Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MNS abuses MLA for not taking oath in Marathi" how pathetic of them and for our country.

'MNS abuses MLA for not taking oath in Marathi",

This is the headline of the day, 4 MNS MLAs abuses Abu Azmi for taking oath in Hindi. What the hell is happening to India and Mumbai.

India is a multi-cultural country, Mumbai the capital of Maharashtra is the most cosmopolitan of all Indian cities, Mumbai has grown so much cause it gives a home and job to everyone, India is becoming great due to its inclusiveness of everyone. but things like this is really setting a bad trend.

By the Indian Constitution, a MLA can take oath in any Officially recognized national language, that includes Hindi and English as well.

MNS was never a party that followed the law, but breaking the constitution in the legistrater, the place where all laws are framed shows how little MNS cares for India, Raj Thackeray doesn't care for his country or state, he just cares to show his brother down and nothing more. All the Maharashtrians who think that he is their savior is misguided.

Breaking bones and showing strength is no way of improving the Marathi cause, Let me ask him, where the hell does he want to send his children to school??? a English medium school not a Marathi one, Let me ask him how many Marathi schools have he helped open or his organization run??

Jobs for locals cause of his, Mumbai runs cause of outsiders, the best and hardworking people come to Mumbai and so Mumbai has become the financial capital, when he is rubbing hands with the industrialist and the business men, I don't think he ask them if they are maharastrian.

these 4 MLA's have been suspended for 4 years, thats almost the full time of the legistration. but somehow I feel that’s a wrong punishment, cause then the areas these 4 represent will go unrepresented in the House, which is against democracy. Tho its a kind of punishment for those who elected these 4, people should learn to elect people who will work for them and not any GANG member.

Any wonder why normal educated people don't get into the dirty business of politics, I guess the answer is right above, the waters of politics are so dirty, that a normal person can't just get himself to jump into the dirty water to clean it up.


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