Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My new Phone - Samsung Galaxy Ace

My old phone (MotoRokr E6) was stolen from me last Saturday 12th March 2011 :-(
Yesterday after taking advice from friends I finally brought Samsung Galaxy Ace, thanks to Gourav for helping me get such a good bargain, i Got my cell at Rs.14150/-

Funny thing I am using a mobile that is more powerful than my first computer. my 1st computer specs were 166Mhz, 16Mb RAM, 2Gb harddisk, Windows 95.
Samsung Ace Beats it hands down at 800mhz, 170 Mb, 16Gb Sd disk, Android 2.2  ;-)

Cool phone didn't let me sleep yesterday just wanted to play with it, uptown now I have only 1 complain against it, it doesn't have dedicated keys to change music or for camera.

Apart from that me loving this cell, apps in android market look unlimited
E.g you are reading my first mobile blog me writing using blogspot app & typed in Mumbai Local.

;-) now i got 2get down & go to office. So that's it for now


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