Monday, July 5, 2010

When will the “Aam Aadmi” get some balls?

July 5th all India Bandh called by opposition parties protesting against the prize hike, Great, I have never understood the concept of this bandh thing, cause of a few people who think they are the leaders of the people I have to sit at home today and work on a Saturday, and I really hate working on Saturday, Saturday and Sunday is not for work but to enjoy that’s why its called weekend (End of the weakness called work).

Congress, the party that coined the term “Aam Aadmi” and came to power is now being hit back by the opposition that the prize hike on fuel is hurting the “Aam Aadmi”; Question to the opposition isn't your bandh harming the “Aam Aadmi”? But am sure none of the opposition is going to answer this question.

Which brings us back to the “Aam Aadmi”, I think I feel I have understood about the “Aam Aadmi” is that he doesn't have Balls!!(Which brings another question to my mind, If he doesn't have balls can he still be called a Aadmi?)

If the “Aam Aadmi” would just go about his work and not sit like a coward at home this Bandh would have been a total failure, but no, He will sit at home thinking why to take the risk, Its better I lose a days pay rather than a hand or foot to the fools who have called the bandh, But what I feel is that he doesn't understand he sitting at home is really giving the Jackasses who are calling the Bandh more power.

Why does the normal person listen to the people who are calling the bandh and depriving him of a days pay rather than to the government he voted to power saying "don't worry, we will protect you, police will be out, we won't allow any disruptions to take place". Now if the people don't trust the government then why did they vote them to power? Should have voted the wolves only to power right? It better to be friends with the devil rather than the enemy of the devil right?

Please, I don't support the prize hike, it hurts me too, but what I am trying to say is that covering down in front bullies is not the best idea, I can preach this because I at least tried to go to office before being told that office is closed today and we working on Saturday :(, But seeing the police protection and trains running smoothly I really feel we are making a big mistake by helping the Opposition making this strike a success.


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