Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never Drink and Talk

Boy – Girl friends for a couple of years, they know each other but not great friends, Boy is drunk after a night out with friends when he gets call from the girl. 
Writing in {} are thoughts of the guy

Boy: “Hi, saw your miss call, what happened?”
Girl: “Nothing, am at Dadar, do you know how to get to the station?”
Boy: “Why don’t you just ask anyone, it’s pretty easy anyone they will guide you?’ {How can I guide you when I don’t even know where you are at Dadar?”
Boy: “where are you at Dadar?”
        “I don’t know I see a Citibank ATM here”
Boy: “ok take a right and go strait you will reach the station” {I don’t know where the ATM is”
Girl: but the guy here told me to take a left
Boy: that only, my right, his left you’re straight
Girl: “are you making fun of me?” “It’s so crowded here”
Boy: “Its Mumbai what do you expect? Roses on the street?”
Girl: “you are not talking properly to me today? What happened?”
Boy: “nothing, talk to you later?”
Girl: “dam this crowd!” “Hey I see the station?”
Boy: “Good!! So talk to you later?”
Girl: ‘why are you in such a hurry to keep, can’t you talk to me?”
Boy: “sweetie, Am drunk, you want me to keep on talking?”
Girl: “Shee!! You drink, very bad, you shouldn’t drink”
Boy {I am supposed to listen to lecture, should I cut the phone saying no range?”}
Girl: “this is bad, think about your health”
Boy: “why are you worried about my health, you are not my GF”
Girl: I am your friend, I care for you”
Boy: “I am single, you care for me, why don’t you become my GF? “ {F*** what am I saying}
Girl: “you and my BF, hahahahahahaha”
Boy: “what’s so funny, Why can’t I be your BF, what’s wrong in me”
Girl:  “Nothing”
Boy: “then, I am smart, earning well, also from same religion what’s the problem” “{Stupid what are you saying, wait this is going to be fun, lets see her reply}
Girl: “Nothing”
Boy: “then??”
Girl: “Stop it!! There is no problem with you, you are a nice guy”
Boy: “then why don’t you become my gf?
Girl: “I don’t see you like that; you are my nice friend that’s it”
Boy: “you girls are real bad, now when a guy is saying he likes you, you shoot him down”
Girl: “Stop it, you are too drunk, am cutting the call, bye”
Boy: “Before when I was keeping you wanted to talk, now when I saying I like you, you keeping the phone, how bad”
Girl: “Stop it; you don’t even know what you saying?”
Boy: “I am drunk, and a drunken person always says the truth”
Girl: “Is that true?”
Boy: “Come on, how can anyone think clearly when they drunk? And when you can’t think how can you lie?”
Girl:  ""
Boy: “hello!!”
Girl: “we will talk later; you won’t even remember tomorrow what you are saying”
Boy: “No!! I will remember,”
Boy: “I love you” {WHAT???}
Girl: “what?”
Girl: “hello!!”
Boy: {WHAT, always say I like you, never I LOVE you, NEVER}
Girl: “Hello!!, you there”
Boy: “ya, me here”
Girl: “What did you say right now?”
Boy: “Nothing!!, was just saying I will remember the conversation tomorrow”
Girl: “I reached the station, we will talk later, you take care, goodnight”
Boy: “goodnight”


Next Morning –

Boy: {Good Morning Stupid, what were you talking yesterday?”}
Boy: {I better call her up}
Calls her, Girl doesn’t pick phone
Boy: “Dam! What now she won’t talk to me also?”


Boy tries to call girl for 2 days, girl never picks the phone and doesn’t call back either

Cell vibrating, boy picks up cell and sees message from the girl
“Hey Boy, jus wantd to say dat m not lookin fr something serious.. atleast not now.. hope dats mutual..”
Boy {DAM! What do I do} tries to call her again, she doesn’t pick
Replies to the message “U got scared after that Friday right.. I knew it, No wonder u didn’t pick my calls, trust me, we r just friends, what happenes in future lets see, but we just friends.. “

Girl Repies “Ok Cool..No Commitments.. Jus hav Fun, hang out :) “
Boy Replies “ yep, 1 question.. hangout? When do we do that??”
Girl replies “hahah, next Saturday?”
Boy replies “No Commitments baby, we just agreed on that right?”
Girl replies “hahaha”


Boy calls the girl the next day, she picks up the phone, happy conversation, happy ending..


Disclaimer : 
The above writing may or may not be fictional, the blogger may or may not take any questions regarding the above writing, tho criticism and suggestions are always welcome


Anonymous said...

hahahaha.. this is what is the actual "Love aaj kal"! :P

shweta1024 said...

nice one..
both guys n gals r very very different n they noth have unique characteristics.

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