Friday, August 13, 2010


Weltschmerz: (German) The depression that arises from comparing the world as it is to a hypothetical, idealised world.

Why have I started a blog with this word, don't know. But when I heard it it stuck me somewhere, I guess I can't explain where it struck me but it struck me, I am not in depression but I sometimes compare my current world to a idealized world and make me wonder why aren't we in that.

Weltschmerz, I really have no idea how to prounce this word also. So mostly I won't ever really be using it in a ordinary conversation too, but still the word strikes a cord.

Now what would be my ideal world? would it be a one in which I am a multi-millioire with Greek God like looks and females fauning over me, or would my Ideal world would be one in which the earth is at peace, All of man-kind working for the betterement of their fellow creatures, No war, no poverty and no tears? Which would really be a ideal world for me to compare with? Both impropable as it is.

I don't know, but thinking about it I will settle for a bit of wealth to live comfortably without really worrying about money, surrounded by a set of family and friends who really care for you because they love you and not cause of your money, success, looks or they got to act as if they like you cause you are family. This combined with pretty good health will really be the best place to live in. (am I becoming too senti now?)

Coming back to the word "Weltschmerz" makes me wonder why was this word coined to cover such a complex emotion? I mean i have heard there is more than 100 words decribing snow for eskimos, (though this article proves it wrong), Why do Germans have this word in their dictionary, is there too many Germans comparing there real world to their ideal world?

If it is, is that one of the reasons why Germany has risen so fast to become a real developed country after it was reduced to ruins in the 2nd world war? A lot of people working to make a ideal world reality will really bring a whole country into a ideal world, don't you think,

So if all of India worked to make this world a ideal world i feel we would live in a ideal world, what do you say people?

But again what is a Ideal world??????


Anonymous said...

At one point of time I felt you are trying to say that the Germans have this word as motivation so they are progressing towards Utopia with a rapid speed and that If we extend this thought then we shall have a corresponding word in Indian language(s) for us to get that motivation. Is it so?
Now about your idea of whole of India trying together to make our world (country) an ideal world, can in fact possibly make it one in reality...
For makin some idea popular countrywide, you need that idea to be (immediate) beneficiary to each individual. I doubt indians have mentality to see at this idea that way.
Other chance is correctly marketing the idea and make it "sound" beneficiary to individual.
I have few candidates who can do this job perfectly, if they decide. I wanted to write about this since long. Your blog has served as motivation so hope I write it sooner.

Neaj said...

Could be from Big Bang Theory :D

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