Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life, Nothing but a Broken Fantasy

Sun rises & sets, Moon waxes & wanes,
Laughter here or Sorrow there, Somehow no one seems to Care.

A song on your lips, Smile on your face,
Road of life winds on, Expecting you to laugh all the way,

Tears roll down the cheek, Your heart says no more,
Broken is the heart that says no more,

Sun rises & sets, Moon waxes & wanes
Life doesn’t stop if you pause to find your way,

A song on your lips, Smile on your face,
That’s how you walk on, Ignoring the thorns bleeding you on the way

Too many things never spoken, Too many things left undone,
Life don't work out our way,Never did or never will,

How many faces can I show? How many times can I hide?
Is my dream of a world, Nothing but a broken Fantasy…


Mary J said...

hmm,.. life will take the direction u want it to... u r the one who needs to decide and turn ur life around.

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