Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not living your own life!!

Television, cinemas, books imaginations, man how often do we escape from our own real world to a world were we are completely different from what we are? from Zero's to Hero's!!

Didn't get what I mean, well we see a movie, and we get immersed in the movie thinking how we are the hero saving the damsel in distress, reading books imaging ourself as one of the main characters, listening to music imagining yourself singing that song to your girl, or in the bathroom under the shower imaging yourself to be the super-cool person to whom everyone flocks to.

we all run into these fantasy, many times a day, why? why is that we never get to live these fantasies? might be cause in the fantasy we are always the hero, the world moves to our whims, but in the real world we are always moving to the worlds whims,

In our dreams the hottest guy or gal will always be attracted to you, but in the real world we might not even be in their peripheral vision, possible right, that's why we run into these little fantasies,

Why am I writing this now, well all of us know the famous TV series "FRIENDS", well i keep watching them these days, running to join their life on the little screen, why? well thinking now, its cause I don't meet my friends as often as I like (office mates are colleagues not FRIENDS).

I miss the fun and enjoyment i used to have with my friends, now its just work and home, no fun, so now a days I find solace in the serial "FRIENDS"

but then I wonder that 20 mins of watching them I laugh, but what about the other 20 hours in the day, I have to keep myself happy man, I can't depend on a set of make belief people, can I?

well, I guess I better start that by shutting down this computer and going out, bye!!


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