Monday, March 8, 2010

Stone throwing at a local train

Funny how people hurt others,

What happened?
Picture this:  Mumbai Local travelling real fast,  for fun a youth by the side picks up a stone and throws at the train, passenger by the door gets hurt.

I saw this today, happened right in front of my eyes, well all I heard was a loud noise and then this man by the door catching his forehead bleeding like hell.

This man, no fault of his apart from wanting to breath a bit of fresh air stood at the door, I have no idea what the youth who threw the stone gained by it, but this man could have lost his eye, luckily the stone hit his forehead, and seeing the amount of blood was spilling out it was no small hurt, Imagine been hit by a stone moving at more than 100km/hour

I have read many times about stone throwing incidence at the train in the newspapers, but this is the first time I am witnessing one, God only knows how many times I have stood at the door, luckily by Gods blessing I have never been hit by a stone.

I don't know why I am writing this, nothings goanna change, that guy who threw the stone will throw it again tomorrow, people are still going to hang at the door, only place in a crowded local where you will get fresh air. Bit shocked I am seeing the stone throwing incident, How a innocent man almost lost his eye, I have no idea why that youth threw the stone, what did he gain by it, what was he trying to prove? All I know is that an innocent person was injured today.

I know you people will be able to tell me many other incidences where innocents get injured, but people reading about it, hearing about it and seeing it. There is a big difference


Anonymous said...

I recalled an incident after reading this.
It was 9:30 PM and I was standing at the first class compartment door. The train moved from Chembur station and soon caught some pace.
There he stood with his evil plans, two doors ahead in a second class compartment.
He waited for that perfect spot to execute his plans.
Splash!! The person standing next to me cursed.
Man with evil plans had dropped a garbage bag into the dirty water of the gutter running along the left side of railway track.
This may not be a serious incidence. Some might even feel this to be particular a funny one.
The question remains the same, doesn't it?
What pleasure do these people get out of such hideous acts?

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