Sunday, June 7, 2009

Women!! and Memories!!

Trust females to remember!!!How many times have you been reminded of things which you have forgotten by your female friends?

U want to be reminded of any date in the past, trust a girl to do that. Things you have forgotten or things which don't seem so important to you are stored in long term memory by them to use against you at a later date!!

Wonder why they have such good memories? birth dates,anniversaries etc all are stored by them more so even the exact sentences used by you will be repeated by them. dress you wore, dress she wore, might be even the dress a female in the bus had worn is remembered by them.

Any idea why guys don't remember such stuff? Is it because we don't have a good memory or is it because we have better things to remember? You will never catch a guy remembering which dress someone else had worn 2 days back, forget someone else he won't remember which dress he had worn also!!

Hey girls, if you have such fantastic memory why don't you use it in useful things such as studies rather than to collect such useless info?

and even if you have to collect such useless info, why use on us..

Anything or anyword more than 2 weeks old is not permissable in an argument...


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