Sunday, May 2, 2010

Humans, do we only try to survive and reproduce?

Humans, the earth’s dominant species, Ok! Are we so great or is it just a lot of water under the bridge?

Let’s take it point by point, we have conquered the whole world, visited almost every region, found ways to survive all kinds of situations Mother Nature could throw at us, from the Cold of the arctic to the Heat of the desert, we have conquered the tallest mountain (Mount Everest) and visited the deepest place (Marina Trench) on earth. We have found ways to fly like the birds or swim like the fish even if we weren't designed to do so and I think we will all credit this to one organ the BRAIN.

Look at us, 2 legs not made to run fast, the fastest a human can run is 9.6 miles per hour that also a 100 meter dash, a predator like a lion would make an easy meal of us. Two hands, ok, put us in front of an angry Ostridge, it will peck us to death and then turn and say "Look mom!! No hands". Two eyes that can see only in a limited wavelength, no wonder we are compelled to return home at night, Two ears that’s limited to a particular range of frequencies, nothing so great about us, apart from the one organ BRAIN.

The brain discovered fire, the wheel, thought the hands to wield tools, made instruments to run faster, fligh higher, swim deeper than nature could. And so what happened we became the dominant creatures of the planet. Ok, I don't want to disagree to that! But are we really the smartest?

I am quoting from a famous book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "Humans think that they're smarter than dolphins coz humans have invented the wheel and slogged to make a lot of progress while the whales just muck around enjoying life all day... Dolphins on the other hand feel that they're smarter than humans for precisely the same reason". Sounds pretty reasonable right? Wasn’t mucking around whole day much better than the pressures of the day, how to earn money, how shall I impress her/him so that I may mate? How can I provide that little rascal? etc etc. Sounds mucking around is a much better alternative.

Ok! one argument I heard against this was, we got a highly developed brain, we have emotions, we feel love, we get scared, we get bored, which proves for a fact that our brains are better than a Dolphin cause we feel emotions, and cause of that, if we just mucked around we would be bored. Also we can talk, we communicate, and there is no other species that can communicate the way we do.

What is it to prove that animals don't have emotions, that animals don't communicate? Dogs bark, birds sing, what you think it is random sounds? It’s been proved that Whales communicate over large distances, that Plants communicate by the means of pheromones.
Again how can you say animals don't have emotions? You feed a dog everyday, play with it, it comes running to you, wags its tail to show it’s happy that you are around. Isn't that emotion? Beat the same dog up, you will see it start whimpering and running away the next time it saw you, I would call it being scared, another emotion,   Elephants have been know to remember who was kind to them and who was not. Take what is called the dumbest animal, a Donkey; it will try to protect its kid if you try to harm it. Motherly love? Emotion?

Wait I am hearing what you guys saying, all the things above can be explained by one word Instinct. A baby being born knows by instinct that it has to breathe, animals running away from fire, Instinct. Ok then I can say that our emotions are nothing but instinct, We feel we love someone and don't want that person to get hurt, ok I will say we got that instinct a modified version of motherly love. I don't think anyone reading this has jumped off a 100 foot tower, we know its crazy, we will get hurt, how? Instinct. So how are humans better than any other creature?

I would say that humans like any other animal are just another species trying to survive and reproduce. The so called great developments and progress made by humans which made us the dominant species of the planet are mostly always made by a few ultra smart talented people who comes along once in a while (Einstein, Newton) an exception rather than a rule.
To start with fire, some unnamed unrecognized "Einstein" recognized the power of it,

The rest all human race are just copycats who are trying to survive and reproduce...


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