Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy birthday sisters

One Sun guides us in the day, one moon at night,
But two sisters I have, who guide me day & night,
How Lucky I have been, to have the best sisters the world has seen,
Most have one guardian angle, somehow God gave me two.

Fighting and bossing are the things you do,
Nagging me and bugging me, you love to do,
But my sister let me tell you,
I would never want this world to be without you.

You may not always be with me,
But am sure your blessing are,
This birthday I want to tell you
That I always missing you.

My best friend you may not be,
I may not tell you everything I do,
But my guardian angle please listen to me,
When I tell you I love you.

Happy Birthday dear sisters, Hope you have a really great day, and a even more wonderful year, Wish I could be with you to celebrate this day


Nina said...

Hey you are turning into a full-to poet re... :):).. Really nice..

shweta1024 said...

I am stealing this poem with little corrections..sorry no copy rights

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