Monday, February 22, 2010


Long time since I wrote something over here, almost a month, I know I don't blog so frequently but 1 month and I didn't have anything to blog about?? No, thats not true, plenty of things happened just didn't feel like typing. well this is to warn you people in the start itself, this is a boring post.

The major thing, Office timings changed, from 9:30 to 6:30, wow!! I love the new timing, You reach home, you got time to spend with your family, you sleep early, you can have fun with friends, really with this time work life is really not so bad. I hope this timings continue... :)

What else happened? Valentines day, went pretty fine, nothing great, was out with a friend, atleast thats better than suking away at home, right? then there was MH-CET, which also went pretty fine, lets talk about it when the results come.

One of my close friend's birthday was there, sadly I didn't gift her anything, well seriously I have no idea what to buy for her, I really hate shopping, :(

On the sad part, another of my close friend left office, feels sad, we both had been together for almost 5.5 years, I will miss you dear.

well am stopping this chatter for now,


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