Friday, April 2, 2010

Wacky Mobile Phone Ideas

Today my dad just in just asked me "If I was told to design a mobile phone, what features would I add into it?"

This set me thinking 
First the normal list,
Touch screen, slim, stylist, 3G enabled, GPRS, FM, MP3 video support, large memory camera, blue tooth, etc you know the normal things available in today’s Hi-End Cell Phones.

Now if I could add any feature into it what all would it be?

1) Auto Recharging
No more recharging, How many times have the cell suddenly died when you talking to someone special, or you are waiting for a important call, but then you notice your phone is dead cause you haven’t charged it. So I suggest auto recharge.
How to do it? You could include solar cells to the body to recharge the cell, but then if the cell is in your pocket it won't get charged right?
I am thinking of how automatic watches used to work, you keep a small movable part inside the cell, and it generates electricity to recharge the mobile while you walking or running, and even when you talking the small vibrations of your voice produce electricity to recharge the cell, (Just imagine how much power we will be able to generate when two ladies are talking?)

2) Water Proof, Child Proof, Damage Proof
How many Mobile have got damaged and spoiled cause some child spilled water on the cell, you jumped into a pool trying to save a pretty lady, in the rains, fell from your hands.
Making it water proof I guess should be simple, a water tight body which won't allow water to leak in, simple as that, how to make it damage proof and child proof, well make it strong that’s all I can say, if we can send a Man to the moon, why can't we protect a Mobile from damage?
Flip side to this is that if the mobile is not damaged how can we justify getting a new cell, (I will come back to this later)

3) Boss Protection
Now this would be a dream feature
No mood to go to office and need to call up the boss and tell him you sick, No problem, the Mobile does it for you, from picking which excuse to use to keeping track what excuse you used (so that your Mom-In-Law doesn't die twice the same week), 
If you calling in sick, it modulates your voice so that it you really sound sick. At the Cricket stadium and phoning to tell your Boss you at clients place, the phone removes the background noise so that your boss doesn't come to know
Chatting with the pretty lady in the canteen, and need to be alerted when the boss reached the office, your cell does it for you, watching the football match on your computer and need to know if someone going to peep into your cubical soon, your Mobile alerts you.

4) Theft protection
If anybody tried to pickpocket your cell, it would stunt him/her with a high electric volt, and as forgetful as you are if you leave the mobile in the locker room it would emit a loud sound to alert you to pick it up before you left the room. And yet if you don't pick it up, it starts following you till you pick it up. (Again if you can't lose a cell how will you buy a new one?)

5) Girl Friend Protection
You with Sandy and Mary calls up, Sandy's voice in the background is turned into office printer’s sound (or any other sound) and Mary thinks you are at the office working while you might be anywhere doing anything. 
Don't remember which Girls birthday is when, why worry the Mobile will send her fresh flowers or dry flowers depending if the relation is just starting or you dumping her tomorrow.
As with the boss protection the background noise can be adjusted depending on what lie you are telling her.
Wondering if the girl lying to you or sleeping with your best buddy, Mobile will act as a truth analyzer telling you if she is saying I love you while mentally undressing the Hot Hunk behind you,

6) In Style mode,
You cell is 6 moths old, there is a new stylized model out you can't afford to spend another 20 grand, what do you do, you do a style upgrade. Few minutes connected to the PC your cell reconfigures itself to the latest style. You can have the cell look like an IPhone or Google Nexus or any cell as you wish.
A great boon for the ladies, wearing a red dress and have a black phone, no problem, you press 2 keys the Mobile changes color to the exact shade of red you looking for.

7) Mobile Key
You open your house door, your car door, anything from your cell, just think with the theft protection in it, you can never lose it, you can never forget it as it itself warns you when you have forgotten it and follows you till you pick it up.

8) Your personal Fitness trainer,
Feel you are fat, ask the Mobile, it will tell you the truth, you don't like the truth throw the phone, don't worry its damage proof, ( think guys when your GF asks you if they have put on a bit of weight, you let the Mobile answer, they can direct the anger at the mobile not at you).
You wondering how much calories any food has, you take a picture of the plate with your cell and you cell tells you how much exercise you need to do if you eat that cake.

9) Personal Bodyguard
Include a Stun Gun inside the mobile, any one tries to rob you, you just stun the person (you can even use this to stun your annoying next door neighbor). If someone hits you, or you are hurt and unconscious, the mobile ring up the nearest police/hospital and brings help to you.

10) Cab Caller
How many times have we waited in the rains trying to hail a cab, or a empty cab just won't stop to pick you up, with a cab caller you just wave the phone and the nearest empty cab is dragged to you and forced to give you a ride. This would be so helpful when you want to rush home after getting drunk in the pup and you forgetting the time.

Wondering how the world would react if such a cell phone came out, ;)
These are just a few things that I thought of, You are welcome to share any other wacky ideas you can think of any feature you would like to see in you Mobile handset.


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Great ideas great thoughts can only come when we think of the box
inspiration has has sparked in my box seeing your interesting ideas rock
Marketing or product development should be your career
Good to see someone like me similar

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Hmmm...must say very interesting ideas ...

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