Sunday, February 20, 2011

STOP!! - My first Short-Story

I was introduced to books from a very young age, I always loved to read books (not for studying, mind you).  From Comics to Enid Blyton (Famous Five), Edward Stratemeyer (Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew), Harry Potter series, Isaac Asimov (love his books), Lord of the Rings (My favorite Book), Dan Brown, ..... Basically any book I get my hands on. (except chick lit, can't bear them)

I kind of feel there might be almost no book (that I can remember now) that I have picked up and haven't finished. I love reading books. But me writing a story by my own??

I need to say thanks to Gourav Salanke, my colleague at work, he wrote a story and showed it to me, I was like "Dude, You are amazing!" Well he is the guy who encouraged me to write. Told me, "Dude, you got good English, just start writing!"

Well, thanks to Gourav, I have just put up my first story



A child starts to learn his ABC's from about 2 years old, but isn't the same ABC's being learned by each and every child, why can't just 1 child learn it, and all the other children profit from this child's knowledge?

On a average a human in the 21th Century spends more than 10 years of his life in formal studies, But man never stops learning, He keeps learning new things everyday, But what a person learns today, will be re-learned again by some one else on another part of the world. Once a man dies, all the knowledge learned by the man in his life time is lost. Wouldn't it be nice if a person could just plug himself into a system and learn anything he wants to know by just a click of a button.

Think of the free time he will have when each person doesn't have to learn the same stuff already know by others? How much greater will the human race be able to grow? Is there a reason why we can't directly plug into the brain and download information into it?

Dr. Alan has just found out how we can download information directly into the human Brain.....

Well want to thank a few more people before I sign off,
Kavitha Nair - another person who encouraged me,
Jovina, Lovina, Nitu, Twisha - for being my first proof readers
My Parents & the almighty GOD himself - for obvious reasons!!

Waiting for your comments and your feedback!!


Unknown said...

Hey savio..good start.....keep writting :)

Savio said...


Thanks for the appreciation!!

Celine said...

nice, I think u will spare the books for us,now tht u have started to write,well awaiting for sumthg more interesting. ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

good savio...written really well....Keep it up....

Savio said...

thanks for the appreciation

Sorry, I can't leave the books for you, after all they are my friends, guide and mentors

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