Thursday, March 18, 2010

Office Humor : DF Institute of Management Studies

There was this crazy talk in office today, just a business plan

Institute name:    DF Institute of Management Studies
Degree given:      Advanced course in Marketing management.
Tag line:              Management degree in 30 mins

Why spend 2 years to earn a degree in management, when all you need to know are discounts and reward points.  30 mins lecture and you are all set to go and doom a company and give unnecessary extra work to people working there.

Faculty:  The best in market, who teach you at a discount how to distribute the maximum reward points without ever going into profits.

Entrance Exam: DUMB (DF Universal Management Bakwas)
Real tough paper to pass with very difficult questions
For e.g.
1) Which is the longest word?
      b) Tap
      c) Pineapple
      d) Cat

2) What is 2+2?
     a) 2
     b) 4
     c) 22
     d) 200

3) Who went up the hill with jack?
      a) Jill
      b) Princess
      c) Dog
      d) John

Real hard paper, anyone who gets full marks is immediately disqualified, as people who are bookish and can't see outside the box.

Sexy girl: I can’t date you; you are not even a manager?
IID Boy: Manager, Will you wait for me for two years while I study.
Sexy girl Why spend two years in college when you can earn your degree in 30 mins?
IID Boy: Really? From where?
Sexy girl: DF Institute of Management Studies, 30 mins mai Manager.
IID Boy: Thanks DF, without DF I would never have got my girl (reward points)

Ideas given here are the contribution (hard work and sweat) of lot many people, if anyone is insulted (read interested) reading this please contact us for the business proposal.

For those who couldn't make head or tails of things written above, Congratulations, you have been admitted as the first students of DF Institute of Management Studies


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