Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Republic Day 26th January 2011 - Life alone starts

Republic - a constitutional form in which the head of state is an elected or nominated president.

Apt correct?? The head of my house is me cause I am the only person living in the house now, so i am nominating myself and electing myself to the head of the house.

Confused? Well, let me elaborate. Today Savio (i.e I, yours truly) has been left alone to stay in Mumbai (apart from the millions nameless soulless souls already present in Mumbai). My parents have left me the house and have gone to enjoy their retired life in Kerala.

My mom always used to say that I am independent, now I guess I have become a republic also. ;)

Well, whats the feeling? Well let me tell you, I am not feeling happy, sad, excited, scared or any of these feelings. Its just like "OK, Whats the big deal" kind of feeling.

I have stayed alone at home, ranging from few days to few weeks. My memory of being left alone at home was when I was in the 6th standard. So am quite used to it. But yes, at those times I always knew that my parents will be back in so many day. Its very depressing to come back to a empty house. (Mom going to miss your smiling face, your hot coffee, and warm food)

Anyone who knows 1st question they ask is what are you going to do about food? Well 1st thing, this is Mumbai, not a god forsaken place with no Restaurants, so as long as I have cash in my pocket I don't think I will go hungry. Yes, I know I will get tired of outside food, but who said I don't know cooking (its just I hate cooking). So when I am bored of eating outside I will cook. (for all those who are wondering what I cook, I will say I am not a master chef, but my food is tasty enough for it to go down your throat, and have enough variety for me to be happy).

Now the thing what my mom seems to be so scared of, how much of a mess the house will be? Well, I can't guaranty about this, Mess is a relative term, I will guaranty that the house won't be as dirty as the garbage dumb beside the road, but don't expect it to be a place where you can eat off the floor also. I always felt cleanliness was overrated. "Why fix something that is not broken". House should be clean enough to be livable, but not so clean that living in it is a pain. (She was pained to dismiss the Bai, but i forced her to, peace of mind, I need not listen to the Bai or adjust myself to her timing, no thanks!).

But this is it, another phase in life, have never stayed in hostel, never stayed for long away from parents. So this is the first time in my life. After 23years (24 in 2 months, please start buying the presents for me) am going to look after each and every small thing in my life by my own. All the best to me!

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