Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Voting again!!!!

13th October, Elections Mumbai...

1st thought, Hey!! Its a holiday, surprised that my company declared today as a holiday, Last election we were working, I had gone to office after casting my vote, But heck today is a holiday.....   Yippee!! God bless Indian Democracy,

Reached my polling booth at about 7:30, Was one of the first to vote. We must have seen video grabs of long queues outside polling booths, right?? Well I didn't get one, are the long lines stage mannered or was it that people don't get up as early as 7:30 just to vote, Anyway am glad, I voted, and that too without waiting in a long queue. (No cameras to see me or take my interview while or after I voted :( )

The process was as smooth as the last time, reached there showed my passport as Identity proof, got my finger inked and voted.

But the process of finding out my candidates was difficult, in the last election (General Election 2009) I knew the background of all the candidates who were standing, but this time, I wasn't able to find the entire info online so easily as last time, I came to know the info about the candidates from the major Parties, but wasn't able to understand about the Independents, am not sure I made such a informed decision this time :(

But heck, its like choosing the lesser devil among the demons right, anyway I have made my VOTE, now its upto the rest of the people to go out and make the Indian Democracy work.

Jai Hind!!!!


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