Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Expecting someone will never hurt u, is that trust?? Hoping that a person will always love u, is that trust?? Loving someone with all u'r heart, is that trust??

What should u do if that person whom u trust hurts u?? Should u still keep trusting that person?? Should u give that person another chance or should we stop trusting that person?? What if that person hurts u again...till when should u keep trusting that person???

What will ya do if the person whom u love hurts u?? Breaks u'r trust??? Can u still love that person?? Can u still trust that person??

What do u do about a person who has broken u'r trust?? Do u forgive him?? or do u try to stay away from him?? What has to be done?? Isn't it much better not to trust anyone at all..but if you don't trust people how can u live in this world?? But if u trust people how can u stay alive in this big bad world??

Someone rightly said "Its better to say I trust u than I love u, as u will love the person whom u love but might not trust the person u love"


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