Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US Airport

BREAKING NEWS "Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US airport"

how the hell did this become a breaking news?? Shah Rukh Khan detained at US airport cause his surname has Khan, ok I agree it sounds a bit racist.

but guys, this is the USA, a country that is so scared after the Sept 11 thing in which some smart asses blew up some of their buildings using Airplanes, Guys hello!! they learnt a lesson and are now careful, they don't want a repeat of that horrifying act,
They learnt their lesson not to be so trusting, its another thing that they have become a bit too paranoid, but hell guys have you noticed that after "Sept 11" their has been no major terrorist attack in the USA??

Look at India, how many terrorist attacks? Bomb blasts, attack on Parliament, Nov 26 attack in Mumbai etc, list is endless and we will get attacked again, for 2 reasons

1) We haven't learned our lesson and increased the security,
the security is hyped for only a month max and then the attack fades from memory and people go on with their lives and the security system is looked again only after the next attack, can't we learn from the USA that we can't take security lightly, they check everyone coming to the USA, remember Abdul Kalam incident, the people were only doing their duty, not taking any chances, why do we expect that everyone in the world will respect our heroes? how can we expect that our real and reel life heroes are same for everyone in the world, do you remember the face of the President of Canada?? or how many super stars of Chinese film industry do you know?

2) Our leaders Never can never take a firm decision
Remember people after the attack on Kargil, Parliament, Mumbai train blasts Indian armed forces were prepared for a war but our leaders never have the balls to teach the terrorist in Pak a lesson, they want peace, its like trying to become friends with the devil, the devil wants only bad for you, how much can you try to be its friend?

Seriously people, USA takes their security seriously, they may check our ex-president, our super heroes, ordinary people, everyone who lands in their country, its their right, its their right to be concerned of their own safety,

My only hope is that we can learn something from them and start taking our security seriously rather than spend time blaming USA for taking their security safely

but on a other thought do you thing "Shah Rukh Khan Detained at US airport' is a BREAKING NEWS?? come on, don't we have better things to do than that? doesn't the news channel get any other stories?


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