find dishes to wash or to cook for your meal, go to hall you find something to clean, bed-room clothes to pick up and out away."
Mom!! thank you for making my life so simple and easy for the last 24 years, I LOVE YOU Mom!!"

Food: Believe me its a big drainer on the pocket, from my calculation I am almost spending Rs.150 daily on food. Below is for anyone wondering what I am eating now a days.
Breakfast:mostly Bread Omelet, Sometimes I buy phoha (Rs 8 just outside office), once I even made upmav. {Am looking for ideas how to bring more variety, any suggestion please post}
Lunch: Always outside at some hotel (main chunk of money is spend here)
Dinner: If I can get out of office at a reasonable time I cook myself (for all those their who have disbelief written over their face, Yes I COOK!). Have cooked chicken biryani, but mostly its some curry and rice for supper.

[Why is it hard for people to believe I cook? no one believes me the first time I tell them, someone please answer this question]

I used to think living alone would be fun, well really till now its has been no fun, house is empty, no one to talk after you reach home (before sometimes I used to feel their is too much noise in the house, now the silence is depressing.) I have always been allowed to come and go any time I want, so its not that I got some new freedom, so basically I haven't found the fun yet. Living alone feels like more work than fun, I feel as if I work more on Sundays at home than I do in office during weekdays, :(

Anyway will keep you guys updated,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republic Day 26th January 2011 - Life alone starts

Republic - a constitutional form in which the head of state is an elected or nominated president.

Apt correct?? The head of my house is me cause I am the only person living in the house now, so i am nominating myself and electing myself to the head of the house.

Confused? Well, let me elaborate. Today Savio (i.e I, yours truly) has been left alone to stay in Mumbai (apart from the millions nameless soulless souls already present in Mumbai). My parents have left me the house and have gone to enjoy their retired life in Kerala.

My mom always used to say that I am independent, now I guess I have become a republic also. ;)

Well, whats the feeling? Well let me tell you, I am not feeling happy, sad, excited, scared or any of these feelings. Its just like "OK, Whats the big deal" kind of feeling.

I have stayed alone at home, ranging from few days to few weeks. My memory of being left alone at home was when I was in the 6th standard. So am quite used to it. But yes, at those times I always knew that my parents will be back in so many day. Its very depressing to come back to a empty house. (Mom going to miss your smiling face, your hot coffee, and warm food)

Anyone who knows 1st question they ask is what are you going to do about food? Well 1st thing, this is Mumbai, not a god forsaken place with no Restaurants, so as long as I have cash in my pocket I don't think I will go hungry. Yes, I know I will get tired of outside food, but who said I don't know cooking (its just I hate cooking). So when I am bored of eating outside I will cook. (for all those who are wondering what I cook, I will say I am not a master chef, but my food is tasty enough for it to go down your throat, and have enough variety for me to be happy).

Now the thing what my mom seems to be so scared of, how much of a mess the house will be? Well, I can't guaranty about this, Mess is a relative term, I will guaranty that the house won't be as dirty as the garbage dumb beside the road, but don't expect it to be a place where you can eat off the floor also. I always felt cleanliness was overrated. "Why fix something that is not broken". House should be clean enough to be livable, but not so clean that living in it is a pain. (She was pained to dismiss the Bai, but i forced her to, peace of mind, I need not listen to the Bai or adjust myself to her timing, no thanks!).

But this is it, another phase in life, have never stayed in hostel, never stayed for long away from parents. So this is the first time in my life. After 23years (24 in 2 months, please start buying the presents for me) am going to look after each and every small thing in my life by my own. All the best to me!

Keep reading this for more "Thoughts about the Guy in the big City"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Experience at Mumbai Half Marathon 2011

Today 16th January 2011 was the 8th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, and why was it special for me?

Cause I ran the HALF MARATHON (21.09KM) and COMPLETED it.

That's right, I completed it, I saw the timing as 2 Hours 57 Mins. Agreed the Ethiopia's Girima Assefa who won the 2011 edition of the Mumbai Marathon completed the 42 KM in 2 hours 9 mins, but he is a professorial runner while I won't even say I am a amateur runner. But still I completed it, the feelings so great.

I think everyone who knew I had signed up for the Half Marathon was telling me, "YOU!! You Savio are going to run?" and then mocking smile ask me if I am practicing.

Well guys, I did run, I did complete the race, and I was not the last one to complete the race. Wow!! It feels so good to prove you wrong. But I think I have to thank you also, I am not happy giving you credit, but your mocking faces were on my mind when I started the race, and something in me really wanted to prove you wrong.

Well how was the experience, I think my smiling face should just answer that (Bad luck you can't see it).

Got up at 4:30 A.M had an Double Omelet, and left. Caught a rickshaw to Bandra Reclamation. The start of the marathon was just  at the start of Bandra-Worli Sealink (Click here to view the Half Marathon route,). I am at the holding area at 5:45. Man the crowd was huge, real large crowd. (Papers say 11000 had registered for the Half Marathon). While waiting for 6:15 the official start time of the Half Marathon, it was announced that Anil Ambani was running with us and also the oldest runner is of 86 years old. I was like if a 86 year old man can run, so can I.

6:15  Flagged off, The 2011 Mumbai Marathon's Half Marathon had started, and surprise Savio (i.e I) was running in it. :)

It was 3 K.M from the holding area to the start of Sea-Link. I was tired and breathing pretty heavily, and was thinking to myself will I really be able to complete this. At that moment, I wish I knew your name, but Miss Beautiful legs running with a yellow top and Maroon shorts (real short shorts, wow!!) "Thank You!". I finished the entire Sea-Link run only by watching your ASS (sorry! Butt its true). Your great Ass helped me run the entire Sea-Link. (You got away when I stopped just before the end of the sea link, But guess what, I over took you at marine lines, guess your energy had run out by then)

As all Mumbaikars know, on a normal day we aren't allowed to stop on the Sea-Link, let alone "piss on the sea-link". 1 good attraction of this run for me was that I would be able to run/walk on the sea link. But I emptied my bladder on the sea-link also. (hey you people, who are wrinkling up their noses and rolling their eyes, I am still an Indian, and when seeing other people reliving them-self there, I though I might never get this chance again, so no regrets! But I add I am against reliving yourself at public place, please use the toilet). You guys might have guessed it, this is where I lost sight of Miss Great Ass. But believe me there were no dearth of great Asses there, Indian, foreigners name it. Sight for the eyes man!!! (am I a pervert, I wouldn't say that, I say I am just a male).

From the Sea-Link, worli sea face, Haji-Ali etc just kept going, I guess by then I started feeling I will be able to complete this half-marathon. I got to say I was not running full time, it was alteration between jogging and walking. I got to say thanks to all those people who kept passing water bottles, sports drinks, parle biscuits, chocolates or just cheering us, Thank You, Thank You a lot!!!!

I got to mention this old uncle, from the looks of him I guess he was anyway above 70, at Marine lines when I was in one of my walking phases he came up behind me and told me "No relaxing, come on keep running" Seriously Uncle I bow myself to your spirit. after so many KM, you still had energy left to cheer people up. Cause of you my next run from Marine Lines to Chruchgate was possible, Thankyou.

At Chruchgate again I was like dam tired, It was just 1 KM more to go and 15 Mins to the 3 hour mark (If I didn't mention, I wanted to complete the race within 3 hours, If not they were saying certificates wouldn't be issued) But guys this last KM, even though the cheering was the largest, was difficult, after the last run I was practically dragging my feet, I tried to run the last 500 meters, nope! no energy. But somehow I finished the race in  2 hours and 57 Mins. 

As soon as I crossed the finish line, I felt so good. All the pains disappeared at that moment, (It came back double in 5 mins but at that moment all I had in me was joy). The thing is that, it was not only others who said I wouldn't finish it, I, myself was not sure if I was going to do it. To prove myself wrong felt dam! dam! good!

I collected my participation medal, got on a train to Kurla and came back home. had food and tried to sleep. Guess what, I some how was unable to sleep. :) guess because I was too happy to sleep. Now got to do one more thing, I got to go to Office tomorrow and prove another of my friend wrong who said If I ran the race I wouldn't be able to come to office the next day ;)

Question: How was I, with almost no training able to finish the 21Km race? I guess, it proves what my mom always says, "Savio, you are dam stubborn, If you want to do something you will do it, But if you don't want to - Then even GOD won't be able to make you do it".  :)

Before I end I want to thank a couple of people here (I already thanked those buggers who said I wouldn't complete it). 1) To God, Thanks for helping me complete the race without any injury 2) Abhishek Mathur, You were the guy who put the idea of the marathon in my mind, I registered for the 21 cause of you. 3) To Motorolla Rocker E6 (My cellphone) for keeping me company on the race by playing FM 4) to 93.5 Red FM, for the music which kept me company 5) To all the beautiful girls in the race, for keeping my mind off the pain ;) 6) to Standard Chartered for organising the race and allowing me to run 7) To everyone who cheered me. Thank You!!! 

My official race timing is 2:52:23
(Don't belive me, check it out at My BIB no is 13892)

Not posing my photos as charge 19.90 pounds for 3 pics, can't imagine anyone paying that much for 3 pics. Still if you want check it out from here