Friday, October 16, 2009

How BCCI leading Indian Cricket to the Dogs....

Guys, before you read this visit : Legal notice by BCCI to TestFunda leads to abrupt end of fun contest about T20

TestFunda, a CAT preparatory site, which I used to visit, conducted competitions on their site during the major cricket tournament, giving away some prizes for people who could predict who would be the top player of the day.

Though, I never follow cricket much, and I used to play that only for time pass (I learned many cricketers names from this torment). I am sad that BCCI wanted to shut it down,

BCCI is earning what I guess in millions, I wonder why they are so bothered about a small competition taking place in a CAT prep website, I mean, it was just for fun. Kind of feel BCCI behaving like Microsoft when they took on Netscape, really, that got a hell lot of bad wishes to Microsoft.

I mean, BCCI is so rich, just cause of its Fans, and now if fans can't enjoy the matches where will they get their revenue from??

Wondered why Indian never won a World-Cup after 1983, this is the reason, BCCI instead of popularizing the game in India, goes after people who are doing it from them, Come on people who knew about Champions League??? Who watches those matches?? Almost all the teams are unrecognizable....

TestFunda has anyway got my sympathies, BCCI is just a greedy kid, and I think my views are echoed by a lot many users on TestFunda site, by reading the comment of their users.


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