Friday, December 31, 2010

My Vacation Dec 2010 - Part 2

Continued from Part 1...

Well!! It was one of the best Christmas I have ever enjoyed, whole family together, i.e not just my sisters, but all cousins too. Was absolute damaal!!! Cakes, Crackers, jokes, pulling each others legs, it was amazing, really enjoyed. However on Christmas day it was again shown how dangerous Kerala roads are, There was a accident just outside our house between a bike and a auto-rickshaw. The bike riders were knocked to the ground and the Rickshaw drove off without a backward glance. Luckily none of the riders were hurt, just scared, we gave them water and they sat at our house for some time before leaving.

The next day was Agustos Baptism, again damaal, the Function at Church and the reception went off fine, nothing much to write apart from the fact that  I enjoyed the day again, it was fun.

on 27th we had to go to leave Agusto at his dad's place a 1.5 hour drive away, well the drive was pretty fine, Agusto was sleeping almost the whole trip. Left him at his dad's place and came back, the house felt so empty without him. (I know I am getting a bit emotional here, sorry!!)

Then the 3 days in Kerala was pretty fun, I cut down coconuts from the tree, Real hard work. I cheated a bit as I had not really climbed the coconut tree but up a ladder poped up against the tree. But again if anyone has ever tried to get a coconut down will tell you cutting the coconuts lose from the tree is not as easy as it looks from the ground. It was my first time so am sure I took more time and energy than professional coconut tree climbers. In all we got 21 coconuts from a tree. Pretty cool! The sweet coconut water made the whole work rewarding.

Getting coconuts down from the tree is only 1 part of the work, removing the husk from the coconut is the other part. Thankfully this was not as difficult as getting the coconuts down. But it took considerable time and effort.

What else, cut down papaya and Bananas from the garden too. Well I don't know if I can call the backyard of the house a garden, all these Banana, coconut and Papaya trees are growing there, but as no one really was looking after it, the whole place is grown up with weeds and plants. Moms got plenty of plans to convert the whole thing into a proper vegetable plantation when she goes down there.

Now back in Mumbai, I got to say that usually when I am in Kerala down for a vacation a week is enough to bore me and I keep waiting when I will be back in Mumbai, But this time I was sorry that I had to fly back, I really enjoyed my trip.

Anyway 3 more days before I join back to office, In Mumbai I guess am just going to be lazying my days away. So concluding my Vacation blog.

Happy New year to all.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Vacation Dec 2010 - Part 1

Am Writing for the first time from Kerala (Gods own Country), Got a chance at a computer with Net connection at my uncles place and thought of putting in a few words online.

My vacation is going pretty well, apart from a sour point of a bus hitting my car (Which I will get to soon) vacations going pretty fine. Started off with a bang - Dad's 60th birthday celebration at Mumbai, With my both sisters coming down there at Mumbai, a few uncles and cousins also coming it was a pretty good celebration. Dad also was pretty taken aback with the 60th gifts which we had got for his 60th birthday. But organising the party, the food, decorations and also going to pick the various guests from various points were a bit tiring, but enjoyed the day a lot.

Then the next 2 days also were pretty busy for me, Going for shopping with sisters, packing, loading various items to be sent to Kerala on the car, going and loading the car on to the truck to send it to Kerala. ( :( No more drives for me in mumbai, until I buy my own car, which I don't see in the near-future :( ). Then on Sunday,  it was a bad time for me to get sick, Fever and cold. Good that it subsided by Monday morning so was fine on the trip to Kerala, What surprised me most was that there was 86 Kg of luggage between the four of us and a Infant (Agusto, my Nephew). Wondering why so much luggage for just 4 people? Even I am left wondering what my sister wanted to carry so much for Agusto.

Reached Kerala on Monday afternoon, flight was uneventful, and the trip from air-port to home was also not very noteworthy apart from fact that Agusto was sleeping full time so had no trouble from him. First thing after reaching home was to set up the room for him, (House has been locked up for quite a few years with no one living there) Plenty of work to get the house ready to a livable state, though I must say most of the work was already done by Uncles over here.

Well next two days was busy in that only, house cleaning, setting up stuff etc. One of the main reasons of the trip is Agusto's Christianising, Have to go around inviting relatives for the function, Well its mostly Dad-Mom doing the inviting, I am mostly just tagging around being the driver. The thing worth mentioning is that, the Car so lovingly sent from Mumbai, arrived in Kerala without a scratch, was got down from the truck also without a mark, But in the short drive from where it was got down from the truck to home, it got banged by a Bus, Can you believe it?

Have to say, have always thought of words like was frozen with fear, was paralysed with sock etc as just words thrown about by writers and Imaginations of people, But got to say the feeling you see when you see a mammoth Bus running towards you, just seeming to miss you and a loud bang  right behind you (Bus hit the car at the back) really is scary. The thoughts how much damage the bus might have caused etc comes later, at that moment your mind is blank, just blank. I guess that is what is called as shock, I am unable to describe the feeling right hear, but if you have been in such a situation, you will know exactly what I am saying, and If you have not, I pray that may it continue like that and you may never have to face such a situation.

The thing is every time I see the dent, I feel a bit sad, I know its just a vehicle but still so. Moms always going around saying, be happy that only the vehicle is hurt, no living thing got hurt, be happy for that. Guess she is right, We can always buy a new car, but we can't buy a new human being.

Have noticed, extra so that the BEST drivers in Mumbai are much more civilized than the Bus drivers here, Kerala's tag line is 'Gods Own Country' but the bus drivers drive here as if its their country, following no rules and go around the narrow roads as if they are Michael Schumacher

Anyway, this is it for now, Part 2 might mostly be written only after I am back in Mumbai, so till then Merry Christmas to all.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Corruption & Me

Corruption, nothing new in India, but just a bit more in lime light right now because so many of the scams have been suddenly exposed now, CWG scam, 2G scam, LIC Housing Finance Scam, Adarsh Housing Society scam etc. Many more still left in the closet If you ask me.

But to say the truth, Corruption is kind of all around us in India. In this land of many religions, Forget what the holy books say about being good, even the gods are not been left out from scams in India (Tirupati scam). Corruption is kind of in our blood. Before you Gandhians out there come to kick me, let me ask you
  • Have you never paid a bribe? Might be to that police man to get your passport verification done or might be the Goverment officer to get your papers cleared.
  • When you went to buy a house, you kind of accept that this much percentage of amount has to be given in Black.
  • Donation for admission into schools / colleges
Sometime or the other every citizen of India is guilty of being corrupt or supporting corruption by paying money to the corrupt people.

Now I am not saying I am perfect, even I am guilty of supporting corruption. Below is an real incident from life
While driving my car, Once I jumped a signal, the traffic cop caught me, He said "I have to pay a fine of Rs150" I said "OK! My mistake I jumped the signal, I will pay the fine" He remarked "I don't have the receipt booklet, I will keep your licence, Come and collect it from the court tomorrow after paying the fine" I said "Look, it will be very difficult for me to come tomorrow to court and collect, here you keep the money, I don't want the receipt" He said "No! No! you come to court tomorrow and pay fine" for sometime, but then took Rs 50 from the 150 I offered and told me to go.
What was I thinking, "Let this guy keep the 150 bucks, It will save me the time and effort of coming to court the next day". Even I have paid to get my passport verification done. It happens, I have kind of accepted it.

I know next statement will be, Its because of people like me who pay them rather than standing up to corruption, the reason why in India corruption is thriving. I guess I will agree with the above statement that its cause of people like me not standing upto corrupt people why corruption thrives in India, Absolutely agree.
But I will argue that, how many people who can afford a BMW would not buy a BMW but a Cycle just because the BMW will pollute. Most will think that everyone is polluting, why should I be the one breathing in the polluted air on the cycle (spoiling my health even further & getting bigger hospital bills) while I can relax and travel in the AC comfort of my BMW.
Referring to the incident written above - I would prefer to pay the Cop the 50 bucks (which I can very well afford to) rather than go about the long legal way of going to court and everything. I save both time and money.

Well thats said about I supporting corruption, what about me being corrupt? I am paying these people only because they are already corrupt, they ask me money and I pay them to get my work done in a trouble free way.
But am I corrupt? Let me put myself in that bankers shoe who took kickbacks to give loan in the housing loan scam.
If I am a Bank Officer, I notice that papers of some builder is not perfect, I call that builder and tell him, look I can't give you loan because of so and so reason. Now he tells me to pass the loan I will give you X amount of money. Now will I succumb to the temptation and take the money and pass the loan or not depends completely on the value of X. Is the amount X big enough for me to take this risk where I will be putting my entire career and future into jeopardy, Or it might also depend on my financial situation then, If I need money urgently for some reason, then might be I will take the X amount.
Look, I am being honest here. I am angry at the level of corruption over here, The money being stolen from the poor and the rich getting richer. But I sometimes can't blame them, these corrupt people are also human. Greed, jealousy etc are emotions present in all humans, in varying levels. At some points I feel "Greed is Good" Its only because of greed to get richer that the private companies (that are the epitome of India shining) running after profits is lifting the middle class up. If the CEO and CFO's of these companies never had the greed for money, there wouldn't be a Reliance, Wipro or Infosys. Forget these big companies, the thousands of small business growing in India are growing just because of the need for money, and greed for it.

Like said above, I am a part of this corrupt system, the guy who has made millions in these scams is like me just a human who saw an opportunity to make money, why should I blame him? Just cause I am jealous that he saw and got the opportunity and not me? That guy at one time might be a kid who heard from his Dad at night the stories from Mahabharata / Ramayana about not being greedy or jealous but next day could have seen his very dad give a bribe might be to the Cop, or take money from someone to move some files. Why Blame the guy who just gave into the feeling of greed, a part and parcel of human experience (Don't tell me you have never been greedy, remember taking 2 chocolates and leaving just 1 for your brother?)

Don't take it that I am justifying corruption, Corruption should be wiped out of India, for India to grow much faster, become much stronger. The scams are a shame on the face of every Indian. All I am saying is that corruption has become a part and parcel of Indian life, much like when a Baby is being born in Mumbai, from the first breath of air he/she breaths he is breathing the polluted (corrupted) air, pollution made by lacs of cars and industries (Corrupt Cops, Politicians, etc) who are just going about in their daily routine, Cars owners who doesn't know this baby is breathing the polluted air and doesn't care unless it is his own baby (Politicians who doesn't care about the state of the roads, unless the roads are in front of his house).

When going to the country side from a city, we all notice the change in Air, the lack of pollution, the fresh air is the feeling when meeting with a honest cop, Government Officers who do the job without even talking of a bribe, (Yes! They do exist!). But when we return to the city we are again assaulted with the pollution & dust and we again earn of the fresh country air.
We know that to change the city air to be as pollution free as that in the Village something drastic has to be done, which can't be done by one person alone (he can make a minimisicule non-noticeable difference by planting a tree). Similarly to make India corruption free something drastic has to be done, which can't be done by one person alone. Whole of India has to change.

But will whole of India rise up to become corruption free ever??? Will Mumbai ever become pollution free???

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Time-Travel : something almost every writer of science fiction has written about and something almost every human who reads books or watches Sci-Fi filims have heard about,

Travelling in time is a real amazing thought, go back and correct things you have done wrong in the past or things others have done wrong in the past, With a way to travel back in time we might be able to go back in time and kill Hitler and not starting world-war 2 itself (is the reason why world War 3 didn't come is because someone has created a time-machine?).

But this is where problem with time-travel comes in, if I go back in time and kill Hitler before start of World War 2, there will be no world war 2 causing me to go back in time to kill Hitler, classic time-paradox, What if I kill my own grandfather? Then how will I ever be born to kill my own Grand-father in the first place?
Another thing, if anyone ever invents time-travel, he can go back in time to give himself the machine, that will prevent him from inventing Time-Travel from the first place.

So as a rational thinker I have to believe that Time-Travel will never be possible, the maximum I think we can logically think can exist will be a time-stoping machine, Click a button and time-stops for everyone but the person who is holding the machine.

This person can never be late, get out of the house 1sec before the big metting happening half way accross the world stoping time, travel accross the world and then restart time, for people who are living in real time it will be like he appeared out of no where. Think of the amazing power anyone could have if he could stop time, could rob banks, could stop wars - stop time wade into the opposing leaders house and kill him and wade out without anyone so much as putting a scrach on you.

But let me think like this, what if this time-stopping equipment was as common as our mobile-phone, (after all isn't it unfair if power is only with one person {Life's always unfair Savio} )with everybody able to stop time, As soon as I stop time to do something, like rob a bank, the banker stops time with his device, now how will this react? will my time which is already outside the real time also be stopped or will the manager enter my time and catch me? Interesting to think about right? now what if i have two devices with me that can stop time? With 1st I stop real time, then what will happen if I activate the second machine with the real time stopped?

 [Why am I thinking all this? This is Thoughts of a Guy remember]

Friday, September 10, 2010


I don't know what you guys thought when you saw the title of this blog, but this blog is called thoughts of a guy and I sometimes thinks of suicide, Now wait before all you so called well wishers and friends of mine pounce on me saying how can I even think of the cowardly way out

I would like to declare right now I think, "Anyone who does commit suicide is a coward who really is doing a real stupid thing"

Now again, I would like to meet a person who could truely say they have never considered suicide, I know many would argue against this statement, but I feel everyone on this world sometime or the other would have though how much better if I was dead. I can see you sub-consciously nodding, so when was the last time you thought of suicide?

As a kid? After your father scolded you for breaking something precious? After your first break-up? After flunking your exam? At job when you felt the pressure of the job is too much? When feeling you not making enough money to keep your loved ones happy? Sometime or the other we have thought about taking our own life, didn't we? (I hope i have prevented a lecture here which would get directed at me)

Anyway, now getting back to topic of my thoughts, All people say, you should have control over your own life, do what you want, and all such crap, then why are people against me taking my own life, aren't you people a bunch of hypocrites? Saying you are the master of your own life and destiny but still don't allow me to take my own life (Almost all governments have laws banning suicide, I don't get the point though, if I am dead how are you going to punish me?)

So that's what people say, what does religion say? I am not a expert in religion but what I have understood about 3 major religions in India,
In Christianity you are forbidden to take your own life as that's murder, you commit suicide and that's a first class ticket to hell, no matter what other good things you have done in life (hypocrisy?)
in Hinduism, its said after death you get reborn as something else depending on what you have done in your life, i.e If I am bad, i will be reborn as a bug and if you are real good you will attain moksha (freedom from life-death cycle). So if we put suicide into the picture then it should be something like a re-boot button on the PC, you are bored with the game, lets start again, hit re-boot (suicide) and you lost all your memory and are reborn again, New start, fresh innings.(Fresh innings to hit re-boot again?)
Islam, Islam really is a religion of peace, but people and fanatics have twisted the words and now Islam is portrayed as a very violent religion, But from what I have heard, then Islam is the best religion for committing suicide, If you commit suicide murdering people of other faith while propagating your own faith, in heaven you will have crowds of virgins waiting for you. (interesting)
Atheism :This is not a major religion but let me put it, if you are a atheist then it doesn't matter if you live, die, murder someone or kill your own self, there is no heaven or hell waiting for u :). So if there is no after life and no after life effects of if you live or die, better die right?

Now putting religion aside, If anyone wanted to commit suicide what would the best way to do it be?
1) Bleeding : Nope, you cut your wrist the pain is a lot, and the blood, you will never make the second cut, you will panic and run to the doctor.
2) Shooting yourself: Here we have a difficulty in getting the firearm, but then unless we shoot in such a way that you are killed on the spot again a very painful way.
3) Hurting yourself badly :a) Jumping off tall building, b) jumping in front of a train or vehicle, again chance you won't die, just hurt yourself a lot and spend rest of your pathetic life in a wheelchair
4) Suffocation : few ways to do this, a) hanging b) drowning c) Carbon monoxide poisoning etc, explain very simple, cut of oxygen to the brain and lungs, again for the time before you die for lack of oxygen, when your body is grasping for air, real painful
5) Poisoning : this is good, overdoes of sleeping pills, you die in your sleep or some other medicine overdoes, but problem with this is, its not instant, if by chance someone rushes you to a hospital while you are unconscious, you will still live with the shame of a unsuccessful suicide

I guess there will be plenty more methods but everything is like if you don't die then your life will become more pathetic than it already is, hearing your family and friends condone you, if you are hurt or something, spending remaing life as a paralytic. So better don't try suicide, live through life, even if life is hurting you like hell, there will always be something positive coming up later.

Just to make a point, an average normal person lives till he/she is 80 so right now if you are less than 40 you still have more than half your life remaining, still plenty of sun-rises to see, plenty of roses to smell, plenty of good-looking humans to lust after, this much is sure, what ever is troubling you to think of suicide won't last more than 2-3 years max, why let go of the ice-creams you can have for the other 38 years?

Just ending this, if someone after reading this is still wanting to commit suicide, I have read of a way that sounds too good!! breathing in helium or N20,
source :

Again anyone really thinking of suicide, please contact me, I might be able to talk you out of it, if not we can do research on the most painless method together :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why is it that the persons we hurt the most are the ones who love us the most?

Why is it that the persons we hurt the most are the ones who love us the most? the biggest fight happen with people who are closest to us

How much ever irritated mood we are in, we are nice and smile to strangers, not so close friends, neighbor etc but even if we are slightest irritated we take it out on the people who are closest to us, mostly our close family, people who love us the most?

Is it because we know that how much ever we are rude to them they will never leave us, Is it right on our part? How much ever good a rubber band is it has a breaking point, the more you stretch it, the more weaker the rubber band gets,

But still the question is how come we can easily hurt people who love us, while we keep a smiling face (even if a fake one) in front of relatively unknow people? Logic dictates it should be the other way around, keeping our loved ones happy and not caring how a stranger feels, right?

Hurting a loved one cause hurt to us also, the guilt and sorrow we feel after seeing a tear on their face, even if later they smile, remembering that tear can get us down again, yet we hurt them, Why?

But I have noticed one more thing, the close and loved ones are the people who can really push your buttons, I mean if they are close to us and know what annoy us, then why do they persist in annoying and irritating us?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My little busy weekend 13-15 Aug

This was a real busy weekend for me, A trip to kerala, my cousin got engaged and flying back, can't call it a vacation as I had no time to rest, but really took away the monotony which had become my life of office and home :(

I took a day off on friday, I could have gone to office and got out early and flown to Kerala, like what was my original plan, but looking at the heavy work in office I thought better take a leave (though I think it annoyed my TL) than go to office and get stuck in a situation you can't leave on time to catch the flight.

So rested in the morning, went to airport and took the flight to kerala, I need to say that I am impressed with the new airport terminal at Mumbai airport, Terminal 1C, there is a bar at the airport, though I couldn't really check it out and drink cause my uncle was with me, I guess he might have joined me if I asked, but I felt I better act as the good Kid ;)

Flight was pretty uneventful, Reached there and the drive to home, about 2 hours I part of any trip to Native place which I hate. Anyway as we reached pretty late in the eveing, just had food and went to sleep, not before opening my big mouth and being appoined as the Driver :), also got time to tease my cousin about getting engaged.

Cousins Engagement day, Get up had breakfast and took her to the beati-parlor, dear cousin, how many times I have told you, "You are really naturally beautiful, you don't need the make-up" but yet you never listen to me, and had to waste 2 hours in there. Luckily I had my cell-phone with me, Thank God for facebook and twitter for keeping me company.

Now the 2 hour beauti-waste-treatment, after which my cousin came out looking as beautiful as always threw the whole schedule off, so now my cousin had to rush home, Take blessing from everyone and rush to Church, say thanks to Me, the brother cum driver who made it was possible. :)

It was possible true, but not without the hic-ups, my Grand-Father suddenly started not feeling well and had to be rushed to the hospital, which dampened the mood a bit, but by gods grace everything is fine with him and everything went fine with the engagement.

So how was my second opinion about the guy my cousin sisters parents have selected for her? It agrees with my first opinion that the guy has struck a gold-mine with my sister while I don't know what my sister got (I am gonna get stoned for this statement I guess ;) ) But truth is the truth, isn't it?

Anyway, food was good, everyone enjoyed it, I finished with my duties as brother got time to play with my niece, meet various relatives, tell hello to various people I don't know and have already forgotten the name also, well thats a engagement right? Main part of Kerlite Cristian Wedding is still to come ;). Lot of teasing still remaining My sis, you still have plenty of photos to pose for.

And then today Sunday, drove to the airport, great drive enjoyed it, But I really feel back-seat driving should be banned, when someone is driving you somewhere, please give that person a peace of mind to drive. Flight to Mumbai again was uneventful. so now again resume normal life for me tomorrow.

Want to add this, All relatives I met in Kerala said "Savio, You look great, you are glowing". Glowing?? hello, what does that mean, can some one explain? I don't have a 100W bulb inside me to glow, I think that statement is a complement, but whats the complement in it?

Another common statement, "Savio, we need to find a girl for you before your hair goes" 1st Question, are all girls only so shallow to look at the hair, if yes, me happy single. 2nd question, What difference does it make for the world if I am single or married, Please mind your own business people, (I hope you have one)

Friday, August 13, 2010


Weltschmerz: (German) The depression that arises from comparing the world as it is to a hypothetical, idealised world.

Why have I started a blog with this word, don't know. But when I heard it it stuck me somewhere, I guess I can't explain where it struck me but it struck me, I am not in depression but I sometimes compare my current world to a idealized world and make me wonder why aren't we in that.

Weltschmerz, I really have no idea how to prounce this word also. So mostly I won't ever really be using it in a ordinary conversation too, but still the word strikes a cord.

Now what would be my ideal world? would it be a one in which I am a multi-millioire with Greek God like looks and females fauning over me, or would my Ideal world would be one in which the earth is at peace, All of man-kind working for the betterement of their fellow creatures, No war, no poverty and no tears? Which would really be a ideal world for me to compare with? Both impropable as it is.

I don't know, but thinking about it I will settle for a bit of wealth to live comfortably without really worrying about money, surrounded by a set of family and friends who really care for you because they love you and not cause of your money, success, looks or they got to act as if they like you cause you are family. This combined with pretty good health will really be the best place to live in. (am I becoming too senti now?)

Coming back to the word "Weltschmerz" makes me wonder why was this word coined to cover such a complex emotion? I mean i have heard there is more than 100 words decribing snow for eskimos, (though this article proves it wrong), Why do Germans have this word in their dictionary, is there too many Germans comparing there real world to their ideal world?

If it is, is that one of the reasons why Germany has risen so fast to become a real developed country after it was reduced to ruins in the 2nd world war? A lot of people working to make a ideal world reality will really bring a whole country into a ideal world, don't you think,

So if all of India worked to make this world a ideal world i feel we would live in a ideal world, what do you say people?

But again what is a Ideal world??????

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Office: Senior Software Tester Tag and what does it really mean to me

I am again writing after pretty long time, almost a month, again its not that stuff wasn't happening in life just wasn't feeling in a mood to write it.

Plenty has been happening, but the point that really has been running in my mind for last few days has been my raise in salary and post, I am officially a "Senior Software Tester"

I don't know why this point is something that has been running in my head,

I am given a Title "Senior Software Tester" but am still doing the same thing I have been doing before, nothing new. True my TL keeps telling me to delegate stuff to juniors but when I look something or the other would already have been given to them by my TL,  Now if he has already given them work what do I do.

Another thing is that takes up plenty of my time is the small small work which has to be done, so by the time I delegate and explain to my juniors how to do it I can finish the work myself so I do the work myself which again increases my work.

Apart from that I have been told to coordinate with the marketing team to solve the technical support query, this is something which I don't call it a headache, because I like to solve stuff, but when I have to keep following it up with someone else who is very busy to complete the technical support makes it irritating.

Have been in the same project for almost more than 1.5 years, I kind of know what happenes where on the site, so many things are routed to me by TL or others, its a good feeling, but this small stuff also takes up time.

Now I dream  to do a MBA, to manage stuff, if I can't manage things in such small scale how will I be able to manage stuff in large scale? really? Am I cut out for the big stuff, the stuff I dream about, I really hope so I am

"Senior Software Tester" the tag really sounds good, especially the Senior tag, ;)
But since I am still doing the same job how much of a difference does it make? If I had a choice between getting this "Senior" tag or getting extra money I am really not sure which I would have chosen.

Extra cash is always welcome, but after working for 2-3 years you need to have a feeling that you are progressing somewhere and not still stuck at the same place. Thats where the tag helps, it gives you a feeling of importance (I am not sure if thats a good thing) but when you are continuing to do the same stuff you really start questing the tag.

Can I ask you guys who ever is reading this, If you had a choice between a cermonial tag and extra cash, which whould you take and why?

Monday, July 5, 2010

When will the “Aam Aadmi” get some balls?

July 5th all India Bandh called by opposition parties protesting against the prize hike, Great, I have never understood the concept of this bandh thing, cause of a few people who think they are the leaders of the people I have to sit at home today and work on a Saturday, and I really hate working on Saturday, Saturday and Sunday is not for work but to enjoy that’s why its called weekend (End of the weakness called work).

Congress, the party that coined the term “Aam Aadmi” and came to power is now being hit back by the opposition that the prize hike on fuel is hurting the “Aam Aadmi”; Question to the opposition isn't your bandh harming the “Aam Aadmi”? But am sure none of the opposition is going to answer this question.

Which brings us back to the “Aam Aadmi”, I think I feel I have understood about the “Aam Aadmi” is that he doesn't have Balls!!(Which brings another question to my mind, If he doesn't have balls can he still be called a Aadmi?)

If the “Aam Aadmi” would just go about his work and not sit like a coward at home this Bandh would have been a total failure, but no, He will sit at home thinking why to take the risk, Its better I lose a days pay rather than a hand or foot to the fools who have called the bandh, But what I feel is that he doesn't understand he sitting at home is really giving the Jackasses who are calling the Bandh more power.

Why does the normal person listen to the people who are calling the bandh and depriving him of a days pay rather than to the government he voted to power saying "don't worry, we will protect you, police will be out, we won't allow any disruptions to take place". Now if the people don't trust the government then why did they vote them to power? Should have voted the wolves only to power right? It better to be friends with the devil rather than the enemy of the devil right?

Please, I don't support the prize hike, it hurts me too, but what I am trying to say is that covering down in front bullies is not the best idea, I can preach this because I at least tried to go to office before being told that office is closed today and we working on Saturday :(, But seeing the police protection and trains running smoothly I really feel we are making a big mistake by helping the Opposition making this strike a success.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Music Musings

Was listening to FM today and  I heard these two lovely songs,”Give me some sunshine" from the movie 3 Idiots and "Fireflies" of OWL CITY.

I just love these songs, it’s because it makes a connection to me, the wordings just touch my deepest thoughts and feelings. so just felt like sharing it.

Am putting in a few lines from the song Give me some sunshine, not the entire lyrics here, and my thoughts on the side about the lyrics

Saari umar hum
Mar mar ke jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Jeene do

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again

I wanna grow up once again, I miss my childhood, like I have read many times in emails and facebook status messages
"Getting High" meant "On Swing" "Drinking" meant "Apple Juice" "Dad" was the only "Hero" "Love" was "Moms hug" "Highest place on earth" was "Dads Shoulder" my "Worst enemies" were "My own siblings" Only thing that could get "Hurt" were "Skinned knees" The only thing "Broken" were my "Toys" and when "Goodbyes" meant till "Tomorrow"

Kandhon ko kitabon
Ke bojh ne jhukaya
Rishvat dena to khud
Papa ne sikhaya

99% marks laaoge to ghadi, varna chhadi
Likh likh kar pada hatheli par
Alpha, beta, gamma ka chaala
Concentrated H2SO4 ne poora
Poora bachpan jalaa daala

I remember being send to the room when you wanted to play, but I got to say the line about dad beating you up if you didn’t get 99%, well I got to give it to my dad, he never said anything to me, Ya he scared me when I didn’t get good marks, but it always ended with "I know you can do better, you just need to put in the effort Savio". And those words broke your heart all the more to see the disappointment, he never asked for a 99%, just the decent marks

Bachpan to gaya
Jawani bhi gayi
Ek pal to ab humein
Jeene do jeene do

Saari umar hum
Mar mar ke jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Jeene do

This is something that really hurts, Bachpan to apne hat sa gaya, now working and not living the dreams you is like letting your life go, I know my life is running away from me I just don’t know how to correct the situation, sitting in front of the computer in a 4 walled office when such a big world awaits, I want to be free, I want to see the world, I want to fly a plane, I want to do a lot of things, things in the real world that require money. Thinks that without money I can only dream about, So now sitting and trying to make money by working and is my life go by is so depressing.

And this other song Fireflies by OWL CITY, I am pasting the whole lyrics here I just love this song.

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep

'Cause they'd fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You'd think me rude
But I would just stand and stare

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep

'Cause everything is never as it seems
'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance

A foxtrot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread

Various things about this song affect me, starting with the fireflies stuff,

Every summer vacation, I used to be packed off to Kerala, My native place, apart from playing with cousins, grandma’s cooking, something that really strikes me was fireflies, they used to come out at night, and sometimes when the power goes, which used to happen often in Kerala at that time, these fireflies were a sight to watch some 100s of them just shining there green lights, I used to enjoy just gazing at them, now its been a real long time since I have seen one. (1 thing if anyone of you are trying to catch it for me, they smell bad when you crush them)

Another thing was that like the line says I would rather stay awake when I am asleep, because everything is never as it seems, Really, nothing is ever as it seems

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

Leave my door open just a crack
(Please take me away from here)
'Cause I feel like such an insomniac
(Please take me away from here)
Why do I tire of counting sheep
(Please take me away from here)
When I'm far too tired to fall asleep

To ten million fireflies
I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyesv
I got misty eyes as they said farewell

But I'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems

When I fall asleep
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay

Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems
When I fall asleep

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
Because my dreams are bursting at the seams

I wished planet earth could stop for me, so that I may catch up with things I want to do, because really my dreams are bursting out a lot…. :(

to listen to the songs check the youtube links given below
Give me some sunshine from 3 idiots (anyone find a better link please let me know)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sick Leave

1 week of leave,
hmmm...what all can we do with it? Visit Goa, go to Ladak, etc, No one would like to spend 1 week of precious leave sitting at home watching crappy television. If I heard some one had done that I would be laughing at their face, but its so difficult to laugh at yourself.

Thats correct I have been sitting at home watching crappy television cause of some kind of fever that raises my body temperature up every day, ya I know Fever does that to your body, but isn't fever something that comes and goes in two days not hangs around you for 2 weeks like a guest who doesn't leave.

I always complain how dumb work is and how difficult it is for me to drag my ass to work everyday, but guess what for the last week sitting at home and watching television I have been wondering how much better it would have been if I could go to office, and save my leave for something better like going on a vacation.

Everyones heard the saying health is wealth, how true is that, I am being sick and my doctor is getting wealthy on my health. dam the guy "Savio, lets observe the fever for a week", nice so I am a observance tool, some kind of lab rat to be experimented on. "Ok RAT, have this drug, lets see how your body reacts to the drug".

and you know parents the few real people who care about you, well I don't want to say anything, but taking care sometimes becomes a bit too irritating when a 23 year old is treated like a 5 year old.

Ok, I know, my mistake that I became ill, but how the hell is it my mistake that the germs found my body attractive, well atleast some one found it attractive right? ;)

Let me stop complaining and wish myself "GET WELL SOON SAVIO"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Humans, do we only try to survive and reproduce?

Humans, the earth’s dominant species, Ok! Are we so great or is it just a lot of water under the bridge?

Let’s take it point by point, we have conquered the whole world, visited almost every region, found ways to survive all kinds of situations Mother Nature could throw at us, from the Cold of the arctic to the Heat of the desert, we have conquered the tallest mountain (Mount Everest) and visited the deepest place (Marina Trench) on earth. We have found ways to fly like the birds or swim like the fish even if we weren't designed to do so and I think we will all credit this to one organ the BRAIN.

Look at us, 2 legs not made to run fast, the fastest a human can run is 9.6 miles per hour that also a 100 meter dash, a predator like a lion would make an easy meal of us. Two hands, ok, put us in front of an angry Ostridge, it will peck us to death and then turn and say "Look mom!! No hands". Two eyes that can see only in a limited wavelength, no wonder we are compelled to return home at night, Two ears that’s limited to a particular range of frequencies, nothing so great about us, apart from the one organ BRAIN.

The brain discovered fire, the wheel, thought the hands to wield tools, made instruments to run faster, fligh higher, swim deeper than nature could. And so what happened we became the dominant creatures of the planet. Ok, I don't want to disagree to that! But are we really the smartest?

I am quoting from a famous book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "Humans think that they're smarter than dolphins coz humans have invented the wheel and slogged to make a lot of progress while the whales just muck around enjoying life all day... Dolphins on the other hand feel that they're smarter than humans for precisely the same reason". Sounds pretty reasonable right? Wasn’t mucking around whole day much better than the pressures of the day, how to earn money, how shall I impress her/him so that I may mate? How can I provide that little rascal? etc etc. Sounds mucking around is a much better alternative.

Ok! one argument I heard against this was, we got a highly developed brain, we have emotions, we feel love, we get scared, we get bored, which proves for a fact that our brains are better than a Dolphin cause we feel emotions, and cause of that, if we just mucked around we would be bored. Also we can talk, we communicate, and there is no other species that can communicate the way we do.

What is it to prove that animals don't have emotions, that animals don't communicate? Dogs bark, birds sing, what you think it is random sounds? It’s been proved that Whales communicate over large distances, that Plants communicate by the means of pheromones.
Again how can you say animals don't have emotions? You feed a dog everyday, play with it, it comes running to you, wags its tail to show it’s happy that you are around. Isn't that emotion? Beat the same dog up, you will see it start whimpering and running away the next time it saw you, I would call it being scared, another emotion,   Elephants have been know to remember who was kind to them and who was not. Take what is called the dumbest animal, a Donkey; it will try to protect its kid if you try to harm it. Motherly love? Emotion?

Wait I am hearing what you guys saying, all the things above can be explained by one word Instinct. A baby being born knows by instinct that it has to breathe, animals running away from fire, Instinct. Ok then I can say that our emotions are nothing but instinct, We feel we love someone and don't want that person to get hurt, ok I will say we got that instinct a modified version of motherly love. I don't think anyone reading this has jumped off a 100 foot tower, we know its crazy, we will get hurt, how? Instinct. So how are humans better than any other creature?

I would say that humans like any other animal are just another species trying to survive and reproduce. The so called great developments and progress made by humans which made us the dominant species of the planet are mostly always made by a few ultra smart talented people who comes along once in a while (Einstein, Newton) an exception rather than a rule.
To start with fire, some unnamed unrecognized "Einstein" recognized the power of it,

The rest all human race are just copycats who are trying to survive and reproduce...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never Drink and Talk

Boy – Girl friends for a couple of years, they know each other but not great friends, Boy is drunk after a night out with friends when he gets call from the girl. 
Writing in {} are thoughts of the guy

Boy: “Hi, saw your miss call, what happened?”
Girl: “Nothing, am at Dadar, do you know how to get to the station?”
Boy: “Why don’t you just ask anyone, it’s pretty easy anyone they will guide you?’ {How can I guide you when I don’t even know where you are at Dadar?”
Boy: “where are you at Dadar?”
        “I don’t know I see a Citibank ATM here”
Boy: “ok take a right and go strait you will reach the station” {I don’t know where the ATM is”
Girl: but the guy here told me to take a left
Boy: that only, my right, his left you’re straight
Girl: “are you making fun of me?” “It’s so crowded here”
Boy: “Its Mumbai what do you expect? Roses on the street?”
Girl: “you are not talking properly to me today? What happened?”
Boy: “nothing, talk to you later?”
Girl: “dam this crowd!” “Hey I see the station?”
Boy: “Good!! So talk to you later?”
Girl: ‘why are you in such a hurry to keep, can’t you talk to me?”
Boy: “sweetie, Am drunk, you want me to keep on talking?”
Girl: “Shee!! You drink, very bad, you shouldn’t drink”
Boy {I am supposed to listen to lecture, should I cut the phone saying no range?”}
Girl: “this is bad, think about your health”
Boy: “why are you worried about my health, you are not my GF”
Girl: I am your friend, I care for you”
Boy: “I am single, you care for me, why don’t you become my GF? “ {F*** what am I saying}
Girl: “you and my BF, hahahahahahaha”
Boy: “what’s so funny, Why can’t I be your BF, what’s wrong in me”
Girl:  “Nothing”
Boy: “then, I am smart, earning well, also from same religion what’s the problem” “{Stupid what are you saying, wait this is going to be fun, lets see her reply}
Girl: “Nothing”
Boy: “then??”
Girl: “Stop it!! There is no problem with you, you are a nice guy”
Boy: “then why don’t you become my gf?
Girl: “I don’t see you like that; you are my nice friend that’s it”
Boy: “you girls are real bad, now when a guy is saying he likes you, you shoot him down”
Girl: “Stop it, you are too drunk, am cutting the call, bye”
Boy: “Before when I was keeping you wanted to talk, now when I saying I like you, you keeping the phone, how bad”
Girl: “Stop it; you don’t even know what you saying?”
Boy: “I am drunk, and a drunken person always says the truth”
Girl: “Is that true?”
Boy: “Come on, how can anyone think clearly when they drunk? And when you can’t think how can you lie?”
Girl:  ""
Boy: “hello!!”
Girl: “we will talk later; you won’t even remember tomorrow what you are saying”
Boy: “No!! I will remember,”
Boy: “I love you” {WHAT???}
Girl: “what?”
Girl: “hello!!”
Boy: {WHAT, always say I like you, never I LOVE you, NEVER}
Girl: “Hello!!, you there”
Boy: “ya, me here”
Girl: “What did you say right now?”
Boy: “Nothing!!, was just saying I will remember the conversation tomorrow”
Girl: “I reached the station, we will talk later, you take care, goodnight”
Boy: “goodnight”


Next Morning –

Boy: {Good Morning Stupid, what were you talking yesterday?”}
Boy: {I better call her up}
Calls her, Girl doesn’t pick phone
Boy: “Dam! What now she won’t talk to me also?”


Boy tries to call girl for 2 days, girl never picks the phone and doesn’t call back either

Cell vibrating, boy picks up cell and sees message from the girl
“Hey Boy, jus wantd to say dat m not lookin fr something serious.. atleast not now.. hope dats mutual..”
Boy {DAM! What do I do} tries to call her again, she doesn’t pick
Replies to the message “U got scared after that Friday right.. I knew it, No wonder u didn’t pick my calls, trust me, we r just friends, what happenes in future lets see, but we just friends.. “

Girl Repies “Ok Cool..No Commitments.. Jus hav Fun, hang out :) “
Boy Replies “ yep, 1 question.. hangout? When do we do that??”
Girl replies “hahah, next Saturday?”
Boy replies “No Commitments baby, we just agreed on that right?”
Girl replies “hahaha”


Boy calls the girl the next day, she picks up the phone, happy conversation, happy ending..


Disclaimer : 
The above writing may or may not be fictional, the blogger may or may not take any questions regarding the above writing, tho criticism and suggestions are always welcome

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wacky Mobile Phone Ideas

Today my dad just in just asked me "If I was told to design a mobile phone, what features would I add into it?"

This set me thinking 
First the normal list,
Touch screen, slim, stylist, 3G enabled, GPRS, FM, MP3 video support, large memory camera, blue tooth, etc you know the normal things available in today’s Hi-End Cell Phones.

Now if I could add any feature into it what all would it be?

1) Auto Recharging
No more recharging, How many times have the cell suddenly died when you talking to someone special, or you are waiting for a important call, but then you notice your phone is dead cause you haven’t charged it. So I suggest auto recharge.
How to do it? You could include solar cells to the body to recharge the cell, but then if the cell is in your pocket it won't get charged right?
I am thinking of how automatic watches used to work, you keep a small movable part inside the cell, and it generates electricity to recharge the mobile while you walking or running, and even when you talking the small vibrations of your voice produce electricity to recharge the cell, (Just imagine how much power we will be able to generate when two ladies are talking?)

2) Water Proof, Child Proof, Damage Proof
How many Mobile have got damaged and spoiled cause some child spilled water on the cell, you jumped into a pool trying to save a pretty lady, in the rains, fell from your hands.
Making it water proof I guess should be simple, a water tight body which won't allow water to leak in, simple as that, how to make it damage proof and child proof, well make it strong that’s all I can say, if we can send a Man to the moon, why can't we protect a Mobile from damage?
Flip side to this is that if the mobile is not damaged how can we justify getting a new cell, (I will come back to this later)

3) Boss Protection
Now this would be a dream feature
No mood to go to office and need to call up the boss and tell him you sick, No problem, the Mobile does it for you, from picking which excuse to use to keeping track what excuse you used (so that your Mom-In-Law doesn't die twice the same week), 
If you calling in sick, it modulates your voice so that it you really sound sick. At the Cricket stadium and phoning to tell your Boss you at clients place, the phone removes the background noise so that your boss doesn't come to know
Chatting with the pretty lady in the canteen, and need to be alerted when the boss reached the office, your cell does it for you, watching the football match on your computer and need to know if someone going to peep into your cubical soon, your Mobile alerts you.

4) Theft protection
If anybody tried to pickpocket your cell, it would stunt him/her with a high electric volt, and as forgetful as you are if you leave the mobile in the locker room it would emit a loud sound to alert you to pick it up before you left the room. And yet if you don't pick it up, it starts following you till you pick it up. (Again if you can't lose a cell how will you buy a new one?)

5) Girl Friend Protection
You with Sandy and Mary calls up, Sandy's voice in the background is turned into office printer’s sound (or any other sound) and Mary thinks you are at the office working while you might be anywhere doing anything. 
Don't remember which Girls birthday is when, why worry the Mobile will send her fresh flowers or dry flowers depending if the relation is just starting or you dumping her tomorrow.
As with the boss protection the background noise can be adjusted depending on what lie you are telling her.
Wondering if the girl lying to you or sleeping with your best buddy, Mobile will act as a truth analyzer telling you if she is saying I love you while mentally undressing the Hot Hunk behind you,

6) In Style mode,
You cell is 6 moths old, there is a new stylized model out you can't afford to spend another 20 grand, what do you do, you do a style upgrade. Few minutes connected to the PC your cell reconfigures itself to the latest style. You can have the cell look like an IPhone or Google Nexus or any cell as you wish.
A great boon for the ladies, wearing a red dress and have a black phone, no problem, you press 2 keys the Mobile changes color to the exact shade of red you looking for.

7) Mobile Key
You open your house door, your car door, anything from your cell, just think with the theft protection in it, you can never lose it, you can never forget it as it itself warns you when you have forgotten it and follows you till you pick it up.

8) Your personal Fitness trainer,
Feel you are fat, ask the Mobile, it will tell you the truth, you don't like the truth throw the phone, don't worry its damage proof, ( think guys when your GF asks you if they have put on a bit of weight, you let the Mobile answer, they can direct the anger at the mobile not at you).
You wondering how much calories any food has, you take a picture of the plate with your cell and you cell tells you how much exercise you need to do if you eat that cake.

9) Personal Bodyguard
Include a Stun Gun inside the mobile, any one tries to rob you, you just stun the person (you can even use this to stun your annoying next door neighbor). If someone hits you, or you are hurt and unconscious, the mobile ring up the nearest police/hospital and brings help to you.

10) Cab Caller
How many times have we waited in the rains trying to hail a cab, or a empty cab just won't stop to pick you up, with a cab caller you just wave the phone and the nearest empty cab is dragged to you and forced to give you a ride. This would be so helpful when you want to rush home after getting drunk in the pup and you forgetting the time.

Wondering how the world would react if such a cell phone came out, ;)
These are just a few things that I thought of, You are welcome to share any other wacky ideas you can think of any feature you would like to see in you Mobile handset.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 2010 Kerala trip - Grandmom's 90th Birthday

"90, that’s how old your grand mom is going to be this year, We going to Kerala for her birthday" this was what my dad told me when I came to know that he has booked tickets to Kerala without even asking me if I wanted to come, and to tell you the truth I was pissed off, Did I want to waste my holidays going to Kerala smiling at my relatives or would I prefer to go to some other place like Ladhak or Kashmir, I would have chosen the later.

So with not a great mood, that’s letting my parents know that I am being dragged on this trip against my will my trip to Kerala starts with the trip to the airport, A non interesting flight to Cochin and a drive to my native place: Pala. 

Man its hot, have never been to Kerala when’s so hot, people are saying this is the hottest march ever, I wonder how may is going to be there

Now the trip starts getting better, with aunts and uncles asking how long it has been since we saw you, you have changed etc, you know the usual dialogues.

I feel if I had got 10 Bucks for every time I heard one of these statements the trip to Kerala would have paid for itself.
1) How long since I saw you
2) You have become fat
3) So working, now next your marriage (seriously, I people can't think of anything else?)
4) You look just like your dad now (I am committing suicide)

Saw my grand mom, 90 great age, but I don't want to live so long if I will end up like her, frail and weak depending on others for everything, and I literally mean everything, She doesn't even recognize my Dad forget me.

Went through the fields, the places I used to run and play when I was a child, Man! the memories I miss those days, Summer holidays in Kerala, Playing in the fields, swimming in the stream, having sweets from Uncles, great food grand mom used to cook, bedtime stories, those were really fun days, The memories coming back really made me nostalgic.

Next day went to my moms place, met my granddad, stayed at our house there, It seems a cat had jumped into the well and died, so it was taken out and all the water was pumped out to clean out the water, But I was just thinking we pumped out so much water just cause a cat jumped into it, what about all the water we drink in Mumbai, wonder what all has died in it.

This night it rained in Kerala, now it felt like a Kerala I know, heat reduced, humidity in the air, everything wet and damp, power gone cause some tree fell over a power line, this is the Kerala I know, We celebrated grandma’s birthday this evening, had fun with all the uncles aunties and cousins, missed a few of them who couldn't make it.

Climbed a guava tree and plucked its fruit, long time since I have climbed anything apart from my building staircase, was fun :) 

Returning to Mumbai, now I wonder why I made the fuss about going to Kerala, It was not at all a waste of my holidays, I really had fun. Wondering now when will I be going next time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My 23rd birthday!!!

"Yet another Birthday, am 23 now, Just another 23 year old nobody lose in this world who hasn't done anything of note"

The above words running in my head was how I got up on the morning of 21st March (my birthday), so without a smile on my face I wished the person in the mirror a Happy Birthday and to note the person from the mirror didn't smile back either.

But had to force a smile on my face when my mom came and wished me happy birthday, to tell the truth the first true smile of the day came to my face when I came to know my mom had made a cake and while cutting it I got gifts from my parents. (There’s something in gifts, they mostly always bring smiles to peoples faces)

Dragged my self to church then attended mass, a few friends over there wished me. 

At about 11a.m I got out of my house, my friend was coming from Pune to meet me on my birthday; I spend almost the whole day with her,

Saw 3 movies back to back
'The book of Eli'
'Alice in Wonderland'
And the boring ' My Name is Khan'

3 movies can you believe it, I spend my birthday giving money to Fame Raghuleela, well at least someone profited out of this,
If you wondering how it happened that me, who’s not a movie buff happened to watch 3 movies on a same day, Well truly this friend from Pune had told me earlier that its being a long time since she saw a movie so I thought for her we will watch a movie, and we went to see 'Book of Eli' at the end of the movie she was like she wants to see one more,
I was like OK, so we went in the see 'Alice in wonderland' Nice movie, had fun again, after the movie a few other friends came, and 1 another friend when she heard that I saw 2 movies was like hell now see a movie with me, and she dragged me for 'My Name is Khan'. 
So this how I came to spend my birthday in Fame Raghuleela, Vashi.

Now about 9:30 ran home reached home at about 10:15 and then my dear mom started saying "you can't spend a hour with your family, 1 birthday on Sunday and you were roaming with your friends etc" I kept my mouth shut had food, kissed her and went to sleep, end of day.

So there ends the 21st of March 2010, but is celebration of me surviving 1 more year older over? Nope, I went to office the next day and was wished by people there, lootofied for a party by office mates (2 to 5 outside office in the name of lunch), got a facial with cake (such a waste of cake) and in the end, people who were frustrated took it out on me in the name of Birthday bumps (ouch!), In all birthday part 2 was also as fun except the fact that cause in office I had to act like I am working.

I started my birthday feeling real low that I am a 'nobody', birthday ended me feeling good of life, I don't know somehow I have this feeling inside me that this year is going to be good, fingers crossed!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Office Humor : DF Institute of Management Studies

There was this crazy talk in office today, just a business plan

Institute name:    DF Institute of Management Studies
Degree given:      Advanced course in Marketing management.
Tag line:              Management degree in 30 mins

Why spend 2 years to earn a degree in management, when all you need to know are discounts and reward points.  30 mins lecture and you are all set to go and doom a company and give unnecessary extra work to people working there.

Faculty:  The best in market, who teach you at a discount how to distribute the maximum reward points without ever going into profits.

Entrance Exam: DUMB (DF Universal Management Bakwas)
Real tough paper to pass with very difficult questions
For e.g.
1) Which is the longest word?
      b) Tap
      c) Pineapple
      d) Cat

2) What is 2+2?
     a) 2
     b) 4
     c) 22
     d) 200

3) Who went up the hill with jack?
      a) Jill
      b) Princess
      c) Dog
      d) John

Real hard paper, anyone who gets full marks is immediately disqualified, as people who are bookish and can't see outside the box.

Sexy girl: I can’t date you; you are not even a manager?
IID Boy: Manager, Will you wait for me for two years while I study.
Sexy girl Why spend two years in college when you can earn your degree in 30 mins?
IID Boy: Really? From where?
Sexy girl: DF Institute of Management Studies, 30 mins mai Manager.
IID Boy: Thanks DF, without DF I would never have got my girl (reward points)

Ideas given here are the contribution (hard work and sweat) of lot many people, if anyone is insulted (read interested) reading this please contact us for the business proposal.

For those who couldn't make head or tails of things written above, Congratulations, you have been admitted as the first students of DF Institute of Management Studies

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy birthday sisters

One Sun guides us in the day, one moon at night,
But two sisters I have, who guide me day & night,
How Lucky I have been, to have the best sisters the world has seen,
Most have one guardian angle, somehow God gave me two.

Fighting and bossing are the things you do,
Nagging me and bugging me, you love to do,
But my sister let me tell you,
I would never want this world to be without you.

You may not always be with me,
But am sure your blessing are,
This birthday I want to tell you
That I always missing you.

My best friend you may not be,
I may not tell you everything I do,
But my guardian angle please listen to me,
When I tell you I love you.

Happy Birthday dear sisters, Hope you have a really great day, and a even more wonderful year, Wish I could be with you to celebrate this day

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stone throwing at a local train

Funny how people hurt others,

What happened?
Picture this:  Mumbai Local travelling real fast,  for fun a youth by the side picks up a stone and throws at the train, passenger by the door gets hurt.

I saw this today, happened right in front of my eyes, well all I heard was a loud noise and then this man by the door catching his forehead bleeding like hell.

This man, no fault of his apart from wanting to breath a bit of fresh air stood at the door, I have no idea what the youth who threw the stone gained by it, but this man could have lost his eye, luckily the stone hit his forehead, and seeing the amount of blood was spilling out it was no small hurt, Imagine been hit by a stone moving at more than 100km/hour

I have read many times about stone throwing incidence at the train in the newspapers, but this is the first time I am witnessing one, God only knows how many times I have stood at the door, luckily by Gods blessing I have never been hit by a stone.

I don't know why I am writing this, nothings goanna change, that guy who threw the stone will throw it again tomorrow, people are still going to hang at the door, only place in a crowded local where you will get fresh air. Bit shocked I am seeing the stone throwing incident, How a innocent man almost lost his eye, I have no idea why that youth threw the stone, what did he gain by it, what was he trying to prove? All I know is that an innocent person was injured today.

I know you people will be able to tell me many other incidences where innocents get injured, but people reading about it, hearing about it and seeing it. There is a big difference

Monday, February 22, 2010


Long time since I wrote something over here, almost a month, I know I don't blog so frequently but 1 month and I didn't have anything to blog about?? No, thats not true, plenty of things happened just didn't feel like typing. well this is to warn you people in the start itself, this is a boring post.

The major thing, Office timings changed, from 9:30 to 6:30, wow!! I love the new timing, You reach home, you got time to spend with your family, you sleep early, you can have fun with friends, really with this time work life is really not so bad. I hope this timings continue... :)

What else happened? Valentines day, went pretty fine, nothing great, was out with a friend, atleast thats better than suking away at home, right? then there was MH-CET, which also went pretty fine, lets talk about it when the results come.

One of my close friend's birthday was there, sadly I didn't gift her anything, well seriously I have no idea what to buy for her, I really hate shopping, :(

On the sad part, another of my close friend left office, feels sad, we both had been together for almost 5.5 years, I will miss you dear.

well am stopping this chatter for now,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Had a Great weekend, and having a nice week

WOW!! What a wonderful past week has been for me,

The high point being my trip to Bangalore and spending it with my favorite and only niece NIYA, my darling little princess, well she is a darling, but has grown quite a lot from when I last saw her.

She has become real naughty now, and her mother (my sister) is truly spoiling her by listening to each and every wish of her just so that she doesn't cry. True even I won't like to see my little princess cry, but was wondering how much should we bend to the kids wishes. IF agreeing to everything she wants now, won't it be so much more difficult to say no to her after she grows up? Anyway, she is not my daughter, she is my princess. I am here just to spoil my darling NIYA.

SO how was my weekend, well real fun, the day I flew down (Saturday) even before reaching home we had decided on going to a theme park (Wonderla, its a few KM outside of Bangalore). Dam!! It was a hell lot of fun, all the rides and stuff, and further spending time and seeing niya smile made the day whole lot more fun.

Then on Sunday and Monday had fun with niya, also went shopping and time pass with my cousins. Then on Tuesday, we went to the flower show at Lalbaugh, It was real crowded but the flower arrangements was fun. Had picnic in the garden and played with Niya again.

Was sad on my return trip to Mumbai about leaving the fun behind, my sisters want me to shift to Bangalore, But am not sure if I want to. Bangalore even if it’s a nice city, it doesn't have the Pulse of Mumbai. Let’s see what the future holds for me.

Now back in Mumbai, and office, my TL is on leave and I am leaving office early. Feels really good.

Anybody wondering why I am so excited about my niece, let me tell them, if you have a brother or sister’s kid to spend time with then you will understand

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What are my Goals in Life???

Hey, Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What are you aiming for in life? What are your goals in life?
We have all heard these questions; this and many variations of these are one of the staple questions in any interview, a Date, when you meet some one new.

Somehow in the last couple of weeks I have been asked one of these questions a couple of times, and every time I never really had a convincing answer to give, The answer didn't even sound right to me, I wonder how it felt to the person who heard it.

When we were kids grown ups always asked us, "Beta, What do you want to be when you grew up?" and we would give some silly answers from Actor to Doctor to an Engineer (even when we didn't know what an engineer did), and these grown up just smiled, gave some advice or cracked some joke.

Now if someone asks you this question, what can you say? I am already an engineer, i.e. I got my B.E degree, but to tell the truth I don't feel I have any more knowledge in me that a 12th pass kid.

Seriously I don't know where I want to be after 5 years. In a good position perhaps, earning good to enjoy life, giving orders rather than taking them and most of all I want to be doing something that I enjoy doing. But what is that position? what is that job? how do I reach there? I have no answers to that question.

I feel as if I am a ship, flowing with the water currents, running with the engine on Low power, If the water currents are flowing right, I turn right to go with the current, IF I see something on the portside, I turn my rudder to the left still with the engine on low power, If I really want to go there I might push it to medium power, but never really to full power, IF I see the current is too strong, I give up.

The thing is I really don't know where I want to go, so how do you expect me to push to full power to some destination I really don't know if I want to go there.

Someone please help me, how do I answer this question the next time I am asked, and not come our looking like a fool?

Comments are really welcome, If someone is reading this please comment and give me some advice (hey I am asking for a advice, here’s your chance, take it). Please post a comment

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Yet another year is over, and we are starting into a New Year, full of hopes that this New Year is going to be great.

So looking back do I have regrets or joy for 2009?? Well let’s see, 2009 wasn't a real straight year for me, Work has been a major thing of the year, well lets say the only thing of the year. Staying in office for 12-16 hours is no joke; my average working hours for this year is always above 11 hours. Not really fun u know, there have been days when I have not seen my Dad, cause by time I reach home, he is asleep, and by time I get up he has gone for work, Dam real frustrated about my work timings, But heck I can't change that.

What else happened in this year (personally, lot of stuff is going on in the world that doesn't concern me), well If I say nothing, it is also true, (Nothing great happened). And if I say many things happened, true again (many small things did happen). Let me just say I am thankful for a lot many things, but also there were stuff that I wish hadn't happened, but heck this is life. NO regrets for 2009, 2009 was just another year.

But now to look forward for 2010, something is waiting for me in 2010,
Really, I have a feeling that this year is going to be a year when something great is going to happen in my life, don't ask me why I said that, I just feel it.

Let me end this wishing each and everyone a Happy New Year.