Saturday, March 12, 2011

Black Saturday : Lost my Cell-Phone

12th March 2011, very black Saturday, India lost its first match this World Cup 2011 and I lost my Cell-Phone, I don't care a dam about the former but the later really hurts me. First time I am losing something so valuable.

*************, please fill each asterisk with each and every swear words you know, curses on that thief, My MotoRokr E6 cell surely wouldn't be worth much to him as it is about 3 years old, but dam that cell was worth so much for me, Gifted to me by sisters 3 years ago, it was my companion and am sure it would have worked fine for another 2 years.

Apart from the money I will lose when I go and buy a new cell-phone, (after all cell-phones have become a necessity) I am scared of what that thief would do with the data on the phone. I had backed up the contacts from the phone only 2 weeks back, so I havn't lost any contact number. But I had plenty of photos on the cell, Photos of my female friends along with their phone number, am worried if that B****** would misuse the data :( .

So how did is it that my perfect record got broken? I, Savio who never lost a Mobile, or a wallet, or anything more expensive than 500 Bucks? (I have lost my credit-card once, but I blocked the card at once and hence no harm done, so me not counting that) I who was used as a example by my mom against my sisters when they lost their cell after cell, misplaced their gold etc. I have gone and got my mobile stolen. Ouch!! My ego hurts :( :(

So what had happened? I was going to meet a friend, I was a bit late, When the bus came I pushed myself into the bus, as soon as I got in, I noticed that the music in my ears had stopped (was listening to FM as usual) and I checked my pocket, No cell-phone :( dam!! Am sure that guy who was pushing me from behind had taken the cell-phone. Turned around to see, and he had disappeared. J******

So what should you do if you lose your Cell-Phone?
  1. Phone up your service provider and tell them to block your cell-phone (I know you have lost your phone, use a PCO dumbo!)
  2. Go to the police station and write a FIR, (they ask for IMEI number, which I have never noted down, so please do that right now before you lose your cell-phone)
  3. Go to your service provider outlet and get a new SIM with your old number paying the fees. (I had Airtel connection, and had to pay Rs. 25 for the new SIM)

Anyway, as most of us know, we don't have any numbers by-heart now, all phone numbers stay on the Mobile, I had no way of contacting my friend to tell her that I won't be coming to meet her as I have lost my cell, so after complaining to the police I went home, were on my PC I had backed up the contacts, phoned her up, apologized to her for not meeting, glad she understood and then went to the Airtel Relationship Center to get my duplicate SIM. (1st time I don't know after how many years I used a PCO, I never used to take note of any PCO only)

So what have I learnt from all this? Simple don't lose your cell-phone, as if I didn't know that? Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons you already know, don't you think?

Anyway I have accepted my lose and am searching for which phone to buy, My advice to all those of you who havn't lost their cell, please note down your IMEI number, and also by heart a few numbers which would be useful if you ever lose a cell.

By the way, If you reading this after you have lost your Cell-Phone,
here's something funny, if you have talked to these customer service fellows on phone, they always end the call with "have a good day", dam it! How am I going to have a good day if my cell is just stolen, it sounds so mechanical the way they say it "Have a good day"

So from me to you Have a good day


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss buddy.
I can understand the hurt ego part.
Don't scare your female friends. I am sure he/she who stole your phone would make no use of the data.
Good you claiming to have gotten over with the feeling (ouch it hurts to know you have not?).
Lets get you a new companion. I'm sure you will love the new one the same way or more...

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