Friday, May 14, 2010

Sick Leave

1 week of leave,
hmmm...what all can we do with it? Visit Goa, go to Ladak, etc, No one would like to spend 1 week of precious leave sitting at home watching crappy television. If I heard some one had done that I would be laughing at their face, but its so difficult to laugh at yourself.

Thats correct I have been sitting at home watching crappy television cause of some kind of fever that raises my body temperature up every day, ya I know Fever does that to your body, but isn't fever something that comes and goes in two days not hangs around you for 2 weeks like a guest who doesn't leave.

I always complain how dumb work is and how difficult it is for me to drag my ass to work everyday, but guess what for the last week sitting at home and watching television I have been wondering how much better it would have been if I could go to office, and save my leave for something better like going on a vacation.

Everyones heard the saying health is wealth, how true is that, I am being sick and my doctor is getting wealthy on my health. dam the guy "Savio, lets observe the fever for a week", nice so I am a observance tool, some kind of lab rat to be experimented on. "Ok RAT, have this drug, lets see how your body reacts to the drug".

and you know parents the few real people who care about you, well I don't want to say anything, but taking care sometimes becomes a bit too irritating when a 23 year old is treated like a 5 year old.

Ok, I know, my mistake that I became ill, but how the hell is it my mistake that the germs found my body attractive, well atleast some one found it attractive right? ;)

Let me stop complaining and wish myself "GET WELL SOON SAVIO"


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