Sunday, February 27, 2011

To hell with the world cup

Finals Cricket World Cup 2011: India vs (who cares), India need 4 runs from 3 balls, and its a four, India wins the world cup first time after 1983, entire India is celebrating ...

Thousands of Indians whole over India is dreaming about hearing the above on 2nd April 2011, well can't blame them, In India cricket is a obsession, nothing is India more passionate about, not Bollywood, not politics, not football, but Cricket. Its said cricket is religion in India, and Sachin is GOD.  Not for me, Mind it...

When ever I tell anyone that I don't watch cricket (to that matter, I don't watch any sports), I get a look from them asking me if I am a Indian, My goodness, whats wrong if I don't like cricket?

Whats there to like in cricket? A person throws a ball to another person who hits it with a wooden stick, 10 other people (fielders) run to collect the ball and throw it back before the person who hits the ball can run to the end from where the ball was thrown from.

Call that a sport? I call it a lazy mans game, Look at football, teniss, basketball or even kabadi, those are sports, Games in which if you have a 36inch waist you will lose. Cricket if you read about it, was developed by the english men to catch some sun. Indians don't need it, we are just too lazy to play anything else.

I really wonder how come such a game can take the fancy of Indian's where majority are poor, Cricket needs a bat, ball, stumps etc, how come the poor kids spend money on all these? Isn't it much easier and cheaper to just buy 1 ball and play football?

Coming back to the World Cup, Every 4 years from when I can remember, I hear the same statement, This time the world cup is ours, Ours is the best team. Every time India is knocked out at various stages, Where does the best team on paper disappear when it comes to the field? But perhaps this is expected of a country that is good at pretending. Mumbai is going to become Shanghai, India is more developed than China, Deception comes to us naturally.

Sachin Tendulkar, the man every Indian loves, The man I guess after Gandhi has united India the most, he hitting a six, India rises as one, he getting out, India cries as one. People consider this guy GOD, If you say anything against him, God only knows what the reaction will be.
My friend retold this incident. Someone put a Facebook status "Sachin is not GOD". Within 30 mins his status had some 30 comments and he was forced to write, "Sachin might be God", so that people will calm down.

In the Indian team there might be only 11 players, but every second Indian is a cricket pundit, every third Indian is a walking historian of the sport, every fourth Indian thinks he is a replacement to Sachin Tendulkar and sitting in his couch before the TV, the Indian knows exactly where Tendulkar is going wrong: the high back lift; faulty follow-on! But for all this expertise, India has won the World Cup just once.

Hockey, our National game, (yes believe it, Hockey is our national game and not cricket) is down in the dumbs. Even in Hockey we have won the world cup only once, in 1975 (did you know that?) But India has won the Olympics gold 8 times, Hockey is a Olympics sport, while Cricket is played by just a few countries. Whats so great about being best in a sport not even played by half the world?

If this was a football worldcup and India is in it, I will be watching every match and cheering India, not because I love football, but cause India will be against the best in the world, and not just a handful of teams like in the Cricket World Cup.

If the money in IPL is pored into any other sport in India, I know a world beater team can grow in India. But the money is just going into 1 lazy sport - Cricket. I feel so sad about this wastage of money.

Even after putting in so much money, India has won the world cup only once, shame on you!

I waiting for April 2nd, when this madness ends, IF India wins or not, I don't know. I know I just don't care.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm not a sports person either nor I am a cricket fan.
But todays ICC CWC Eng vs Ind match is answer to all your question dude.
I have nothing more to say.

Unknown said...

I dont agree to this.....
U guys say u dont like it but still u watch it and discuss it......

Savio said...

@Gourav : point is this, u are not able to win against a country with less than 3/4th of your population even when you are spending the most on this dumb sport

@Rashesh : I never discussed any match, staying in India I am forced to listen to the discussions about the match

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