Thursday, January 28, 2010

Had a Great weekend, and having a nice week

WOW!! What a wonderful past week has been for me,

The high point being my trip to Bangalore and spending it with my favorite and only niece NIYA, my darling little princess, well she is a darling, but has grown quite a lot from when I last saw her.

She has become real naughty now, and her mother (my sister) is truly spoiling her by listening to each and every wish of her just so that she doesn't cry. True even I won't like to see my little princess cry, but was wondering how much should we bend to the kids wishes. IF agreeing to everything she wants now, won't it be so much more difficult to say no to her after she grows up? Anyway, she is not my daughter, she is my princess. I am here just to spoil my darling NIYA.

SO how was my weekend, well real fun, the day I flew down (Saturday) even before reaching home we had decided on going to a theme park (Wonderla, its a few KM outside of Bangalore). Dam!! It was a hell lot of fun, all the rides and stuff, and further spending time and seeing niya smile made the day whole lot more fun.

Then on Sunday and Monday had fun with niya, also went shopping and time pass with my cousins. Then on Tuesday, we went to the flower show at Lalbaugh, It was real crowded but the flower arrangements was fun. Had picnic in the garden and played with Niya again.

Was sad on my return trip to Mumbai about leaving the fun behind, my sisters want me to shift to Bangalore, But am not sure if I want to. Bangalore even if it’s a nice city, it doesn't have the Pulse of Mumbai. Let’s see what the future holds for me.

Now back in Mumbai, and office, my TL is on leave and I am leaving office early. Feels really good.

Anybody wondering why I am so excited about my niece, let me tell them, if you have a brother or sister’s kid to spend time with then you will understand


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