Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts from a depressed guy

Anyone reading this Post :

WARNING - this post is written is a real depressed guys thoughts

Now even after that warning you are continuing reading, then please do, (I know, Indians like to see other people more miserable than them)

So whats my problem?? well what exactly is going on in my life?

Have become an engineer last year, from then have been working as a software tester, well pay is OK (comparatively good), but am not feeling satisfied, why?

The company atmosphere is cool, but work hours are long, but its not the long work hours that bug me, its just something called satisfaction, finding things wrong in other peoples work is not really satisfying ( i don't take pleasure in pointing out others faults), and being human you might miss a few bugs also which when caught by someone else makes you feel real bad.

so I decided I need to do a MBA and get out of this work, hmm... good thought right?? but the thing is that I amn't studying, I am just too plain lazy to put in the extra effort and i have kind of now lost hopes for clearing the CAT. :(

Now the thing with MBA is that if not done from a good college its of no use, so I really need to study for CAT but amn't doing cause either I am too lazy or cause after returning from office so late am too tired to study.

and further, am missing my friends, am missing masti, am missing roaming about, I said before the work atmosphere is good, but I havn't really got any real friends in office, all are just colleagues, so i really feel lonely.

am 23 and no real girl in my life, (sounding like a despo na??) well amn't really a despo, but it would be nice to have someone who cares and i can really talk to. why is that? not boasting but i feel some good girls are with some real dumb guys, :(

Then there is a fact of me getting fat, now as i mentioned before that i am lazy, well I enjoy going for the jog in the morning, but for that i need to sleep early (so return from office on time), but mostly amn't able to do that, so getting FAT, and since depressed eating all the more.. dam!! the cycle!!

Further, my wavelength is not really matching with my mother, we really havn't had a convo for many weeks for more than 10 mins, somehow I really get irritated with her for sometimes no fault of hers.

well, whoever is reading this, hope atleast you enjoyed this, cause I amn't enjoying, so me ending this post now...


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