Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your Hands are the Reason I am Me

Your Hands held me when I took my first Breath,
Your hands held me when I took my first step,
Your hands fed me when I took my first bite,
Your Hands wiped my tears after my first fall.

No Foods more tastier than those cooked by your hands,
No Sleeps more restful than falling asleep in your hands,
Never scared when my arms are in your hands,
What makes the house a home is your hands.

Your hands gave me a million things,
Your hands taught me a thousand things,
Your hands held me when sickness struck,
Your hands guided me when I lost my path.

When I ran away, you called me with your hands
When I hurt you, the love never was lost from your hands
You Guided me, consoled me, held me, fed me with your hands
Your hands are the reason I am me.

- Savio

Happy 60th Birthday Mummy,  Love you :*


Nina said...

awesome!! :)

Geethu said...

love this, I'm sure she's proud to have a son like you :)

Sujata said... sweet..and a very happy birthday to your mom :-)

Savio said...

Thanks Nina, Geethu & Suju..

will pass your wishes to her

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