Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Time-Travel : something almost every writer of science fiction has written about and something almost every human who reads books or watches Sci-Fi filims have heard about,

Travelling in time is a real amazing thought, go back and correct things you have done wrong in the past or things others have done wrong in the past, With a way to travel back in time we might be able to go back in time and kill Hitler and not starting world-war 2 itself (is the reason why world War 3 didn't come is because someone has created a time-machine?).

But this is where problem with time-travel comes in, if I go back in time and kill Hitler before start of World War 2, there will be no world war 2 causing me to go back in time to kill Hitler, classic time-paradox, What if I kill my own grandfather? Then how will I ever be born to kill my own Grand-father in the first place?
Another thing, if anyone ever invents time-travel, he can go back in time to give himself the machine, that will prevent him from inventing Time-Travel from the first place.

So as a rational thinker I have to believe that Time-Travel will never be possible, the maximum I think we can logically think can exist will be a time-stoping machine, Click a button and time-stops for everyone but the person who is holding the machine.

This person can never be late, get out of the house 1sec before the big metting happening half way accross the world stoping time, travel accross the world and then restart time, for people who are living in real time it will be like he appeared out of no where. Think of the amazing power anyone could have if he could stop time, could rob banks, could stop wars - stop time wade into the opposing leaders house and kill him and wade out without anyone so much as putting a scrach on you.

But let me think like this, what if this time-stopping equipment was as common as our mobile-phone, (after all isn't it unfair if power is only with one person {Life's always unfair Savio} )with everybody able to stop time, As soon as I stop time to do something, like rob a bank, the banker stops time with his device, now how will this react? will my time which is already outside the real time also be stopped or will the manager enter my time and catch me? Interesting to think about right? now what if i have two devices with me that can stop time? With 1st I stop real time, then what will happen if I activate the second machine with the real time stopped?

 [Why am I thinking all this? This is Thoughts of a Guy remember]


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