Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just a post!!


So how was my day today, well today the day was anything but usual!!

Why,what happened??
hmmm... lets start..
the day started pretty normal, as a working Saturday I was in no mood to go to work, but hell I had to drag my ass out!

Heavy rains trains running late, it took the train 40 mins to travel what it normally takes 20mins, well anyway, Its Mumbai, rains heavily and you are in big trouble.

Reached office, switched on my PC and started to work, PCs went off, the line which supplied power to pc was having some trouble, so it was a funny situation, the Lights were ON, but the PCs were OFF, and we were doing time-pass waiting for the Current to be restored properly.

Waited till 2, meanwhile had meetings, chit-chatting, lunch, and people started getting frustrated, in the end at 2 we moved off. I should have come home as I usually do, but today I went with office colleagues to watch a movie, They were saying "Ice Age 3", which is the reason I went with them, but we watched "Kambakht Ishq", A real pathetic movie, and I started regretting my decision of not going home and staying for the movie.

Movie got over, and rains still going on, people saying trains will have stoped working and stuff, memories of 26/7 come running back, but luckily trains were still working, trains were moving pretty slow, the 20 min journey from Curry-Road to Kurla took more than a Hour.

and while getting frustrated in the train, mummy starts calling me, "where are you?" "Are trains working?" etc, really ate my head, after the train finally reached Kurla and I reached home wading through the water (mom had called again during the meantime) I really shouted at my parents after reaching home..

See Told you the day was anything but normal ;)


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