Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Easter Holidays to Kerla : Part 2

Continued from 2011 Easter Holidays to Kerla : Part 1

So here I was home, eating the lovely food made by my Mom, playing with my sweet Niece, what more could I ask for? Meeting my little Nephew ofcourse, So whats my 1st job on GoodFriday? Na, not going to church but to go to my sisters place and bring my sister and nephew home.
(Anyone driven on empty public road on broad daylight? Thats how Kerala roads were on GoodFriday, you will go long distances before you see another vehicle on the road, was real fun to drive).

Next two days were real fun, playing with both my niece and nephew, Easter was tho absolute fun, my cousins descended on the house, fulto time-pass. absolutely enjoyed it. One of the best Easter celebrations in a long long long time, Only sad part was that my sister and nephew left on easter evening to go back. I met them again on Tuesday when I went to help them climb onto train back to Bangalore and brought back my Bro-In-Law's vehicle back.

The rest of the vacation was not much to write about, was really just at home doing time-pass, visiting relatives.
The common thing everyone of them seemed to mention is that staying alone agrees with me, everyone apart from my mom was unanimous in saying that I have put on weight (of-course, how ever my mom sees me she sees me thin only, have never heard from her that I have become fat)
another saying that was common was that now since I have learned to cook, my wife is going to be a very lucky girl, and I just need to open my mouth once and they will get a girl for me to marry, and I had to tell them all, that I am still a kid to get married (seriously, doesn't Indian adults have nothing but to think about marriage?)

Sad thing is I wasn't able to enjoy the last 2 days of my vacation, I had stomach upset and had to get a injection too. Missed 2 days of my moms lovely cooking too :(

Was in no mood to come back only, But what to do, work is work, only when you work can you take vacations like this (seriously, guys from my office reading this, I know you guys work hard, but to enjoy that work you guys need to go on vacations, and not get jealous at people who do go)

Return trip was again boring, no gals in my compartment, seriously starting to believe that Indian Railways has some system of keeping boys & girls separate. I had got book Bram Stoker: Dracula to keep me company, real nice book to read.

Anyway now am back in Mumbai, Back to the daily grid of office, waiting for my next vacation ;)


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