Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Nitu

Class Topper and parents Pet,
Without her support am as good as dead.
How much she a hates a peg,
That much she loves to pull my legs.

Wisedom gathered beyond her years,
Flows from her eyes, mouth and ears.
19th century principles in my mind you try to Drive,
Sorry dear but I have only a life to live.

Who is the girl you may ask,
My sister is she behind this mask.
Bossing and nagging me is what she loves to do,
Teasing and bugging you is my reply to you.

Hurtful things to each other we say,
In jest we take it and go our way.
Cause our hearts know and feel,
Love for each other is stronger than steel.

Happy Birthday Nitu, My dear,
Your Brother wishes you a wonderful year.
Flow to you  happiness and joy,
Like a baby running to her toy.


Anonymous said...

Nice one :)
Explains pretty much how a brother sitter relationship is :)
But yes our own is always special for us :)

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