Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Satyamev Jayate - Just another TV show??

Majority of my friends know that I am not a guy who watches TV much, Yes plenty of people have expressed surprise how a modern day Indian boy doesn't watch Television. But then it is also true that I don't like cricket. Go Figure!!

Satyamev Jayate
Anyhow, the show Satyamev Jayate of Amir Khan has been getting some good reviews online, in Newspapers and my friends raving about how different the show is I had to watch it. I am writing this post after watching 2 episodes  Well I agree to the fact the the show is different, and if there are more shows like this might be TV won't remain a Idiot Box.

But the question is still is it all just a talk? What is Amir doing? He is talking on various issues in India which are common knowledge but still people want to keep it hidden. Everyone knows the laws against female foeticide and Dowry, but still its common knowledge that these things are still practiced in India.

So is Satyamev Jayate just another show to gainer eyeballs, push up the ratings and earn money for the big entertainment industry on India? Or does this show make a actual difference in the life of an actual Indian?

Its said the donations to various NGOs working against female foeticide increased after the 1s episode of the show, An awareness against various evils in our society like dowry, malpractices by trusted doctors, the crime of falling in love is being highlighted. What remains to be seen is if this awareness is transferred to actual action on the ground, or will it remain just a Sunday afternoon wakeup call for people.

What I am scared of is if this hype will become like the Anna's anti-corruption movement and the Jan Lokpal Bill. Populist rhetoric does not generate nuanced solutions. On various issues, Satyamev Jayate chose a populist ‘truth'; but failed to push the envelope and convert it to a difficult, deeper, much needed conversation with India.

But like its said, something is better than nothing right? Hopefully due to the show an awareness is created and India changes for the better. Hopefully Satyamev Jayate stands for what it is "Truth Alone Prevails" and doesn't decent into a program only for eyeballs, touches real issues and discusses solutions to these issues. 


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