Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Office: Senior Software Tester Tag and what does it really mean to me

I am again writing after pretty long time, almost a month, again its not that stuff wasn't happening in life just wasn't feeling in a mood to write it.

Plenty has been happening, but the point that really has been running in my mind for last few days has been my raise in salary and post, I am officially a "Senior Software Tester"

I don't know why this point is something that has been running in my head,

I am given a Title "Senior Software Tester" but am still doing the same thing I have been doing before, nothing new. True my TL keeps telling me to delegate stuff to juniors but when I look something or the other would already have been given to them by my TL,  Now if he has already given them work what do I do.

Another thing is that takes up plenty of my time is the small small work which has to be done, so by the time I delegate and explain to my juniors how to do it I can finish the work myself so I do the work myself which again increases my work.

Apart from that I have been told to coordinate with the marketing team to solve the technical support query, this is something which I don't call it a headache, because I like to solve stuff, but when I have to keep following it up with someone else who is very busy to complete the technical support makes it irritating.

Have been in the same project for almost more than 1.5 years, I kind of know what happenes where on the site, so many things are routed to me by TL or others, its a good feeling, but this small stuff also takes up time.

Now I dream  to do a MBA, to manage stuff, if I can't manage things in such small scale how will I be able to manage stuff in large scale? really? Am I cut out for the big stuff, the stuff I dream about, I really hope so I am

"Senior Software Tester" the tag really sounds good, especially the Senior tag, ;)
But since I am still doing the same job how much of a difference does it make? If I had a choice between getting this "Senior" tag or getting extra money I am really not sure which I would have chosen.

Extra cash is always welcome, but after working for 2-3 years you need to have a feeling that you are progressing somewhere and not still stuck at the same place. Thats where the tag helps, it gives you a feeling of importance (I am not sure if thats a good thing) but when you are continuing to do the same stuff you really start questing the tag.

Can I ask you guys who ever is reading this, If you had a choice between a cermonial tag and extra cash, which whould you take and why?


Anonymous said...

Well in case where you are confused about delegating to juniors vs doing it on your own, I like what my TL thinks about it. He says one thing which is very true, that if you take out time once to teach your colleagues, you can in future ask for help similar stuff to them when you are overworked (and if/when they are relatively free). Well I understood it and now I know it better and I feel you know it too. :P ;)
I'm desperately waiting to get a junior under me so that I can concentrate on the work with higher responsibility and authority. But till then I appreciate help of colleague(s) with my work.

Now regarding the real question you have posed. It appears to be a simple question when faced standalone. But not when read at the end of the whole blog. Well, in later case you realize how complex it is.
One would want to choose the Tag over Money thinking that at the end of it when you wanting to leave the current place and apply at other, the better tag makes your resume shine more. But if you think at it, if you have not learnt anything higher then whats the use joining at that level at new place and then screwing your own butt. (I wonder when they say screwing butt, in such cases they mean screwing future. Do I have my zoology lessons long? I thought future is always ahead).
Well anyways, so in this case why not take the money and compensate for the loss you going to undertake by working at same (lower) level at your next change.

Well I am not giving it much thought, cause in reality everyone knows you wont ever get an offer of big money against higher post.

Don't want to appear to be copying Amir Khan but "Jindagi jeene ke dohi tarike hote hai" (There are two ways to live the life), change the things you don't like or just live with them. (Cribbing is a harsh word So I use complain) Complaining (to yourself more) about your situation is certainly not a "tarika", a way.

Lets take initiative and change whats going on (or at least try) or lets just leave it at it and live with it.

PS: 1.5 or 2 years is quiet a long time on a project. We need a change. (for a small time at least).

Anonymous said...

Mr Savio, I will choose extra cash, bcz at the end of the day money speaks.
U got a new promotion with all the other things same as it was previously, By looking at ur situation, I can only say "OLD WINE IN A BRAND NEW SEXY BOTTLE"...Guess who I am...

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