Thursday, June 4, 2009

Girls!! can't live without them, and can't live with them.

Girls!! can't live without them, and can't live with them. Wonder who had said this? Who ever it is said the right thing.

Beautiful lovely girls who know what we love them have to show all sorts of natak before we get a positive response from them, chasing the girl is just half the job. Main job starts after they have been impressed. To maintain the relationship.

I really wonder, when girls can talk hell lot of things on their hair, about their friends, gossip WHY THE HELL CAN'T THEY SAY WHATS ON THEIR MIND?

NOPE, we have to guess. If we guess wrong then the accusations start that we don't love them, don't care etc etc. and again you have to go through the whole process of calming her down.

What ever happens they are always right, No matter what you do you can never be right. Did GOD make a rule that guys can never be right?? someone answer me.

They make you wait for hours, and if you by mistake ever make them wait for 10mins then God forgive you.
I don't understand, when these girls are so much after cleanness how come they always mess up your life??

But true, We can't live without them, if you females where not there there really wouldn't have been any fun in this world. But sometimes i really pray "GOD, kindly give these girls some brain or give us the ability to know whats going in their mind."


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