Saturday, August 29, 2009

Infatuation, the next step after admiration!!

Beauty in Nature has many forms, Admiration of beauty is a good thing, cause if we don't admire beauty whats use of something being so beautiful??

Hills and valleys of Kashmir, Sun rise at the beaches of Goa, smell of a rose, taste of chocolate, all are so beautiful in their own way, aren't they? so its a good thing that we appreciate that right??

What about admiring the beautiful girls? GOD made them beautiful, so we look at them, admire them, whats wrong in it?

Beautiful girls are all around you, and ofcourse you look at them, then later why do people blame you when all you are doing is admiring the beauty of gods creation???

Infatuation is what happens when the admiration turns to attraction, and tongue tied is what you become when you are unable to speak normally to that girl (you are not in love, love only happens when you have completely know a person, admiring someone from behind is not love)

Why am I writing this? well simple, I have been admiring a beautiful girl for sometime now, but never getting the guts to go and talk to her and ask her out.

why? am I in love??NOPE, I don't think so, have never really had a good convo with her, I guess I am infatuated with her, and a big crush...that's all

dam!! first time I am unable to go upto a girl and talk to her, feeling rather kiddish just admiring her :(

any suggestions guys how do I get her to Notice me?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts from a depressed guy

Anyone reading this Post :

WARNING - this post is written is a real depressed guys thoughts

Now even after that warning you are continuing reading, then please do, (I know, Indians like to see other people more miserable than them)

So whats my problem?? well what exactly is going on in my life?

Have become an engineer last year, from then have been working as a software tester, well pay is OK (comparatively good), but am not feeling satisfied, why?

The company atmosphere is cool, but work hours are long, but its not the long work hours that bug me, its just something called satisfaction, finding things wrong in other peoples work is not really satisfying ( i don't take pleasure in pointing out others faults), and being human you might miss a few bugs also which when caught by someone else makes you feel real bad.

so I decided I need to do a MBA and get out of this work, hmm... good thought right?? but the thing is that I amn't studying, I am just too plain lazy to put in the extra effort and i have kind of now lost hopes for clearing the CAT. :(

Now the thing with MBA is that if not done from a good college its of no use, so I really need to study for CAT but amn't doing cause either I am too lazy or cause after returning from office so late am too tired to study.

and further, am missing my friends, am missing masti, am missing roaming about, I said before the work atmosphere is good, but I havn't really got any real friends in office, all are just colleagues, so i really feel lonely.

am 23 and no real girl in my life, (sounding like a despo na??) well amn't really a despo, but it would be nice to have someone who cares and i can really talk to. why is that? not boasting but i feel some good girls are with some real dumb guys, :(

Then there is a fact of me getting fat, now as i mentioned before that i am lazy, well I enjoy going for the jog in the morning, but for that i need to sleep early (so return from office on time), but mostly amn't able to do that, so getting FAT, and since depressed eating all the more.. dam!! the cycle!!

Further, my wavelength is not really matching with my mother, we really havn't had a convo for many weeks for more than 10 mins, somehow I really get irritated with her for sometimes no fault of hers.

well, whoever is reading this, hope atleast you enjoyed this, cause I amn't enjoying, so me ending this post now...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US Airport

BREAKING NEWS "Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US airport"

how the hell did this become a breaking news?? Shah Rukh Khan detained at US airport cause his surname has Khan, ok I agree it sounds a bit racist.

but guys, this is the USA, a country that is so scared after the Sept 11 thing in which some smart asses blew up some of their buildings using Airplanes, Guys hello!! they learnt a lesson and are now careful, they don't want a repeat of that horrifying act,
They learnt their lesson not to be so trusting, its another thing that they have become a bit too paranoid, but hell guys have you noticed that after "Sept 11" their has been no major terrorist attack in the USA??

Look at India, how many terrorist attacks? Bomb blasts, attack on Parliament, Nov 26 attack in Mumbai etc, list is endless and we will get attacked again, for 2 reasons

1) We haven't learned our lesson and increased the security,
the security is hyped for only a month max and then the attack fades from memory and people go on with their lives and the security system is looked again only after the next attack, can't we learn from the USA that we can't take security lightly, they check everyone coming to the USA, remember Abdul Kalam incident, the people were only doing their duty, not taking any chances, why do we expect that everyone in the world will respect our heroes? how can we expect that our real and reel life heroes are same for everyone in the world, do you remember the face of the President of Canada?? or how many super stars of Chinese film industry do you know?

2) Our leaders Never can never take a firm decision
Remember people after the attack on Kargil, Parliament, Mumbai train blasts Indian armed forces were prepared for a war but our leaders never have the balls to teach the terrorist in Pak a lesson, they want peace, its like trying to become friends with the devil, the devil wants only bad for you, how much can you try to be its friend?

Seriously people, USA takes their security seriously, they may check our ex-president, our super heroes, ordinary people, everyone who lands in their country, its their right, its their right to be concerned of their own safety,

My only hope is that we can learn something from them and start taking our security seriously rather than spend time blaming USA for taking their security safely

but on a other thought do you thing "Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US airport' is a BREAKING NEWS?? come on, don't we have better things to do than that? doesn't the news channel get any other stories?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts about Swine Flu

Swine Flu!!
Hysteria I tell you, man its just another virus, one of the numerous roaming around in our planet, its just that its more lethal than others, Ok! but how is the reaction to it??

The government orders the close down of schools and colleges, movies and multiplexes for 3 days??

3 days? what the hell is that count? no virus dies out in 3 days?

But hell whats this big fuss about, no schools no colleges?? good the students get a break, afterall schools and colleges don't really do much for the kids,

Malls and multiplexes closed?? entertainment goes down the drain, and the people working there are effected.

reason they have given is to prevent the spread of the virus(H1N1) so stop people from coming together in large nos
Well!! hello Mr. Government, have you noticed the public transport system in Mumbai? people travel so packed together that the stain on the person standing next to you makes a good impression on your shirt. what more does a virus want, how much more closer can people be, and that too in large nos,

any virus that wants to infect all of Mumbai just needs to board a local train,

Now the people, hysteria I say, mask, handkerchiefs etc, its very interesting to watch them, they will be covering their face with their hankie but will remove the hankie to talk (you know how much Indians talk, don't you) so practically more than they cover their face the handkerchief will be off their face,

I saw a even more funny site, a man has covered his face, he removes the handkerchief to spit, and then covers up his face again, man if we could teach these people about hygiene.

sometimes I wonder if this swine flu thing is a way of revenge the swines are taking on us for enjoying their Delicious brothers?? any thoughts guys?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alumi Meet In College

We had a alumni meet last Saturday,

Alumni meet in A.C Patil?? unexpected I would say, cause 4 years I was in college never heard of anything like this,

Anyway, I was pretty surprised when I first got the E-mail saying my HOD was calling us for a alumni meet, I was like this is some prank by someone and absolutely ignored it.

then letter came home, with all the seal and in a cover of ACP, then I was like, man this looks serious, asked a few friends and they said even they got,

I was then like "Cool man!!, chal lets meet"

but half the people are like, are you nuts, back to college, they might be calling us for some other reason etc, 4 years in ACP, you never really trust the college you see, but my thinking went like "Man!! this is a good chance to meet old friends"

so saturday came and I went to college,

dam!! arrangement was much more than expected, all were welcomed with roses, we had to register who all came,

met friends, both seniors, juniors and batch mates,

then the college gave us breakfast, good one, idly and wada, then speeches by HOD and few others, and then we were called to say about ourself what we doing now etc, man it was fun

then lunch, which was also good, really enjoyed the day.

in the end they also gave us all who had come mementoes..

man the idiots who didn't come, nut cases, don't trust the college allright, but atleast should have come to meet old friends.