Sunday, July 5, 2009

Drive over Worli Sea-Link

Bandra-Worli Sealink, Something which Mumbaikers were waiting for a long time, finally opened last wednesday &I had a drive over it today.

The toll over the bridge is going to be Rs. 50/- for a one way trip, but for the first 4 days they have allowed free travel, so went on a drive today to see how it feels to be on Mumbai's latest bridge, a sign of shining India!!

well, they have said a speed limit of 50kmph, but on that open bridge a speed limit of 50kmph is ridiculous, whats the use of keeping a speed limit if no one is going to follow it?? whats the use of spending so much cores of Rupees if we can speed over it and cut our traveling time??

further bad thinking, the place where the bridge lands in worli, the worli sea-face, will really be a bottle neck, another bottle neck is going to be the toll plaza, If they can't clear traffic at these places fast, the bridge is not going to be of much use. Why to pay a toll of 50 if i am going to spend the same amount of time in traffic??

but forget these, how did I feel when driving over the bridge?? Well, the Bridge is beautiful, thats all I can say, forget the beauty of the bridge its just another road.

But hats off to the people who could build the beautiful structure so out in the sea.


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