Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alumi Meet In College

We had a alumni meet last Saturday,

Alumni meet in A.C Patil?? unexpected I would say, cause 4 years I was in college never heard of anything like this,

Anyway, I was pretty surprised when I first got the E-mail saying my HOD was calling us for a alumni meet, I was like this is some prank by someone and absolutely ignored it.

then letter came home, with all the seal and in a cover of ACP, then I was like, man this looks serious, asked a few friends and they said even they got,

I was then like "Cool man!!, chal lets meet"

but half the people are like, are you nuts, back to college, they might be calling us for some other reason etc, 4 years in ACP, you never really trust the college you see, but my thinking went like "Man!! this is a good chance to meet old friends"

so saturday came and I went to college,

dam!! arrangement was much more than expected, all were welcomed with roses, we had to register who all came,

met friends, both seniors, juniors and batch mates,

then the college gave us breakfast, good one, idly and wada, then speeches by HOD and few others, and then we were called to say about ourself what we doing now etc, man it was fun

then lunch, which was also good, really enjoyed the day.

in the end they also gave us all who had come mementoes..

man the idiots who didn't come, nut cases, don't trust the college allright, but atleast should have come to meet old friends.


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