Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why is it that the persons we hurt the most are the ones who love us the most?

Why is it that the persons we hurt the most are the ones who love us the most? the biggest fight happen with people who are closest to us

How much ever irritated mood we are in, we are nice and smile to strangers, not so close friends, neighbor etc but even if we are slightest irritated we take it out on the people who are closest to us, mostly our close family, people who love us the most?

Is it because we know that how much ever we are rude to them they will never leave us, Is it right on our part? How much ever good a rubber band is it has a breaking point, the more you stretch it, the more weaker the rubber band gets,

But still the question is how come we can easily hurt people who love us, while we keep a smiling face (even if a fake one) in front of relatively unknow people? Logic dictates it should be the other way around, keeping our loved ones happy and not caring how a stranger feels, right?

Hurting a loved one cause hurt to us also, the guilt and sorrow we feel after seeing a tear on their face, even if later they smile, remembering that tear can get us down again, yet we hurt them, Why?

But I have noticed one more thing, the close and loved ones are the people who can really push your buttons, I mean if they are close to us and know what annoy us, then why do they persist in annoying and irritating us?


Anonymous said...

Nice post. :)
But the million dollar question still remains...

Anonymous said...

This shows that we are very much true to our family and close friends and not to the strangers, thatz why we always greet strangers with a fake smile....Guess who I am

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