Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Haven't we heard of people saying "it was in their fate".Whats fate?? Whats destiny?? Is whats going to happen to us already written?? Have we no choise/power to decide what we want?? Is there no way for us to control our future???

But don't we decide what we want to do? don't we decide when we get up? when we sleep? when we brush?? etc etc....Is this just an illution?? Is these choise just an atempt to control us by an unknown power??

We are controled by an unknown power, scary thought right?? All throughout history we have fought for freedom, American Liberation, French Revolution, Russian Revolution...Indian freedom strugle. All throughout history we have fought for freedom, and to think that we are not free...
Everything is desided for us by FATE is scary, If there is a thing know as Fate then we are SLAVES.  'SLAVES to FATE.'

Come on....if all this were already desided, then why were we given this awsome brain?? A brain by which we deside what we want to do?? If our desions were already recored, and we can do only what is already written then why are we made to make desions, We shouldn't have got such a brain,right??I mean whats the use of giving us something which is of no use....

So then the fact that we are made to think, does that prove that there is no thing such as fate, is fate & destiny just words or attempts made by us to remove the blame of unfortunate events from us, Is it just another attempt for our feble brains to try to understand time??

So what is Fate?? I wonder what it is, if you know what it is please tell me.


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