Saturday, December 22, 2012

Humanity!! Where art thou?

Humanity :- noun,
1. all human beings collectively; the human race; humankind.
2. the quality or condition of being human; human nature.
3. the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence.

I started this post by explaining the meaning of the word "Humanity" cause the new arising from all around us I get the feeling we have forgotten what it is to be human this week.

On 14th Dec 20 children were killed in Connecticut USA, closer home on  16th Dec a student was gang-raped and thrown out of a moving bus in Delhi. These case were widely reported in the media. It chills me to think of what else has happened in this world, how else has weak and unfortunate people been exploited.

I wonder what makes us, Humans behave like animals. Why does our sense of compassion, pity and mercy go for a toss? I agree it is not right to paint the entire human race with the same brush because of a few rotten apples among us. But as they say "A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel".

I don't want to write anything about the Connecticut shoot-out, not because my heart doesn't bleed for the loss of innocent life. But because I can't understand a culture which is obsessed with Guns. It is not right nor fair on my part to be sitting miles away with no understanding of the culture to pass any judgement on them. My prayers go out to the children, and I hope USA passes a stricter gun control rules before further such incidents take place. Coming to the Delhi Gang rape case, I am guilty again for being a arm-chair critic of the system and society and there has been enough written about the disease and the cure for the evils of rape. 

But being an Indian male, I would want to apologize to not only the victim, but also to all the rape victims in India. (I hate using the word victim, but don't have a better word). I would want to apologize to all my sisters in India for the guys who stare, for men who make it uncomfortable for you to use the public transport, For the inequalities suffered by you at various stages in your life. I know my apologize to you nor this blog post is going to make a drop of difference But this is my way of telling you that all the apples haven't rotten yet.

Coming back, to the question where has the humanity in humans gone? Why do we keep hearing such cases? What will it require for all of us to live and let others live? People might give various answers like the  loss of humanity is due to the effect of drugs, alcohol, loss of morals and drifting of humans away from God. But none of these answers justify why a child reached home today, why a girl can't walk freely in a so called free country. why there are statistic individuals still living among us?

It is said the culprits of the rape were confident that they wouldn't be traced or punished for the crime. This calls in question our laws, laws are required not just to punish the guilty but also to deter people from straying form the correct path. For e.g Singapore is said to be safe due to the strict enforcement of rules. But looking at the shootout in USA, its clear that the guy knew he would be punished or killed yet he went to kill 20 kids. My take is that rules / laws are important but what is more important is change of mindset and thinking. Its not how you act when you are watched but how you act when you are alone shows the maturity of the society.

My hope is with education and more empowerment of people the thinking of society will change. In the future with better rules and enforcement young frustrated individuals get a chance or dare to go on a gun rampage or destroy a innocent girls life. My prayers are that this day comes soon. My prayers are with all the oppressed in the world.


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