Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Yet another year is over, and we are starting into a New Year, full of hopes that this New Year is going to be great.

So looking back do I have regrets or joy for 2009?? Well let’s see, 2009 wasn't a real straight year for me, Work has been a major thing of the year, well lets say the only thing of the year. Staying in office for 12-16 hours is no joke; my average working hours for this year is always above 11 hours. Not really fun u know, there have been days when I have not seen my Dad, cause by time I reach home, he is asleep, and by time I get up he has gone for work, Dam real frustrated about my work timings, But heck I can't change that.

What else happened in this year (personally, lot of stuff is going on in the world that doesn't concern me), well If I say nothing, it is also true, (Nothing great happened). And if I say many things happened, true again (many small things did happen). Let me just say I am thankful for a lot many things, but also there were stuff that I wish hadn't happened, but heck this is life. NO regrets for 2009, 2009 was just another year.

But now to look forward for 2010, something is waiting for me in 2010,
Really, I have a feeling that this year is going to be a year when something great is going to happen in my life, don't ask me why I said that, I just feel it.

Let me end this wishing each and everyone a Happy New Year.


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